Rights of Domestic workers in UAE as per law

Articles (Gulf Inside) 41 articles as per UAE law which protect Domestic workers in UAE, i know no one will tell you regarding domestic workers rights

Articles (Gulf Inside) 41 articles as per UAE law which protect Domestic workers in UAE, i know no one will tell you regarding domestic workers rights, including working hours, daily rest, contract terms, annual or medical leave, gratuity payments and lots of more useful things.

UAE domestic labour law make sure the safety of workers on workplace and prohibits discrimination Rights of Domestic workers in UAE as per law 1among other employees working in UAE on the idea of race, color, gender, profession and religion.

As per UAE Law rights of Domestic Workers:
In-order to guard domestic workers in UAE, we’ve uploaded official labour law articles in PDF in order that they can easily download them, before reading or downloading official articles, we’ve shortlisted the small print of such rules, as per labour law for domestic workers, all workers are entitled to:

  1. Payment of wages (salary) within 10 days of every month.
  2. 8 hours consecutive rest with 12 hours of rest a day .
  3. 1 day paid rest hebdomadally .
  4. vacation of 30 days per annum .
  5. Medical insurance by employer.
  6. If fell sick, 30 days medical leave per annum .
  7. Return air ticket after completing 2 years contract.
  8. Gratuity for worker who completes 1 year.
  9. Comfortable accommodation to measure .
  10. Healthy meal on employer expense.
  11. Keep passport and other identity papers with worker.
  12. Just in case of dispute, workers can complaint.
  13. If case not solved at MOHRE, it’ll be ask court.
  14. Domestic workers are exempt from court fees in the least stages.
  15. In-case of earlier termination, visa fees to be return to worker.

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Legal Prohibitions of Domestic Workers:
As per the draft of domestic workers law prohibits the following:

  • Discrimination on the idea of race, color, religion and profession
  • The utilization of anyone under the age of 18
  • Harassment (physical and verbal)
  • Exposure to physical harm
  • Assignments or orders of tasks not mentioned within the contract

Hiring and Recruitment Procedure:
Earlier it had been agency who deal the hiring process of a domestic helper but as per new rules, TADBEER centres regulated by MOHRE is now recruiting domestic staff and only TADBEER is liable for making contract, applying for visas, orientation, training, cancellation and disputes issues.

Note: The minimum salary to rent maids in UAE is 25,000 AED announced on 15 January 2020 by MOHRE official, but those with lower monthly salary can still hire a TADBEER sponsored worker which can waive the salary requirement.

Also note that as per new rules, domestic workers over 60 years aged can now renew visa in UAE.

Packages from TADBEER Center:
4 different packages provided by Tadbeer center to customers.

1. Direct Sponsorship:
The employing family will provide the visa and bear all the visa cost, Tadbeer center will hire domestic helpers/workers from outside United Arab Emirates with the guarantee of their performance and loyalty to 180 days. All government fees for entry visas, benefits like accommodation, meal and medical are going to be paid by sponsor.

2. Direct Sponsorship after 6 months:
The second package allow employers to rent a worker on temporary basis for six months, the helper visa are often transferred to family sponsorship after completing six months period. It helps families to see the workers performance before sponsoring them.

3. TADBEER Sponsorship:
Under the Tabdeer sponsor ship will provide 2 years period of recruitment.

4. Time-based Package:
The fourth package allows flexibility to customers, employers who wanted to rent domestic workers on hourly, daily or weekly bases can take enjoy this package. The fees structure for hiring domestic worker is as blow time-based package for one month is 3500 AED whereas 120 AED for 1 week, 200 for 8 hours and 120 AED for 4 hours.

Contract, Insurance and Termination Rules:
All domestic helpers must get the copy of their signed contract from TADBEER center which mention and canopy the domestic helper policy up to Dhs 20,000.

UAE Domestic workers contract

In-case of earlier termination from an employer, the agency must repatriate (send back home) the worker at its expense or return the fee employee had paid.

Domestic Workers Labour Law:
His Highness Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan the President of United Arab Emirates promulgate the subsequent 41 articles for domestic workers in UAE also referred to as domestic helper law no 10 for the year 2017, you’ll read and download all in-order to guard yourself or use it just in case of a dispute between you and your employer, sponsor, company or agency.

To Download Arabic Version: Click Here
To Download English Version: Click Here

Professions coming under Domestic Workers:1. Housemaid
2. Nanny/Babysitter
3. Watchman and watchman
4. Household shepherd
5. Family chauffeur
6. Housekeeper
7. Household horse groomer
8. Household falcon care-taker & trainer
9. Domestic laborers
10. Valet Parking workers
11. Gardeners
12. Household farmers
13. Private teacher
14. Private Sailor
15. Private Coach
16. Private Nurse
17. Private PRO
18. Private agriculture engineer
19. Cook/Chef

What if Employers do not follow rules?
We are experiencing the continues messages, comments and emails with subject that my employer isn’t following UAE Labour law for domestic workers or not allowing us to break, not paying us gratuity and annual leave payments, etc, what to try to if the employer isn’t following UAE rules?

We suggest everyone first to invite your rights as you signed in your contract, if you do not know what’s written in your contract, check it here or ask it from your employer, second thing if the employer still denies you can show him the official article which is published by MOHRE, if again he/she violates the law follow legal steps by registering a complaint, and not only the MOL also advise domestic workers of complaint against employer just in case of a dispute.

Do not afraid or panic, be confident as you’re posing for your rights, we’ve seen many domestic workers especially the housemaids and nannies who are working for quite 12 hours without rest and weekly off. they could be worry of losing a job if they choose the complaint option but, to be honest, if you would like your rights, be brave and speak the truth, let your employer offer you what government is supplying you with, first attempt to deal mutually together with your employer if he’s not listening, choose legal steps.

And as per UAE Domestic labor law, the government of UAE (ministry) will plan to resolve the dispute (complaint) amicably within a period of a maximum of 2 weeks. If not solved within 14 days the case is going to ask the court and therefore the good thing is that cases filled by domestic helpers are exempt from fees in the least stages of litigation and the cases must be heard during a speedy and prompt manner.


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