Your Ultimate Guide for Obtaining Online Tourist visa for Saudi Arabia


Your Ultimate Guide for Obtaining Online Tourist visa for Saudi Arabia

Online Tourist visa for Saudi Arabia: Your Ultimate Guide for Obtaining Saudi visa In recent times, Saudi Arabia has been embracing tourism with open

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Online Tourist visa for Saudi Arabia: Your Ultimate Guide for Obtaining Saudi visa

In recent times, Saudi Arabia has been embracing tourism with open arms, making the process of obtaining a tourist visa more accessible. For those non-Saudi nationals who aren’t eligible for visa exemption and have a hankering to explore Saudi Arabia for leisure, securing a visa is a necessity. Depending on your nationality, obtaining a tourist visa might entail a visit to the Saudi embassy or consulate, but luckily for many, the path lies in the realm of simple online steps.

In this journey, we’ll not only unravel the how-tos of obtaining the Tourist visa for saudi arabia but also immerse ourselves in the moments that define this nation’s essence. From the dunes that whisper stories of time gone by to the gleaming skyscrapers that shape the skyline of Riyadh, each experience adds a brushstroke to the canvas of Saudi Arabia’s narrative. So, come along as we navigate the intriguing path that leads us to discover Saudi Arabia’s past, present, and the world it aspires to create.

Types of Saudi Tourist Visas

In the realm of Saudi Arabia’s tourist visas, three distinct paths exist: the e-Visa, the visa on arrival, and the consulate (sticker) visa.

The Saudi e-Visa, a digital travel permit, can be obtained online prior to your Saudi journey. This type of Saudi Visa suits travelers from eligible nations who prefer the comfort of securing their visa in advance.

If spontaneity is your forte, the visa on arrival might be your cup of tea. As the name suggests, this visa can be procured upon your arrival at a Saudi airport. Similar to the e-Visa, it’s available to certain nationalities, but it’s the choice for impromptu trips and adventurers who didn’t manage to arrange their visa beforehand.

For those who are not eligible for the Saudi Tourist e-visa or the visa on arrival, the consulate (sticker) visa requires a visit to a Saudi embassy or consulate in your home country well ahead of your Saudi-bound journey. This process requires meticulous planning as the processing timeline could span several weeks.

To ensure a seamless voyage, it’s paramount to delve into the prerequisites for each visa type. Bear in mind that Saudi e-Visas and the paper-based visa route diverge in terms of application procedures, expenses, and documentation prerequisites.

Eligibility Criteria for the Saudi Tourist Visas

Several prerequisites must align to unlock the gateway to a Saudi tourist visa. First and foremost, you mustn’t hold Saudi nationality. Furthermore, your passport should boast a validity of at least 6 months beyond your anticipated Saudi entry.

If you’re aiming to apply independently, you must be 18 years or older; otherwise, the presence of a parent or legal guardian is requisite. The nationality factor holds sway, as certain foreign citizens are entitled to either e-Visas or visa on arrival. Conversely, some others need to navigate the path of the traditional paper-based visa process. It’s incumbent upon you to meticulously study the specific eligibility criteria that pertain to your nationality before you embark on your application journey.

The following nationalities are eligible to apply online for the e-visa: Canada, Czech Republic, United States of America, Spain, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Australia, Latvia, Romania, Greece, Estonia, Luxembourg, San Marino, Andorra, Portugal, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Ireland, Denmark, Macau, Singapore, Iceland, Sweden, Malta, Switzerland, Italy, China, Malaysia, France, Brunei Darussalam, Germany, Monaco, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Cyprus, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Poland, Norway, Hong Kong, Croatia, Taiwan, Austria, Albania, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Georgia, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

For other nationalities, the tourist visa application should be submitted to the embassy, consulate, or visa center, unless they hold residency in one of the GCC countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, possess a valid Schengen, US, or UK visa.

Requirements for Tourist visa saudi arabiaApplication

When venturing into the realm of securing a Saudi tourist visa, applicants find themselves in need of an array of documents. These requisite documents are prone to alteration, contingent upon the applicant’s nationality, travel purpose, and the specific visa category they’re eligible to pursue.

The essentials for a Saudi e-Visa comprise:

  • A passport, wielding its validity of at least half a year from the Saudi entry date.
  • A recent, crisp passport-style photograph, digitized into the JPEG format.
  • A valid email address, acting as a conduit for both applicant correspondence and the e-Visa’s delivery.

It’s a paramount reminder that not all nationalities bask in eligibility for a Saudi e-Visa. Thus, it’s a prudent maneuver to peruse the prerequisites prior to embarking on the application journey.

