Rashidiya Metro Station: Everything you should know about Centrepoint metro station


Rashidiya Metro Station: Everything you should know about Centrepoint metro station

Rashidiya Metro Station is now known as Centrepoint Metro Station (renamed in 2021) on the Dubai metro map. It is present on the eastern endpoint of t

Rashidiya Metro Station is now known as Centrepoint Metro Station (renamed in 2021) on the Dubai metro map. It is present on the eastern endpoint of the Red Line of Dubai Metro and serves as a starting station for the metro train that goes up to UAE Exchange, covering several prominent city locations in between.

Because it’s the closest metro stop to the Dubai International Airport, it acts as an essential means of transport for both locals and international tourists. Below is everything you should know about the Rashidiyia metro terminal for a seamless public commute experience in Dubai as a first-time or frequent traveler.

We’ll be using the older station name, Rashidiya, for the sake of understanding. Keep in mind its new name is Centrepoint Everywhere. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the Dubai Metro Station Map for a comprehensive overview of the entire metro network.

Rashidiya Metro Station (Centrepoint): A Comprehensive Overview

Rashidiya station is coded as R11 and is present on the eastern terminus of the Red Line. With an elevated construction, It comes under fare zone 5 of Dubai Metro. Its location is in the Al-Rashidiya residential Area, in close proximity to the Mirdif Area and Dubai Airport. The convenient position makes it one of the most used metro stops among locals as well as visitors to explore the new city under a budget.

The adjacent station following Rashidiya is Emirates. There’s no preceding station for now, but it can be expected to be added soon after the recent approval of the Blue Line metro project (Nov 2023). As per the program, an extended blue line will be added that will run from Centrepoint/Rashidiya to International City, passing Al Warqa and Mirdif Areas along the route.

Amenities Inside Rashidiya Metro Station:

You’ll find a lot of excellent amenities inside the station, reflecting Dubai’s Metro commitment to providing citizens with a quality traveling experience. These include

Park and Ride: Rashidiya is one of three metro stops that include a Park and Ride lot space, which can accommodate over 2700 vehicles. For those who don’t know, a park-and-ride space has both a parking area and public transport connections. That means you can park your bicycle or car inside the lot and then directly board public transit to travel farther in the city. Metro Passengers can park for free, but the drivers will require NOL cards, and those not using mass transport will have to pay a parking fee.

The information desk cordially assists passengers with different questions

Ticket Office, where you can purchase tokens or tickets for your journey from the staff

Ticket Machines to help people buy and load their travel cards quickly

Café and Convenience Store selling snacks, drinks, and other essential items you may need

Electronic displays showing updated arrival and departure train times so that you can catch transports on time

Lifts and Escalators for easy access to station areas

Taxi Rank, where you can book taxi rides to other areas of the city

Closeby Places:

You can reach Rashidiya metro station by walking from certain local spots, including Alrahsidiya police station, Big Sougat Center, and Rashidiya Park.

Other places within easy reach include Arabian Center, Mushrif Park, Etihad Mall, and City Centre Mirdif, but you may require a short trip by bus or taxi.

Closeby Bus Stations:

Rashidiya bus station is present within a 5–7-minute walk from the terminal, where you can board several Feeder and other metro buses with different city routes to reach your desired destination. These bus lines include

  • F10, F12 – Towards Al Warqa
  • F60- Towards Downtown Mirdif
  • F03 – Towards Mirdif West
  • F05 – Towards Al Mizhar 1
  • 11A – Towards Al Air
  • 367 – Towards Etisalat
  • 44- Al Ghubaiba

Find complete details on all bus lines and routes here.

Closeby Malls and Cinemas:

The closest mall you can visit from Centrepoint/Rashidiya metro station is City Centre Mirdif, which features hundreds of shops and food points. It’s located only 1.4 miles away from the stop.

The nearest cinema is the VOX cinema, which is also located inside the City Centre Mirdif Mall.

Pin Location:

Airport Rd – Al Rashidiya – Dubai – UAE


General train timings at Radhidya Metro station are the same as those for other Red Line stations. (Daily 5AM-12:30 AM). The first train arrives close to 5 AM, and the last train comes between 11:30 PM and 12 AM.

Exact daily schedules with initial and last train timings are uploaded regularly on the RTA website. You can confirm these times according to your expected traveling date here. It’s advisable to track the operation hours before reaching the stations to avoid inconvenience.

Final Words:

Rashidiya Metro Station/Centrepoint has become a bustling transport stop for citizens due to its easy access to residential communities and the airport. Knowing about the ins and outs of the station, as explained above, will help you utilize the transport facilities easily when needed. We hope you find this information useful when you visit the Centrepoint terminal next. Access metro services now and enjoy economical and quality local traveling inside Dubai.

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