What Is Abu Dhabi ZIP Code Or Abu Dhabi Postal Code 2022

Have you ever tried to fill an shipping form and found yourself perplexed about what you need to enter in the “Zip Code Abu Dhabi” field?

Abu Dhabi Postal Code Abu Dhabi Zip Code
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What Is Abu Dhabi ZIP Code Or Abu Dhabi Postal Code 2022?

Are you looking for Abu Dhabi ZIP Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code

  • Pincode:    51133
  • Address:   Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates
  • Country:   United Arab Emirates

In UAE Officially there is no Postal Code or ZIP code. You can simply write down N/ A or 00000 where it’s mandatory to do so. UAE is using a unique MAKANI number where every building in uae has its unique MAKANI number. Not with standing, UAE has P.O. Box computation and all postal orders can be delivered there. If you do note have a P.O. Box you can simply state P.O. Box number or Post Office Box number of the Emirates Post office which is exist in your area.

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Abu Dhabi Postal Code List:

Have you ever tried to overcome the shipping form and wondered what you would like to enter in the “Abu Dhabi zip code”? In the UAE and some of its provinces, such as the Abu Dhabi zip code, it seems that no zip code scheme is being used, which is why 00000 is used to generate the postal code of Abu Dhabi.

Unfortunately, the UAE does not technically have a postal (zip) code system. If you would like to receive an email from their local post office, please contact P.O. Can request Box. The same is true of other countries in the Gulf and the Middle East.

There is no room for corporations and people. Tenants can register for an annual charge of the p.o.box number, and the boxes can be placed as clusters in multiple community locations. Personal emails are usually sent immediately after confirmation of their identity.
Banks and utility providers primarily use the postal system, and with the increase in use of online / mobile services they are still declining.

Also, if you want to post a letter to an individual or company, ask for the number and post it. People usually use P.O. Box numbers for their jobs, but most will find a road. Couriers in the UAE rely on an individual’s mobile number to distribute their products. Therefore, it is most important to keep your telephone number. Note that the UAE does not use street addresses.

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What is the zip code of Abu Dhabi Mussafah?

Mussafah is an industrial area of United Arab Emirates, and located in southwest of Abu Dhabi.

The UAE does not need to use postal codes and its area is limited. Country, region, and potential mailbox quantity and recipients should only be indicated. Fortunately, if you need to type a postal code when posting, you can use 00000.

Application with GPS navigation device attached to QR of each building. The code is somewhat similar to the feature of zip codes, the latest address system called Onwani.

Abu Dhabi Postal Code Zip Code PO BOX

How do you Apply for a P.O. Box in Abu Dhabi?

While you can use your employer’s P.O Box for bank accounts or for registry with the Water & Electricity Department (WED also sends you a digital bill, if preferred), you can only take a posted document on a unique P.O. Box – not your way address. You can collect points in your P.O. Box by piercing the post office assigned to your way. In order to acquire a P.O. BOX, you must follow these way.

  1. Head to your immigrant post office – you can dredge one through Google Charts.
  2. You need to ask for a for which is called rental form at the nearest P.O. Box Outlay Counter.
  3. Submit a completed form, replica of your Emirates ID and AED 250 in charges.
    If a P.O.Box is available, you’ll take a vital immediately.


You can log on to the official web portal of Emirates Post www.epg.ae & navigate to the E-services portal. Select Rent/ Renew P.O. Box and you can make the payment with a UAE- registered credit card.

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