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    Dubai Postal Code And Dubai Zip Code 2023 UAE Postal Code

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    Dubai Zip Code / Postal Code

    Dubai does not have  any ZIP Code or Postal Code. If it requires filling online or offline forms, simply fill in the form using “00000”, N/A or simply empty it. The Emirate must use a PO BOX to receive or send something and rent the nearest post office at least once a year.

    Name Emirate of Dubai
    Postcode N/A (00000)
    ISO Code AE-DU
    Country United Arab Emirates
    Region Asia

    Facts About Zip Code of Dubai

    There was no more to discover about the zip codes and postal codes of Dubai. Make sure you enter the right Makani number for your postal address.

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    You can use the Dubai Central Postal Code 337-1500 Mumtaz Speed Postal Code 337-1243, and Jumeirah Postal Code 337-1500 instead of the Dubai Postal and Zipcode.

    Dubai Postal Code 2023

    Dubai Postal Code

    You’re interested in knowing what is the Dubai Postal code to use in a postal address, or legal document. So, what would you say should it is suggested that you type “00000” as the postal code of Dubai? Of course, it’s amazing that there isn’t a zip or postal codes for any State of the UAE.

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    Postcode for Dubai

    Area Postcode Emirate
    Abu Hail 00000 Dubai
    Abu Hayl 00000 Dubai
    Academic City 00000 Dubai
    Ad Daghayah 00000 Dubai
    Airport Free Zone 00000 Dubai
    Akoya 00000 Dubai
    Al Aweer 00000 Dubai
    Al Awir 00000 Dubai
    Al Bada 00000 Dubai
    Al Bada’a 00000 Dubai
    Al Baharnah 00000 Dubai
    Al Balush 00000 Dubai
    Al Baraha 00000 Dubai
    Al Barahah 00000 Dubai
    Al Barari 00000 Dubai
    Al Barsha 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Barsha 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Barsha 3 00000 Dubai
    Al Barsha South 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Barsha South 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Barsha South 3 00000 Dubai
    Al Faq 00000 Dubai
    Al Furjan 00000 Dubai
    Al Garhoud 00000 Dubai
    Al Hajarayn 00000 Dubai
    Al Hamriyah 00000 Dubai
    Al Hudaba 00000 Dubai
    Al Hudaiba 00000 Dubai
    Al Hudaybah 00000 Dubai
    Al Jadaf 00000 Dubai
    Al Jafiliya 00000 Dubai
    Al Jafliya 00000 Dubai
    Al Karama 00000 Dubai
    Al Khabasi 00000 Dubai
    Al Khabeesi 00000 Dubai
    Al Khail Gate Residential 00000 Dubai
    Al Khawanij 00000 Dubai
    Al Kifaf 00000 Dubai
    Al Lusayli 00000 Dubai
    Al Mahra 00000 Dubai
    Al Manara 00000 Dubai
    Al Mankhool 00000 Dubai
    Al Marqadh 00000 Dubai
    Al Matinah 00000 Dubai
    Al Mina 00000 Dubai
    Al Mizhar 00000 Dubai
    Al Mizhar 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Mizhar 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Muhaisnah 00000 Dubai
    Al Muraqqabat 00000 Dubai
    Al Murar 00000 Dubai
    Al Murar al Jadid 00000 Dubai
    Al Murar al Qadim 00000 Dubai
    Al Musalla 00000 Dubai
    Al Nahda 00000 Dubai
    Al Nassem 00000 Dubai
    Al Qawz 00000 Dubai
    Al Quoz 00000 Dubai
    Al Quoz 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Quoz 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Quoz Industrial Area 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 00000 Dubai
    Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 00000 Dubai
    Al Qusais 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Qusais 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Qusais 3 00000 Dubai
    Al Qusais Industrial Area 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Qusais Industrial Area 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Qusais Industrial Area 5 00000 Dubai
    Al Qusays 00000 Dubai
    Al Raffa 00000 Dubai
    Al Ras 00000 Dubai
    Al Rashidiya 00000 Dubai
    Al Reem 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Reem 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Reem 3 00000 Dubai
    Al Rigga 00000 Dubai
    Al Safa 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Safa 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Salam 00000 Dubai
    Al Satwa 00000 Dubai
    Al Shindagah 00000 Dubai
    Al Sufouh 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Sufouh 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Twar 1 00000 Dubai
    Al Twar 2 00000 Dubai
    Al Twar 3 00000 Dubai
    Al Usbij 00000 Dubai
    Al Waha Villas 00000 Dubai
    Al Waheda 00000 Dubai
    Al Warqa’a 00000 Dubai
    Al Wasl 00000 Dubai
    Al Wuheida 00000 Dubai
