How to Check UAE Visa Status with Passport Number 2022

How To Check UAE Visa Status
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Articles (Gulf Inside) Are you trying to check UAE visa status with passport number? If yes, ICA UAE has covered you with a page where you’ll inquire visa check by passport number.

Through below the way to check visa status by passport number guide, the applicant can get below information about his/her entry permit or residence visa:

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1. Entry permit status or visa status which suggests that the person visa is applied by his/her sponsor and therefore the ministry system is expecting applicant to finish medical and ID typing process.

2. Residency status which suggests the applicant visa permit is converted to residency and is printed on passport with issue and expiry date.

3. Status of UAE visa cancellation along with date of visa issue/expiry and cancellation.

4. Overstay status to check if the person is in violation list or not.

5. File close which suggests the visa is not any more valid.

How you can check status of UAE visa with Passport Number:

Step 1:
To check UAE visa status online, please click below link, you’ll be redirect to the official website of ICA (Federal authority for Identity and Citizenship)

Click Here

Step 2:
Choose passport Information and choose residency or visa option as per your inquiry.

visa status by passport number


Step 3:
Enter your passport number, expiry date of your passport and choose your nationality from the sink menu.

how to check uae visa status by passport numberStep 4:
Verify the captcha by clicking the captcha box showing I,m not a robot and click on search button.

visa status uae


File Status Result:

Once you clicked the search button, the page will refresh and can show you the status of your visa or residency, the great thing is that this visa information is not just for specific emirate but will work for applications across UAE.

Visa status Cancelled:

If you’re searching internet on the way to check if UAE visa is cancelled, below notice of cancelled visa is for you because it show you the visa cancellation status, if you’re getting below status, it means your visa is already cancelled. More you’ll check your visa issue/expiry and therefore the cancellation date on same page.

uae visa status online with passport number


Visa status Active for Visa Inquiry:

During the inquiry if you clicked on visa option and you will see file status active it means that your sponsor have already applied for your visa by submitting the offer letter, labour contract and your passport copy with other visa documents, you would like to finish the pending visa process like entering UAE if you’re outside, medical test and ID typing etc.

If nothing found, it means no visa is applied under your passport details, contact your company, PRO or sponsor for the confirmation either they need applied your visa or not.

Visa status Active for Residency Inquiry:

If you chose residency type at the time of inquiry and your visa information box showing you the active status, it means your residence visa remains active until the written expiry date.

visa status by passport number


File status Converted:

If you’re getting information that converted to residency, it means your entry permit visa is now converted to residency visa validly of two years or 3 years.

uae visa status with passport number


Visa status Violated (Overstay):

If the visa information box showing the file status violated it means the applicant visa is cancelled but he/she remains in UAE and is overstay, in simple words the applicant has cancelled the visa, completed the 30 days grace period and remains inside country, checkout the applicant visa issue date, visa cancellation date and therefore the visa expiry date in same box.

Link: Check Your Overstay Fine Online

At the time of exit, the applicant can pay overstay fine at airport.

how to check uae visa status by passport number

Overstay visa, how to check overstay fine
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Through this handy guide you’ll complete visa check by passport number, a special due to the govt. of UAE for creating thing easy through providing online services to expats living within the country also as for those that wish to enter UAE either for work in uae or visit the country.

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