5 ways to increase Instagram for your business


5 ways to increase Instagram for your business

Starting fresh on any given social media platform can be very daunting. There are lot of  variables that are out of your control. The reach, the chang

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Starting fresh on any given social media platform can be very daunting. There are lot of  variables that are out of your control. The reach, the changing algorithm, the need of the people – everything is something that is out of our control. Therefore, it makes organic growth very difficult in nature. At the same time, we need to recognize the fact that Instagram, as a social media platform, has become a cornerstone for many brands. Even before a business has been started, they turn to Instagram to ensure that their brand makes a huge impact for the same. However, it is the case for many people on Instagram as a social media platform that they are not growing as expected. The algorithm of Instagram has been designed in such a way that it has been designed to favour those who have a large Instagram following rather than those who do not have that large Instagram following. To build your presence online, start right away with these tips and tricks so that the traffic your Instagram for business account gets increases drastically over the next few months. 

Optimize your account 

It is a myth that having a private account will create intrigue and people will flock to your page to know what your wares are. Unless your brand is well-known enough to get away with being private, such as Superdry, Supreme, or Mschf, secrecy is not going to get you anywhere. On the other hand, if you optimize your account and turn it into a business account, you will get valuable insights for free that you won’t have access to otherwise. Additionally, your bio needs to be crisp and to the point as to what your brand is about. If possible, add a link to your website there to make it easier for the audience to check out your wares. 

Consistency is the main key when it comes to posting 

Consistency does not mean that you are posting a couple of times every day. It will mean that your graph of posting will not fare well since some posts will be getting more traction and the other posts will get less traction, making them redundant. This graph of posting needs to be very much consistent in nature. You also do not want to spam your audience, and if a follower feels that they are being spammed, they are more likely to unfollow you and not recommend your brand to other people as well. 

Schedule your Instagram posts online, all in advance 

The aim of all the posts you post on Instagram is singular – to have a lot of engagement. If you post at the right time, it will be beneficial for all. Hence, your post will get the exposure it needs and your audience will also be able to appreciate the work put into it. To increase your posts’ visibility, you can schedule Instagram content. One of the greatest benefits that are offered when you post things that are scheduled n advance, is it gives your entire team an overview of what is being put out there. This leads to a lot of clarity for the same, and for your team members as well. The underlying aim for the same is that the visibility of your posts remains steady at a constant level. 

Collaboration is the way things work best 

You never can underestimate the value of your audience. The greater the follower count you have, in an organic or non-organic manner (via buying Instagram followers), the proportion of customers who will be interested will grow exponentially. Sure, being present in front of your customers does mean a lot to them and to you, but through brand collaborations and partnerships, you can reach a wider range of audiences which will make it better for both you and your partner. 

Make yourself findable 

If you use hashtags thoughtfully, you may be more visible to the rest of the people. You can also create branded or personal hashtags, which will lead your customers directly to the posts you have made and other related posts including reviews, guides, and how-tos. You can also tag your location so that people who are near you can understand how they can find and reach you. 

For you to develop a true and curated page for your Instagram, is actually a very hard process. This process can also be called multifaceted in nature since there are so many components that one needs to take care of. Network with more people, buy Instagram followers from a reputable website, and interact with your customers to broaden your Instagram business. A brand is also a person, and if your livelihood hinges on this, you will need to do all these steps to be successful.   


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