10 Of The Best Barber Shop in Dubai


10 Of The Best Barber Shop in Dubai

It's not only women who are obsessed with the quality of their stylists. Blokes can be just as picky with regards to their hair, and frequently wait a

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It’s not only women who are obsessed with the quality of their stylists. Blokes can be just as picky with regards to their hair, and frequently wait all day for their males to get their hair done so that they can go to the fashion box looking fresh. You can find best Barber Shop in Dubai from list below.

The best will be in the company until the time when old age takes over those flowing locks, and it’s definitely worth investing in hours of searching to find the best.

Fortunately, Gulfinside has done the effort for you. We’re great as it is, you know.

Here are 10 Of The Best Barber shops In Dubai You Can Visit From The Comfort Of Dubai.

The Barber Shop Dubai

At The Barbershop We are very proud of our work, and in preserving the art of classical barbering. Our barbers are experts in shaping and styling Dubai’s best designs and providing top-quality service at a reasonable cost.

Y12 Salon

To begin this list of top barbers in Dubai The Y12 Salon is a salon with an atmosphere that reflects its luxurious hotels in the city. It is located at Bvlgari resort hotel in Jumeirah 2, The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC, and Jumeirah Al Naseem in Umm Suqeim, a trim on the male side of the salon costs Dhs300. The salon is definitely in the direction of splurging on personal grooming. Beard services start at Dhs85. However, the men who are in the salon know their trade and it’s an issue of getting what you get for your money.


Bo Barbershop Dubai

Bo Barbershop located in Business Bay does ‘proper’ haircuts hair cuts, beard trims, and a variety of treatments to keep you looking and feeling -. The salon also offers a detoxifying treatment to get rid of impurities from the head and hair (Dhs180). Baristas in the house will also be serving cups of tea to get real pep into your step.


With the dismantled Vespa and retro-styled box televisions which be used as anchors for boats and barber chairs that are as swiveling and old as your grandpa, Blackjack isn’t playing any games by paying payback to barber shops that were once a thing. The shop is still home to lots of contemporary riffs with stylists who are rocking Burberry wasit coastlines as they master every fade and trim with ease.

Fade and Shave

The location is in JBR in JBR as well as Dubai Marina, Fade and Shave is a man’s hangout, and one of the top barbers you can find in Dubai. Along with razor-sharp beard trimming and mop control, customers can get facials threading, manicures, pedicures Moroccan bath, and coloring. Rocking music complements the exposed brick and wood décor, which is accentuated by steam punk-inspired vintage barber chairs. A fade costs Dhs110. You’re welcome.

CG Barber Shop In Dubai

CG or classic Gents in the case of those who cannot solve the mystery is precisely what’s on the store’s window One of the top barbers available in Dubai without the pomp and circumstance. Although it’s not a place with frills doesn’t mean that it’s not compromising on the quality. You’ll be like a professional using one of CG’s straight razors and with cutting-edge technology as well as beard styling, skin fades and styling, as well as traditional cuts, and K facials that are available the areas are taken care of. Imagine old-fashioned barbershop style mixed with plenty of modern-day styles.

Chaps and Co

Tired after a hard week? Do you need one of the top barbers in Dubai? Chaps and Co have The Fix. The Fix is the name given to this barber’s massage menu and facial menu which also includes manicures and “everything else” including deep tissue massages, body scrub, and even waxing. Time Out editors aren’t built to stand up to the process of waxing however, we’ll take an elegant face fade that costs Dhs155 each all week.


The salon for gentlemen offers an array of barbershop favorites We love that the traditional shaving service is only Dhs55. For the Cavalier, Cut is also reasonably priced at Dhs165 While a selection of facials is available on the menu for those looking to refresh their cash-making machine prior to that brunch in the near future.

Akin Barber Shop Dubai

Inspired by the barbershops of the past in NYC, Akin is an extremely cool and stylish establishment and is easily among the most renowned barbers you can find in Dubai. From its chic design to the subzero-chic vibes Akin aims to offer modern styles that exude urban style. The shop offers haircuts that are custom-made, beards that are tuned-up Straight razor shaves, and a concept store that is carefully curated. It’s a warm welcome from some of the coolest guys in town.

Goodfellas Vintage

For as long as I remember I have always dreamed… the opportunity to own the kind of barnet that people envy with one of the most renowned barbers from Dubai. You’ll probably recognize this: Goodfellas Vintage does things in the traditional manner. Hair cuts and shaves start at Dhs145 If you’re looking to secure an ongoing relationship with the barber of your choice (it’s likely to be the most important one that men can have) this VIF Privileges deal comes with six haircuts as well as 20% of manicures and pedicures, and facials, all for Dhs450.


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