7 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers on Business Accounts


7 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers on Business Accounts

How to increase Instagram Followers? Many people buy Instagram followers and are looking for the best place to buy Instagram comments, followers, like

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How to increase Instagram Followers? Many people buy Instagram followers and are looking for the best place to buy Instagram comments, followers, likes. These are tools to boost Instagram exposure. Today, we will be looking at some tips that can help businesses get better at promoting on Instagram and get more followers. Most of the tips are completely free. You don’t need to invest any kind of money unless you want to. But you will have to invest some of your time. So, let’s get started with how to increase Instagram followers.

Use More than One Platform

Today, you have to use more than one platform to promote your brand on social media. You have to treat all platforms as nodes of a big network. A lot of people are on multiple social media platforms. They may not find you on Instagram but they might end up finding you on TikTok or Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Pinterest etc. You can choose your most performant posts, videos and reels and share them on these platforms and ask them to follow you on Instagram too. If users like your content they might end up doing that helping you gain more followers.

Hashtags Are Essential

Hashtags are free tools to help you gain more exposure on Instagram. Today, the Instagram algorithm is pretty advanced. It looks at a lot of different stuff to understand what a user likes. So, if they generally engage with posts that have similar hashtags or they look through certain hashtags more often and your post also has that hashtag then you can end up in the explore page of that user or even in the feed. So, you have to do some hashtag research and analysis and figure out good hashtags for your posts that can bring you the exposure you are looking for.

Do Some Research on Target Audience

Research is the key to social media promotion. If you exactly know what your followers and target audiences want then you can easily deliver that kind of content and grow on social media. But it is impossible to know perfectly what any user wants. We can sort of analyze your target audience and get the key demographics and psychographics to form a general idea about stuff they engage with on Instagram. See what your competitors are posting. Look at posts your target audience is commenting on or liking. This will help you gain more info to increase the quality of your content.

Experiment With Different Content Types

Even though sticking primarily to one type of content is a good idea, you should not be afraid to experiment with different kinds of content to see which ones work better. Use Instagram reels, stories, live streams, video content etc. to keep it fresh. A lot of people like shorter content. They will generally watch reels. So, if you can package your content or promotion in the form of a reel then you will be able to gain their interest. You can use stories to tease a new product or service or any upcoming event. Stories can also be used to host q & a sessions. Live streams are a great way to collaborate with influencers or even connect with your buyers and followers.

Content Quality Matters the Most

Your content quality will generally matter the most. People don’t want to be bored. They are here to spend their leisure time. So, if your content is not entertaining or interesting enough you will be ignored. On the same note, your content shouldn’t be about Promotion all the time. People don’t want to know that you are selling them stuff. In general, try to keep 70 to 80 per cent of your posts as recreational and the rest as promotional. It will give you better results in gaining more exposure.

Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests are two good tools or methods to use to gain more exposure. Everyone wants to win stuff or get free stuff. If you can come up with interesting contest ideas or do occasional giveaways then you will be giving back something to your followers and it will strengthen the relationship between you and them. Also, if you keep the entry criteria for the giveaway as liking, commenting and sharing the post and following your profile then you will gain a lot of exposure on that post. So, do giveaways whenever it is feasible.

Use Tools and Agencies

Don’t be shy to use any tools or any agencies to help with social media promotion. If you have the money to spend then you can often get good results. Agencies can help in research and analysis and also with promotion. Many people buy Instagram followers from Socialpros.io. You will see people searching for the best sites to buy Instagram followers. It is a tool used for promotion. You will find many useful tools that can help with content generation, editing videos and images, research and analysis, marketing etc.

So, these were some of the tips about how to increase Instagram Followers that you can use to get more exposure on Instagram for your business and increase follower count. We hope you have found something useful to help you with your promotion. Social media growth takes patience. You have to be persistent and consistent with your efforts. We wish you all the best.


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