    Alma 1 00000 Dubai
    Alma 2 00000 Dubai
    Alvorada 00000 Dubai
    Alvorada 1 00000 Dubai
    Alvorada 2 00000 Dubai
    Alvorada 3 00000 Dubai
    Alvorada 4 00000 Dubai
    Amber Way 00000 Dubai
    An Nakhl 00000 Dubai
    Ar Ra’s 00000 Dubai
    Ar Rashidiyah 00000 Dubai
    Ar Rifa’ah 00000 Dubai
    Ar Riqqah 00000 Dubai
    Ar Riqqah Gharb 00000 Dubai
    Ar Riqqah Sharq 00000 Dubai
    Arabella 00000 Dubai
    Arabian Ranches 00000 Dubai
    Arabian Ranches 2 00000 Dubai
    Arjan 00000 Dubai
    Armada towers 00000 Dubai
    As Sabkhah 00000 Dubai
    As Safa 00000 Dubai
    As Satwah 00000 Dubai
    Ash Shamal 00000 Dubai
    Ash Shindaghah 00000 Dubai
    At Tawar 00000 Dubai
    Ayal Nasir 00000 Dubai
    Azalea 00000 Dubai
    Block 12K 00000 Dubai
    Block 5A 00000 Dubai
    Block 5B 00000 Dubai
    Block 5C 00000 Dubai
    Block 5D 00000 Dubai
    Block 5E 00000 Dubai
    Block 5F 00000 Dubai
    Block 5G 00000 Dubai
    Block 7C 00000 Dubai
    Brookfield 00000 Dubai
    Bu Kadra 00000 Dubai
    Bur Dubai 00000 Dubai
    Bur Sa’id 00000 Dubai
    Burj Nahar 00000 Dubai
    Business Bay 00000 Dubai
    Calida Village 00000 Dubai
    Carmen Village 00000 Dubai
    Carmen Village North 00000 Dubai
    Casa Villas 00000 Dubai
    City of Arabia 00000 Dubai
    Clubhouse Area 00000 Dubai
    Corniche Deira 00000 Dubai
    Culture Village 00000 Dubai
    Dawwar Burj Nahar 00000 Dubai
    Dayrah 00000 Dubai
    Deema 1 00000 Dubai
    Deema 2 00000 Dubai
    Deema 3 00000 Dubai
    Deema 4 00000 Dubai
    Deira Dubai Postal Code 00000 Dubai
    Discovery Gardens 00000 Dubai
    District 5 00000 Dubai
    District 7 00000 Dubai
    Downtown Burj Khalifa 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Aid City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Airport Freezone Area 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Autodrome 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Design District 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Festival City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Golf City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Healthcare City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Industrial City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai International Academic City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) 00000 Dubai
    Dubai International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Internet City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Investments Park 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Land 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Lifestyle City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Marina 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Media City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Media City 2 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Outlet City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Pearl 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Promenade 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Residence Complex 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Silicon Oasis 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Sports City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Studio City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Sustainable City 00000 Dubai
    Dubai Waterfront 00000 Dubai
    Dubai World Central 00000 Dubai
    DuBiotech 00000 Dubai
    Emirates Hill 1 00000 Dubai
    Emirates Hill 2 00000 Dubai
    Emirates Hill 3 00000 Dubai
    Emirates Hills 00000 Dubai
    Esmeralda Village 00000 Dubai
    Estella Village 00000 Dubai
    Falcon City of Wonders 1 00000 Dubai
    Falcon City of Wonders 2 00000 Dubai
    Ferij al Muhadham 00000 Dubai
    Fireside 00000 Dubai
    Flame Tree Ridge 00000 Dubai
    Forat 00000 Dubai
    Ghadeer 00000 Dubai
    Global Village 00000 Dubai
    Golf Homes 00000 Dubai

    Information about the Postal Code Dubai

    Structures in Dubai have their own “Makani Number” instead of using the postal code of the city or state. code. It is mandatory to be written on any address that is used for postal delivery or for other purposes. If you include Makani’s number on any package, it must be delivered to the specific building.

    To simplify, the Dubai central postal office says to use “00000” as the postal code for Dubai when needed.

    Dubai Postal Code 00000

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    Dubai Central Post Office

    Dubai Central Post office deals with the Postal and zip codes system. This system recommends the use of PO Box numbers in case of posts and addresses for business.

