Emirates ID Fine Check Online 2023 New Procedure


Emirates ID Fine Check Online 2023 New Procedure

Are you looking for Emirates ID fine check online? In the UAE, speeding over the limit or making other mistakes like forgetting to pay for parking is

Are you looking for Emirates ID fine check online? In the UAE, speeding over the limit or making other mistakes like forgetting to pay for parking is a blunder that can result in a huge amount of penalties. Within the United Arab Emirates, security is an essential issue as it ensures that residents and drivers will stay in UAE in peaceful environment.

All residents within the UAE including ex-pats are required to have an Emirates ID. It’s the most important identification document that’s also called a Resident Card. It’s given through Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security ( ICP ). It contains 15 digits comprised of the personal details of the person who is the cardholder. The card is equipped with photo basic information such as name and contact number, as well as the date of birth, as well as biometric details of the person who is the person who is holding it.

If you’re located in the UAE and you exceed the speed limit when driving, or avoid paying any penalties for driving, it could be costly. It is a fact that the UAE government is extremely strict with its laws to protect drivers and passengers as well as pedestrians. Find out the methods for Emirates ID fine check online and how to pay them.

Emirates ID Fine Types

Here are the kinds of fines that may be imposed on you –

Jaywalking Fine On Emirates ID

This is a penalty for pedestrians crossing roads without using the pedestrian lane. The same applies to pedestrians who they do not obey traffic signals while crossing the road. The fine amounts to AED 400. Jaywalking penalties apply to motorists, too. The cost is AED 500 for drivers who cross the speed limit at Zebra crossings. Cameras are installed in the streets to assist authorities in identifying defaulters.

RTA Fines On Emirates ID

Drivers and motorists could be prosecuted for various types of infractions. For instance, reckless driving can result in the repercussions of AED 2000. Driving in a vehicle without plates can result in a penalty that is AED 1000.

Violating Covid the 19 Guidelines and Rules

There are many divisions within this. For instance, if people do not adhere to social distancing rules at social gatherings, they could be penalized. Similar to tweaking results of the Covid-19 test, not complying when an officer stops someone for Covid-19-related reasons, or giving classes in person, and so on. are also subject to penalties.

Municipality Fines

They are charges imposed by Municipality officials. City Municipality. For instance when there are construction violations or if the cardholder has been a bit unprofessional in their public presence, they can be punished.

Emirates ID Registration Delays

If the Emirate ID has not been renewed by the due date the person who holds the card may be penalized to the maximum of AED 1000.

The Most Commonly Used Fines on Emirates ID

As well as being an identity document, the ID may also be fined for activities that are prohibited or punishable. There are various types of penalties and fines associated with the use of Emirates ID. The most commonly used penalties and fines are:

  1.  Late Renewal or Registration: If you are unable to renew or register your Emirates ID card within 30 days after the expiry of your Emirates ID you will get a fine of 200 dirhams (AED).
  2. Damaged Card: You’ll be penalized 200 Dirhams (AED) If you have an Emirates Identity card discovered to be damaged or altered, or replaced with a new one.
  3. The card you lost or stole If you have lost and/or have your credit card taken, notify the police and request the police report as well as the new Emirates Identity card. The fine is 500 dirhams (AED).
  4. Use of documents in a fraudulent manner The misuse or illegal utilization of an Emirates ID can result in penalties and fines of as high as 2000 Dirhams (AED).
  5. Unauthorized Use: If you permit anyone else the use of the Emirates Identity card without authorization, you’ll be penalized by 500 Dirhams (AED).
  6. Incorrect Information: If you give incorrect information, or provide false documents when registering and renewing an Emirates identity card, you could be penalized as high as 1000 dirhams (AED).
  7. Unauthorized Duplication: You’ll be penalized a fine of 2 000 dirhams (AED) when trying to replicate an Emirates identification card with no authorization.


Fines and penalties can increase or decrease according to the severity of the offense and/or in accordance with UAE laws. It is crucial that you are aware of the rules to avoid having to pay additional charges when you use the Emirates ID.

