Best Travel Insurance For Dubai UAE


Best Travel Insurance For Dubai UAE

It's always advised to take out travel insurance when you visit a country that is not yours even if it's not obligatory. Particularly in a country lik

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It’s always advised to take out travel insurance when you visit a country that is not yours even if it’s not obligatory. Particularly in a country like the UAE where the price of healthcare could be very costly. Some hospitals may not provide medical care even if you don’t have health insurance, or if you cannot show that you are able to pay for the cost of medical treatment.

Do I Require Dubai Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance in Dubai is required in the event that you require an entry visa for the United Arab Emirates (of which Dubai is a component). It is not possible to get a visa until you prove you’ve purchased travel insurance. However, If you do not require a visa in order for entry into the UAE or if you have the option of obtaining the Visa upon Arrival, then you’re not subject to this condition.

From Where Can I Purchase A Travel Health Insurance For My Dubai (UAE) Trip?

You can purchase travel health insurance in Dubai or the UAE through the travel insurance company of your own country, or via online marketplaces that compare policies. Below you can find the list of best Travel Insurance companies there is also the option to look at various insurance policies and choose one that fits your requirements the best.

When purchasing an insurance policy for travelling take the following points into your mind:

  • Make sure you buy it in time. Travel insurance should be among the first things you purchase after you have booked your trip. Particularly, if your deposit is non-refundable, and you’re travelling to a destination like the UAE and the UAE, where lodging can be very expensive. If you must change your plans, you’ll receive a part, if not the entire amount of the money you paid returned.
  • Study and compare various guidelines online.
  • The complete policies, including the fine print, carefully. While it may be tedious and boring, knowing the amount of coverage you’ve got can help you avoid unexpected expenses if you require claims.

List Of 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies In Dubai UAE

  1. Allianz Travel Insurance
  2. Adamjee Insurance
  3. Oman Travel Insurance Dubai
  4. Emirates Travel Insurance Dubai
  5. Orient Travel Insurance Dubai
  6. RSA Travel Insurance Dubai
  7. Union Travel Insurance
  8. AIG Travel Insurance Dubai
  9. AXA Travel Insurance Dubai
  10. ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

What Should Travel Medical Insurance For Dubai Include?

If you are purchasing travel medical insurance for Dubai ensure that you choose a policy that covers the following essentials:

  • Medical emergency. Find a policy which covers medical emergencies like ambulance and the ER, surgical procedures doctors’ visits hospitalization, and the cost of medical treatment.
  • Trip disruption. Since a trip to UAE is extremely likely to cost a lot and therefore, you must have insurance for reservations that are not refundable or deposits you’ve made. If anything happens that causes you to cancel your trip it is important to ensure that at least the cost of your trip is recouped.
  • Insurance for the loss of personal possessions.
  • Insurance for emergency evacuations or repatriation of the remains of a deceased person. In the event that you require to be evacuated from your country of origin.

Check out the various options for health plans to travel available for Dubai Here.

What Additional Coverage Should I Get?

You can also opt to purchase additional insurance to cover things such as:

  • Technology and expensive items, generally aren’t covered by normal policies. Even when you have baggage insurance, many firms will not cover high-priced things, such as cameras, laptops, jewellery or designer clothing.
  • If you experience an incident of terrorism on your travels You can seek insurance for medical expenses and other losses that are related to it.
  • Legal liability for personal or legal reasons, in the event, that one of your actions during the trip results in bodily injury to another person or damage to their property. The insurance policy covers some of the medical expenses.
  • Sport or adventure activities.

Can My UAE Travel Medical Insurance Cover All My Activities?

It depends on what you’ll do. Travel insurance, by standard, typically excludes activities that may be considered to be high risk. There are plenty of risky adventurous activities you can engage in within Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE which isn’t covered by your insurance. For instance, a typical insurance plan for travel health may not provide coverage for certain activities like skydiving, dunes bashing, scuba diving or car racing (indoor) skiing, etc.

If you are planning to participate in these actions, then check with your insurance company if it’s possible to buy an additional insurance for these activities. An insurance policy that covers high-risk activities is likely to cost more, but there are some things that are not covered.

Your UAE insurance won’t cover you if

  • Injured or involved in an accident during an activity with a high risk that is not covered by your insurance
  • You may be injured or in an accident in the midst of a drink
  • You may be injured or in an accident from your own carelessness
  • Get a medical check-up to determine existing medical conditions.
  • Damage or lose your possessions due to your own carelessness (for example when you put them in a plain sight)
  • If you miss your flight or have to cancel your flight due to a reason that isn’t covered in your policy.

Does Dubai Travel Insurance Expensive?

Travel insurance costs in the UAE are contingent on a few variables:

  • The length of your trip.
  • What coverage do you need?
  • If you purchase the travel Insurance, then you can easily use it.
    Your age.
  • The number of participants covered in your plans.
  • In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from 4 to 10% of the total cost of the insurance for your trip.

Are Healthcare Costs Expensive Within The UAE For Tourists?

The UAE is well-known for its excellent healthcare system. Therefore, if you are sick or get involved in an accident there it will be taken by medical professionals. However, medical expenses are very high when you don’t have health insurance.

If you’re considering whether or not to purchase travel health insurance, keep in mind that the cost of an insurance policy is just a small part of what you might be required to pay if you require medical assistance.

Are There Any Risks to Visiting Dubai?

In terms of crime wise, the UAE is considered to be a secure place to travel to. There is a low rate of crime and tourists aren’t victimized by serious or minor crimes like picking pocketing.

What Laws Should I Be Aware Of Prior To My Trip To Dubai?

It is important to note that the social laws and regulations of the UAE are more stringent than Western countries. Even if you don’t need to be concerned about crimes, you need to ensure that you do not violate the law and risk being in problems with the authorities.

Things that people from Western culture consider to be normal may be considered taboo within the UAE and may even be prohibited. This is the case with dressing “immodestly” or making swear words in public (even on the internet) or doing rude gestures, eating on public transportation (or eating out in public spaces during Ramadan) and public shows of affection (especially married couples or those who are not) or expressing criticism of the government or fundraising, taking photos of others without their consent, or photos of traffic accidents, military buildings courts, palaces or palaces, etc.

If you violate these laws, it could lead to a substantial penalty at the very least or being detained and even jail time. Make sure to study the UAE regulations before traveling and adhere to the rules.


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