    Similar to companies, individuals can obtain a PO Box to receive their mail securely. The cost for registration is AED 70. You will be required make payments of AED 250 per year as a fee for the annual renewal.

    Sharjah Zip Code

    Both locals and foreigners often search for the zip code and postal code of Sharjah. . In reality, there isn’t a postal code that is specific to Sharjah. The exact solution is provided below.

    Sharjah Postal Code 00000
    Sharjah Zip Code 00000

    Sharjah City

    UAE Postal Code

    The UAE is famous for Dubai, a global city and international metropolis. It’s a fascinating reality that 70% of the population of the UAE is comprised of foreigners. They require an UAE Postal Code for correspondence as they don’t realize that the UAE does not have a postal code. We can therefore claim that the postal code for UAE can be found in the number 00000.

    UAE Zip Code

    You can put NIL before your UAE zip code on any way or on an envelope. On search engines you will find the zip code for UAE to be 00000. Both of the answers are accurate.

    UAE Postal Code 00000
    UAE Zip Code 00000

    Dubai Frame

    Requirements for PO Box in Dubai

    PO Box is the best alternative to the Dubai postal code or Dubai zip code as well as Makani number. It can be obtained when you meet these requirements.

    • The prescribed application form, which is available in the Dubai Central post office.
    • A duplicate of your passport as well as an Emirates ID should be added on the request.
    • 2 Passport size photos are required.

    There is also an online application for a PO Box through the official website of Emirates Post now.

    PO Box Numbers Of UAE States

    • Dubai PO Box Number: 333388
    • Sharjah PO Box Number: 555588
    • Abu Dhabi PO Box Number: 111188
    • Al-Ain PO Box Number: 222288
    • Deira Postal Code Number: 444488
    • Ajman PO Box Number: 666688
    • Umm Al Quwain PO Box Number: 777788
    • Fujairah PO Box Number: 888888
    • Ras Al Khaimah PO Box Number: 999988

    Dubai Postal Code 2

    Zip Code and Postal Code for corporate postage in UAE

    It is known that there isn’t a Dubai ZIP code, or Dubai postal code, and the situation is similar for states that are not UAE states. However, the question remains what should we do when an Amazon Ali Express-type business requests to create these codes?

    • The best option is to choose 00000 as your default zip code for any place within the UAE. We’ll also talk about different options to resolve the issue below.
    • You may also choose to leave the zip code or postcode field unfilled or write “NA”.
    • Utilizing UAE for the postcode or United Arab Emirates for the country can be a different option. *
    • Your UAE mobile number begins with 05, such as 05012345 (not a real UAE flexible number). The UAE mail center may contact your phone to relay a message if there’s a problem with the location or transportation. This is more likely to happen with packages than with letters.
    • To simplify, create a new postal code to avoid restrictions or planned designs. If the building needs an official code, verify its legitimacy online. If you have to try this method online, it’s important to check if it’s legitimate.
    • This UAE PO Boxes are used to provide addresses for delivery. It may show on two occasions in the address, but you’ll only get one copy of the letter or bundle.
    • When you’re in Dubai, you’ll find a Makani number specific to your area. Look for an inscription on a fence or structure to locate it. The postal station won’t deliver your mail to that address initially. You’ll need a PO Box address, but the person in charge might not know that.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The majority of people ask these types of questions about UAE Postal and zip codes for business addresses and posts. We have addressed the most frequently asked questions below.

    A)- What is the postal code for Dubai?

    Answer: Based on the Dubai Central Post Office, the postal code for Dubai is “00000”.

    Q)- What is the Zipcode of Dubai?

    Answer: The Zip number from Dubai has the exact same code as 00000.

    (Q)- What is the Sharjah Postal code?

    Answer: You can write “00000” as the postal code for Sharjah.

    Sharjah, like other cities in the UAE, does not have postal or zip codes. Alternatively, you can use “Five zeros.”

    Dubai Central Post Office


    Dubai central post office deals with the Postal and zip codes system that means using PO Box numbers just in case of Business addresses and posts. Like companies, individuals can also get a PO box for receiving their posts safely. Its registration fees are AED 70 and you’ll need to pay AED 250 per annum as an annual fee.

    Final Words

    Postal codes are used in many countries, but UAE Post uses Makani Number. Remember to use five zeros for Dubai postal system and zip code when needed.

    The issues related to this matter are no longer a concern for us. However, you are the one who makes the final decisions, and your opinions are important to us. Please share your thoughts on this blog by leaving a comment below. .


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