How Multivitamins Can Keep Your Skin & Hair Good

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How Multivitamins Can Keep Your Skin & Hair Good

If you are irritated with dry skin and dull hair, you are in for a real treat here. In this blog post, we are set to address the issue and bring forwa

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If you are irritated with dry skin and dull hair, you are in for a real treat here. In this blog post, we are set to address the issue and bring forward the way to take it forward.

We all would have magnificent hair and skin if we ate only healthy and stayed completely away from pollution. However, it’s almost impossible to do either of it. Indulging in junk once in a while is almost like our human right. Also, the climatic shift has been so harsh on our hair and skin. Additionally, application of harmful products has contributed to the recipe of disaster. But the good news is that we can change things around a little bit. In this fast paced lifestyle, it’s hard to find a little time to pamper ourselves. And that’s when multi vitamins play an important role. They add a little boost to our hair and skin which we are really deprived of.

In this read, we have covered how multivitamins can help fight ever-increasing pollution and hectic lifestyle while providing us the adequate nutrition which we lack. Furthermore, multivitamins are not only meant for the adults but for the kids as well. There are various options available in the market in terms of supplementation, and our favorite is Fade Fit Multivitamins for Kids.

Benefits of Multivitamins for the Skin & Hair:

Multi vitamins are packed with many nutrients and antioxidants that work beautifully when incorporated in hair and skin care regime.

1. Biotin

Biotin is famously known as vitamin B7 or H and is a water soluble vitamin. It helps the body in the metabolization of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is necessary for keratin production, which is a protein that smoothly makes up the structure of skin and hair.

Speaking of hair, biotin helps with shine, volume and scalp coverage which is a big problem today. It also helps strengthen hair strands and prevents breakage, thereby enhancing the overall texture. Biotin also does a lot of good to the skin by improving hydration, smoothness and appearance.

2. Iron

Iron can do wonders to the body and largely because it is essential for hemoglobin production that helps in transporting oxygen to different body parts. To fuel up any process in the body, iron is a primary requirement.

For instance, without adequate iron skin would look visibly pale & dull and hair would get dry and brittle. With enough iron, you can be rest assured of experiencing some beautiful benefits.

Iron can help skin get rid of dark spots, under eye circles, bruises and dullness. In due course of time, iron also helps skin with wound healing. As regards to hair, iron would help in stimulating growth and elasticity, making it thick, smooth and shiny.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat soluble nutrient that has a super positive effect on the hair and skin. The powerful antioxidant can significantly fight free radical damage that may lead to fine lines and wrinkles. It has all the immunity booster properties that can diminish skin thickness and protect from UV radiation. Vitamin E can fight skins of aging, nourish the skin, enhance skin elasticity and bring a glow to the face. Besides the aforementioned, vitamin E provides adequate hydration and acts as an intense moisturizer.

Vitamin E can boost blood circulation to the scalp and thereby improve hair thickness and growth. The antioxidant properties can help in preventing hair loss and increase shine to a great extent.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is critical for maintaining healthy skin and hair. It is an ascorbic acid that can prevent premature aging, maintain skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles, even skin tone, repair damaged skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C also plays a key role in treating hyperpigmentation, making the skin look youthful and reducing redness.

Besides these incredible benefits, vitamin C can combat hair loss, fight dandruff, prevent brittle hair, and reduce hair loss. Note, vitamin C deficiency can significantly result in split ends and dry hair.

5. Omega 3- fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that can regulate skin’s oil production, minimize aging, enhance hydration and subdue breakouts. It can also boost skin’s immunity to UV damage. They are a type of polyunsaturated fats that can reduce skin inflammation, prevent flakiness and dryness. These nutrients also help in promoting skin glow.

Omega 3 can diminish inflammation that can eventually lead to hair loss. Besides, it can support hair growth and nourish the texture. In addition, it can provide essential nutrients to hair follicles, keeping it healthy.

6. Vitamin A

Vitamin A has the power to keep the skin and hair in good condition. The fat soluble vitamin can prevent acne, reduce wrinkles and stimulate cell-turnovers of the skin. It can repair skin cells and be a great anti-aging agent.

This vitamin is capable of moisturizing the scalp and helps in quick hair growth. Skin glands and hair stands can benefit largely with vitamin A supplements.

One Last Thought:

Everyday our hair and skin go through so much heat, dirt and pollution. Itchy scalp, brittle hair, dry skin, dark spots and the list of issues could be never ending.

Therefore, taking multivitamins today is as vital as eating a balanced diet. While choosing a particular multivitamin supplement, it is essential to go through the composition first. Begin with ensuring the presence of all essential vitamins and then add them to your diet right away, if you haven’t yet.

Here’s to looking and feeling younger, healthier and more beautiful.



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