Emirates ID Fine Check Online 

Follow these simple steps to verify fines on the internet —

  • Visit the official website – By Clicking Here
  • You can also look up fines online by using the app. Download the app and be a registered user to view all fine details.

emirates id fine check online 1

  • Visit The Public Services tab, and select Fines’ Materials Inquiry. Select Traffic Fines Inquiry next.

emirates id fine check online 5

  • On the homepage the tab Inquiry by Traffic No. is displayed and there are three options beneath it – Inquiry using Emirates ID (Individual Fines). Inquiry via the vehicle Plate and Inquiry through the Driving License.
  • Input your Emirates account number into the box at the beginning.
  • Fill in the captcha image using the box to the right and then click “Submit”.

fine on emirates id 7

If there aren’t any due fines, the system displays the message ‘No fines’ in accordance with the terms used during the inquiry procedure.’

If you have penalties that you have to pay The next screen will show an entire picture of the exact same. It will display the fine number the year of the fine, the origin, date, time late charges, fine type as well as your plate number and the color of your license, among others. The driver’s License No. is displayed. The amount is shown in the lower portion of the page, on the row at the bottom. Additionally, Black Points, if granted, are displayed on this page.

Useful government website links which allows you to pay your traffic fines in UAE

  1. Dubai Police
  2. Ministry of Interior
  3. Abu Dhabi Police
  4. Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority

Dubai Police fines check online?

Many people must pay personal fines. In the UAE, Dubai Police receives numerous inquiries about how to pay fines. If you are interested in checking Your Dubai fines is simple and simple. If you’re living in Dubai and are trying to check Dubai Police fine check online this article will be beneficial to you. Follow the below simple steps to check Dubai Police fine.
  • Click on the Access-Services tab.

dubai police fine check

  • Click on Fines Inquiry payment as well as inquiry mode –

dubai traffic fines

  • Click on access service

dubai police fine check 2

  • Plate details T.C Not present, License information, and ticket information.
  • Click on – Search to see your Dubai fines.

dubai police fine check 4

FAQ’s Emirates ID Fine

  • What exactly is what is an Emirates ID fine and the reason for it?
  • A Emirates ID Fine is the punishment issued by the UAE government to punish those who violate laws and rules that pertain in the utilization of the Emirates ID card. The fine can be imposed for a variety of reasons like failing to update the card at date, providing false details on the ID or not carrying the ID when entering public spaces.

How do I determine whether I’m subject to Emirates ID fines to be paid? 

  • If you want to determine if there are an amount of Emirates ID fines to pay you should visit their official web site at Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) or utilize the FAIC mobile application. You’ll have fill in the Emirates identification number, and then follow directions to determine if you’ve any penalties.

How will I be affected if do not in paying the Emirates ID penalty? 

  • If you do not make payment on your Emirates ID fine, it can result in legal consequences which could include the possibility of a travel ban as well as an inability to renew residence visas. In addition, the fine will rise, and you could also be subject to legal action if your fine remains unpaid for a prolonged period of time.

Can I challenge the validity of an Emirates ID penalty if think it was incorrectly issued? 

  • Yes, you are able to contest the validity of an Emirates ID fine if you think it was issued incorrectly. You can submit a complaint at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) within 30 days after getting the penalty. You must provide additional documents and evidence to support your claim.

Do I have the option of paying the Emirates identity fine on the internet? 

  • Yes, you are able to make payment of the Emirates ID fine online through the FAIC website or mobile application. You can make use of debit or credit card, or e-wallet pay the fine. Additionally, you can make the payment through approved banks or payment centers.

At The End

It is now important to pay the fines imposed by the Emirates since Emirates ID cards are currently replacing the residency visas on passports. It is therefore important to pay the Emirates ID penalty to ensure that your Emirates ID card is used correctly and securely.
Following Emirates ID fine checking online If you know how to verify fines for fines on Emirates ID, you can compare them to those of the Traffic Rules UAE.


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