How to Find Person Code UAE

How to find person code uae

Articles (Gulf Inside) Lot of peoples trying to search for person code UAE through internet, many of them wanted to know the person code’s meaning and the importance of person code which is really useful throughout UAE employment career.

What is Person Code UAE?
A 14 digits person code also referred to as personal code may be a sort of profile which hides information of employee in it; the UAE person code contains details of employees and corporations stored at MOHRE database that includes:

Personal Details of Employee:

  • Person Code
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Profession

Labour Card Details of Employee:

  • Labour Card Number
  • Labour Card Issue Date
  • Labour Card Expiry Date

Passport Details of Employee:

  • Passport Number
  • Passport Issue Date
  • Passport Expiry Date

Employee Company Details:

  • Name
  • Company Code

Where UAE Person Code are often use?
Personal code are often utilized in several government services like in checking labour card, online contract check, Emirates ID application, MOHRE registration etc.

How to find Person Code in UAE?
Now after knowing the importance of such useful code, everyone wish to understand their cipher through which they will check their employment details mentioned above.

To get person code in MOHRE previously referred to as MOL UAE you initially got to register yourself as an employee at ministry mobile apps. download app through below links.


Once downloaded the app, begin registration process by check in , after completion of registration you’ll be shown your person code. if you’re facing trouble in creating account at ministry of human resources and emiratisation, we have already got a quick guide about the way to register on MOHRE account.

After successful account creation, open the app and check in.

Once signed in you’ll see a page together with your profile photo, full name and therefore the 14 digits person code.

How to find person code uae

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To check more details about employee you need to click on my dashboard, after clicking the dashboard button, employee’s profile will be open during which you’ll check all of your visa details, labour contract, passport copy, labour card, visa copy etc which is saved at ministry database.

You can also download your labour contract copy and may use it in legal cases.

Hopefully your query what’s person code UAE is solved, if not you’ll use below comment box for questions; we will assist you for free of charge .


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