5 Tips In Designing Homes With Indoor Pools In Dubai

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5 Tips In Designing Homes With Indoor Pools In Dubai

5 Tips which you can use to make an Indoor Pool In Dubai. Whether it’s a display of social status or to strip off the prickling heat of the environmen

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5 Tips which you can use to make an Indoor Pool In Dubai. Whether it’s a display of social status or to strip off the prickling heat of the environment, indoor pools are gems-worth in Dubai households. Indoor pools give the homeowners the luxury of enjoying a swimming experience at the comforts of their homes. One of the issues faced is dealing with designs that incorporate the pool inside the house. Here are five design tips that may inspire home owners and their designers.

Glass Walls

Dubai, being Dubai, places a huge emphasis on looking urban. After all, it is a metropolitan city filled with city luxuries and towering scenes. While the heights can seem intimidating, designers often take advantage of the commercial beauty of the town—any glorious sights depicting a bigger city picture compliment a relaxing pool experience.

Thus, a good tip in designing homes with indoor pools in Dubai is to utilize glass walls near pools. Glass walls open the swimming pool area to the busy, industrialized morning, up to the wondrous cityscape lights of Dubai. The building that uses glass walls also coincides with the modern looks of house designs.

Glass Roof

Feed the pool experience with sunlight with this pool design tip: Glass roof. Glass roof is a powerful addition in designing as it encompasses contemporary designing at its peak, protecting the bathers from Dubai’s direct heat and climate.

What’s great about glass roofs is that designers can opt for a more grand design of roofs through other artistic means. An example of this is using colored panes that infuse the pool area with subtle colored sun rays. Designers can opt for darker tints of glass roofs, setting a dimmer pool ambiance while allowing natural lights to pass on. Some architects recommend investing in patterned geometric shapes too.


If a massive area is allocated to pools, a mezzanine is a great addition to interior pool designs. Mezzanines are like interior balconies, and having one is a huge wow factor during pool parties, especially for pools that stretch long. Apart from that, mezzanines can bring complexion to the designs as they can add depth to the visual perception.

However, a mezzanine can only be a game-changer when the designers plan their build properly. As cliché as it could be, designing is more a trade skill than just creativity explosions. Luckily, online interior design courses teach interested individuals about house designing. These can help them further their skills and knowledge into the whole trade.

Add-on Greeneries

The world knows Dubai as a city with a hot and arid climate, resorting to people spending most of their daily hours inside. Sadly, the realities of the city’s environment are not far-fetched from the tourist’s expectations. With desires to live in the town and build and design a house, the addition of greeneries can help significantly.

Plants and trees visually help break the stark, bland color of sands and hotness. Even simple shrubs around the pool help give a contrasting look through its refreshing vibrancy.

Dim and Personal

If the homeowner desires to chill in his exclusive pool, one good tip is to create a vibe in the swimming area with dim lights. This tip works wonders on smaller pools or a household with smaller family size. A dimmer light creates an ambiance of mystery, secrecy, and a sense of exclusiveness. Designers can also play around with various colored lights to bring out the preferred setup for the pool.


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