Documents requisite for a Saudi sticker visa encompass:

  • A fully filled visa application form.
  • A passport or a travel document with a validity of 6 months post the anticipated entry into Saudi Arabia.
  • Two passport-sized photographs that stand as clear and recent snapshots.
  • A replicated flight itinerary.
  • Verification of health insurance that extends its mantle over the entirety of the applicant’s stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • A confirmed round-trip airline ticket.

Additional documents such as an invitation letter or lodging substantiation might beckon, contingent upon the applicant’s homeland. Preemptive planning and application execution, well before the designated journey juncture, become imperative as the processing span for sticker visas could stretch over several weeks. Tailoring documents to specific circumstances might demand an employer’s letter or bank statements. To stave off potential hindrances or rejections, it’s pivotal to delve deeply into the visa requisites pertinent to the specific application and to ensure the comprehensive submission of all mandated documents.

Tourist visa saudi arabiaApplication Steps

Embarking on the pursuit of a Saudi tourist visa unfurls through a series of uncluttered strides. These footfalls stand amenable to transformation, mirroring the variances in visa types and applicant nationalities. Nonetheless, for the majority, the subsequent elemental steps remain sacrosanct:

  1. Determine your Eligibility for a Saudi Tourist Visa

Prospective applicants ought to ascertain their eligibility for a Tourist visa saudi arabiaand acquaint themselves with the parameters linked to their distinct visa classification. This entails scrutinizing their nationality’s alignment with visa-free access, visa-on-arrival options, the e-Visa privilege, or the classical paper-based visa trajectory.

  1. Fill out the Saudi Tourist Visa Application Form

Applicants unfurl their tourist visa aspirations by lodging their applications through the relevant gateway, guided by the visa type, nationality, and application modality. For some, an online visa application form beckons, obliging the provision of pertinent information and the digital upload of stipulated documents. For others, a manual course awaits, encompassing the submission of both visa application and documents at the Saudi consulate or embassy.

  1. Pay the Tourist visa saudi arabiaFee

Irrespective of the application avenue, all applicants are called upon to discharge a visa fee. This financial transaction is duly executed via a valid debit or credit card in the virtual sphere. The fee amount varies based on the type of visa and where the applicant is from.

  1. Receive the Decision

If the application is approved, the Saudi tourist visa comes to life—either as a sent PDF or a visa sticker in the applicant’s passport. The decision between these digital and physical formats depends on the visa type and application method. Before submitting the application, it’s smart for applicants to carefully read the official visa guidelines provided by Saudi authorities.

Securing a Saudi tourist visa can vary in processing time depending on factors such as the type of visa and the time of application. Typically, e-Visas take around a day to process, while sticker visas may require several weeks. It’s important to note that processing times could change during busy travel seasons or due to errors in the application.

Travelling to Saudi Arabia

Imagine stepping into a realm where ancient traditions intertwine with modern aspirations, and a land known for its spiritual significance opens its arms to curious explorers. That’s the essence of Saudi Arabia’s new narrative, unveiled through the captivating chapter of the tourist visa. This is not just an entry stamp; it’s an invitation to be part of a story that’s evolving before our eyes.

Saudi Arabia, often whispered in the context of pilgrimage and historical legacies, has taken a daring step toward transformation. The tourist visa is like a key that unlocks doors to a treasure trove of experiences, beyond what we’ve come to expect. It’s a doorway to the future, guided by Vision 2030, a roadmap to redefine the Kingdom’s identity beyond oil and faith, embracing a more diversified, interconnected world.

The allure of Saudi Arabia is multifaceted – from its captivating historical and cultural sites to its breathtaking natural landscapes, delectable cuisine, and the warm hospitality of its locals.


In conclusion, embarking on a journey to Saudi Arabia through the avenue of a tourist visa unveils a pathway enriched with various considerations and steps. The process, with its distinct ebb and flow, encompasses both e-Visas and sticker visas, each tailored to cater to diverse circumstances. Aspirants are urged to embark on this voyage well-prepared, armed with the knowledge that processing times can fluctuate. Through meticulous accuracy, timely application, and attentive adherence to guidelines, the path to securing a Tourist visa saudi arabiais smoothed, enhancing the prospects of a seamless exploration of this captivating land.

With the key notion that each application is unique and subject to specific eligibility criteria, the pursuit of a Tourist visa saudi arabianecessitates a proactive approach. By unveiling the layers of documentation, embodying accurate information, and embracing the journey with anticipation, applicants increase their prospects of success. Whether one’s path leads to an e-Visa issued digitally or a tangible sticker placed within a passport, the shared objective remains—a successful visa application unlocks the gateway to a transformative experience in the heart of Saudi Arabia.


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