Founder of Magnat Fine Jewelry, Rodion Ksonzenko, Reveals His Best Kept Secrets for the Diamond Industry

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Founder of Magnat Fine Jewelry, Rodion Ksonzenko, Reveals His Best Kept Secrets for the Diamond Industry

When Rodion Ksonzenko first opened the doors of Magnat Fine Jewelry in Ukraine, he knew he wanted his business to sparkle just as much as the merchand

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When Rodion Ksonzenko first opened the doors of Magnat Fine Jewelry in Ukraine, he knew he wanted his business to sparkle just as much as the merchandise.

Offering luxury diamonds and other fine jewelry, Ksonzeko’s vision was for each statement piece to emphasize the status and style of his client, carrying value through the ages as a once in a lifetime investment.

Perfection, he argues, is timeless.

World-Class and World-Wide

The first step to Ksonzenkos’ bustling business was ensuring quality was never compromised. This meant stopping at nothing to give customers diamonds that were not only the best price at the highest value but also investing in GIA diamonds.

Founded in 1931, GIA is a non-profit organization that serves as the world’s foremost authority on diamonds. They are the leading source of checking that a brand’s diamonds are up to par with industry standards. Their research and education and knowledge make them qualified to assess diamonds and gemstones unlike any other facility.

When a diamond is a GIA diamond, a customer can be rest assured that their jewelry is world-class, state-of-the-art and evaluated properly for quality in the cut, clarity, color and carat weight departments.

Investing time into GIA approvals, Ksonzenko was able to grow his business astronomically. In just five years of opening, the jewelry businessman conducted his plans to grow the into business to Dubai.

In early 2022, Magnat Fine Jewelry opened their first showroom and office in one of the most luxurious countries in the United Arab Emirates, taking his world-class brand world-wide.

A Forever Investment

As the famous saying goes, “diamonds are forever.”

But Ksonzenko’s best kept secret is making another promise of forever: diamonds as a quality investment for his clients.

“We offer our clients investments in diamonds that not only create capital but also increase it,” Ksonzenko explained. “Diamonds are an extremely profitable and reliable investment—  from 2021 to 2022, for example, the price of diamonds increased by 30%, and if you look at the past10 years, then the number is about 150%.”

And big names in the industry would agree.

“Oskar Hartmann, international investor, [reports that] investing in diamonds is one of the most stable and popular ways to start investing and diversifying your investment portfolio,” the World Financial Review reported, just last year. “When you purchase a diamond, its value increases over time. Both investment-grade and diamond jewelry will improve regardless of how the economy is doing.”

Ksonzenko’s diamonds are the perfect way to start or continue an investment portfolio. Each diamond is made with quality, bespoke craftsmanship and lends itself to being the best quality for the cheapest price. No piece of jewelry at Magnat Fine Jewelry is the same and therefore serves as the best and most valuable capital.

The years of experience of the craftsmen paired with their diamond traders allow for a seamless process of diamond purity and finesse, ensuring a quality investment that increases a client’s capital.

“We  can offer our customers the rarest  and  most valuable specimens— any cut, weight and color— including pink, blue and red diamonds that stun the eye no matter how many times you take a look,” Ksonzenko revealed, passionately. “My favorite pride of the company is our 18 ct pear cut diamond with highest characteristics, D Flawless.”

Down to a Science

Given the company takes seriously the investment in diamonds of every client, the team at Magnat Fine Jewelry breaks the beauty and care of their diamonds down to a science.

Just as GIA diamonds look at color, clarity, cut and carat weight, Ksonzenko’s team does the very same in-house. They take each and every stone they receive and divide each into groups.

“The first group, for example, is colorless diamonds (designations in letters DEF). These diamonds can be classified as investment because they are used only by the best jewelry houses” the team at Magnat Fine Jewelry reports. “Next comes the ‘near colorless/top commercial’ group (designations G, H, I, J) and they are also used by most jewelry houses. The specificity of this category can be understood from its name as they are medium quality diamonds that are difficult to distinguish from colorless, and they are the most popular in the market. Indeed, Magnat fine jewelry use only top quality diamonds in their collections.

By ensuring the purity and quality of the diamond, Ksonzenko can also ensure the growth of one’s capital and value of money when purchasing one from his collection.

A Sparkling Industry

It’s also no secret, of course, that the diamond industry is a bustling and sparkling market.

According to the Business Research Company, “the global diamond market size will grow from $2.43 billion in 2022 to $2.55 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%.”

“Some 142 million carats of diamonds were estimated to have been produced from mines worldwide in 2019,” Statista reported of recent years.

It is because of this high-profile market that Ksonzenko knows at the end of the day, clients are investing in the best of the best. In a world where the economy fluctuates from recession and inflation, the best way to hold onto money and capitol is investing in precious, sought-after stones like diamonds.

And his best secret to creating valuable, stunning diamond pieces that will forever be worth a lot of money is making the statement piece one that a customer can never forget.

This means that each diamond needs to be treated like the precious and opulent stone that it is, visually mesmerizing each pair of eyes. It also means that the business needs to showcase the pieces in a way that is memorable and speaks to the value of each item on sale.

One way that the company has accomplished this is having a vigorous gallery of an Instagram page @magnat_diamonds, sharing all the tradesmen creations through the online platform as if it’s a virtual museum of diamond art.

The page effortlessly highlights the elegance, opulence and pure gravitas of each and every custom-made piece, focusing solely on the sparkle and shine of the diamond rather than spending time on wasteful model marketing.

By underscoring the beauty and chic effort of the tradesmen handiwork, Magnat Fine Jewelry is able to let the diamond do what it does best: speak for itself.

“My greatest joy is letting customers truly feel the value and the profit from owning diamonds and jewelry— that they can be proud of their investment,” Kzonzenko said. “Everyone deserves to own top quality diamond jewelry for the best prices on market.”

If you would like to get in touch with Magnat Fine Jewelry, please visit or send an email to


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