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    Dubai job seeker visa : All you need to know

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    Dubai job seekers who are who are planning to move to the UAE are soon allowed to avail an entry visa specifically designed for them. It will permit them to visit the UAE without the requirement to be sponsored or hosted by a person who will issue the visa, they can  get a 6 months Dubai Job Seeker Visa.

    The new entry permit allows people to look into the job market The announcement was made in April by the UAE government in April of this year. The new policy is expected to take effect in September.

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    What is the Job Seeker’s Visa and who’s qualified? Here are the specifics provided so far.

    Dubai Job Seeker Visa Validity

    In the wake of the announcement made by the UAE government the new visas that were released – including the visa to research possibilities for employment – come with the following characteristics:

    1. No host or sponsor is required.
    2. Provide more flexibility, as well as allow for multiple entries
    3. 60 days validity
    4. One platform that can be used to apply through

    While the details of the application platform for applying have not yet been released but it is known that the duration of the visa of 60 days is twice the validity of normal one-month visit visas.

    Who are ineligible for Dubai job seeker visa?

    In accordance with an announcement from the Cabinet the job exploration visa is aimed at the attraction of young talent and experienced professionals to investigate possibilities for employment within the UAE.

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    The visa will be granted to

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    * Individuals classified as the first or second skills level according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).
    * Recent graduates from the most prestigious 500 universities in the world.

    The minimum education level for the applicant must be a bachelor’s or its equivalent.

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