Riyadh Postal Code Zip Code Of Riyadh Saudi Arabia Postal Codes 2022


Riyadh Postal Code Zip Code Of Riyadh Saudi Arabia Postal Codes 2022

Riyadh Postal Code: If you want to send the parcel or fill out the online address form! Yes, you must need a zip code or postal code in Saudi Arabia.

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Riyadh Postal Code: If you want to send the parcel or fill out the online address form! Yes, you must need a zip code or postal code in Saudi Arabia.
When Saudi citizens or immigrants residing at KSA enter a postal address, they need a five-digit code called the Saudi Arabian Postal Code or Zip Code. These codes also determine the area and locations of the country and city concerned. The most popular postal code in Saudi cities is Jeddah.

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If anyone has to write Saudi Arabia Postal Code or Saudi Arabia Zip Code in any document, they will use Riyadh Postal Code. So we’ll describe it like this:

Zip means zone improvement plan, and postal code is the same thing. The postal code mentioned here may be different. For traffic, here is 75311 and it could be 75324 as it represents the Postal Service area. I will explain all this later in this post.

We provide district-wise details of postal codes for major Saudi cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khabar, Jubail and Yanbu.

Zip/Postal codes for all cities in Saudi Arabia

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Zip Codes of all cities of Saudi Arabia

    • Riyadh Postal Code: 12271
    • Jeddah Zip Code: 22233
    • Dammam Zip Code: 34223
    • Makkah Postal Code: 24231
    • Jubail Postal Code: 35713
    • Khobar Zip Code: 34714
    • Yanbu Postal Code: 46477
    • Taif Zip Code: 26511
    • Madinah Postal Code: 42311
    • Tabuk Zip Code: 47311
    • Najran Postal Code: 66262
    • Buraydah Zip Code: 52318
    • Al Bahah Postal Code: 65526
    • Khamis Mushayt Postal Code: 62461
    • Abha Zip Code: 62521
    • Jizan Postal Code: 82723
    • Sakakah Zip Code: 72345
    • Rabigh Zip Code: 25732
    • Diriyah Postal Code: 13732
    • Ad-Dilam Zip Code: 16323

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The Riyadh postal code is also known in Saudi Arabia as the “postal code for Riyadh.” So we are writing it in both forms. It is the second largest postal code in Jeddah. Since Riyadh is the capital, its postal code is widely used in international correspondence. Foreigners also search for it with the term “Riyadh postcode”.

  • Riyadh Postal Code: 11564
  • Postal Code Riyadh: 11564
  • Postcode for Riyadh: 11564

Different Areas Of Riyadh Postal Codes

Riyadh Postal Code Zip Code
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I have listed all the branches of postal here in Riyadh city. Similarly, you can find others, as I explained in the video, if you need to. Confirm yourself before posting.

  • The postal code for the main post in Riyadh is 12643-8228.
  • Al-Wadi’s postal code is 13313 – 3438.
  • The postal code of Al-Muhammadiyah is 12361-434.
  • Postal code for Sinai Al-Awal is 12843-2495.
  • The mailing postal code is 12466-3874.
  • Postal Code The Postal Code for Innovative is 12977-7197.
  • The postal code of King Saud University is 12372-2915.
  • The postal code for Safrat is 12512-7586.
  • The textal code for the text is 12655-33330.
  • Sarian Agency – Rahmania’s Postal Code is 12343-7953.
  • Postal code for saree is one agency – Rawada 13215 – 7097.
  • The postal code for Araqa is 12534-2615.
  • The postal code of Al-Rawdha is 13211-7779.
  • Postal code for saints 12611 – 2555.
  • International Agency – Postal code for Al Jazeera is 14263-2333.
  • Al-Qarat Agency – Sinai’s Postal Code is 12662-8536.
  • Al-Alamiya Agency – Rabwah’s Postal Code is 14213-3288.
  • The postal code for healing is 14712-2189.
  • Al-Naseem’s postal code is 14233-8902.
  • SARIAN AGENCY – Postal code for Dabab is 12626-6803.
  • The postal code for Sadar Agency – Auliya is 12213 – 8295.
  • Postal code for Sadar Agency – Al-Aqiq is 13515 – 3717.
  • Azizia Agency – Azizia’s Postal Code is 14514-9333.
  • Natwan Agency – Postal code for employees is 12833-7811.
  • Muruj Agency – The postal code for Muruj is 12283-3102.
  • International Agency – Umm Al-Hamam’s Postal Code is 12325-7797.
  • The postal code for Al-Mutawar Agency – Soli is 14263-2333.
  • Al-Mutawar Agency – The postal code of the Gulf is 13221 – 3175.
  • Postal code of Al-Mutawar Agency Al-Naseem Al-Sharq is 14241-3475.
  • Al-Nasr Agency – The postal code for arrival is 12252-3545.
  • Postal code for Al-Bareed Al-Tayyar Agency – Batha is 12632 – 8492.
  • The postal code for Sadar Agency – Sulaymaniyah is 12242-4133.
  • The postal code of Al-Barid Al-Tayyar Agency – Auliya is 12211-6998.
  • Al-Bareed Al-Tayyar Agency – The Zip code / Postal Code of Malaz is 12812-2800.
  • The postal code of Surya Agency – Rahmania is 12692 – 2839.
  • Postal code for the post office etc. agency is 12221-6850.
  • The postal code of Dang Agency is 13213-7711.
  • The postal code for Almasif is 12466-4470.
  • The postal code of the Swedish agency is 12786-5260.
  • Tweeq Agency Postal code- Uraija is 14921 – 7441.
  • Postal code for Al-Sanaiya Al-Thaniya is 14334-3307.

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Riyadh ZIP Code

Riyadh Postal Code
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Although the postal and zip codes are the same, some documents have published the Riaz zip code instead of the “Riaz postal code”. So it can be written like this:

  • Riyadh Zip Code: 11564
  • Zip Code Riyadh: 11564

Jeddah Postal Code

The zip code of the district where most of the historic buildings, Sama Head Office, and SAPTCO Jeddah are located is 22233. In addition, we have provided below the zip codes of 54 major districts of Jeddah.

Jeddah Postal Code

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Makkah ZIP Code Postal Code

The main attraction of Makkah is the Masjid al-Haram and the zip code of the area in which it is located is 24231. Below are the postal codes for the 47 major districts of Makkah.

Makkah Postal Code
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Dammam Postal Code / Zip Code

The Postal Code of Al-Hassam District, the most important area of Dammam where the offices of Saudi Aramco, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce are located is 34223.

Jubail Postal Code / Zip Code

The most important area of Jubilee is the place where Saudi Aramco Refinery is located with Postal Code 35713. We’ve listed the postal codes for the 49 most important areas and districts of Jubilee below.

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Khobar Postal Code / Zip Code

The zip code for Al Jazeera, the most popular district of Khobar where King Fahd Causeway toll and civil affairs offices are located is 34714. We have listed the zip codes of 50 key areas and districts of Al-Khobar.

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Yanbo Postal Code / Zip Code

The postal code of Yanbu Al Sanaiya where Saudi Aramco Refinery and LUBEREF is located is 46477. To send your shipment to another district of Yanbu, follow the zip codes of the 38 areas given below.

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FAQ About Riyadh Postal Code

Q) What is the postal code of Riyadh?

  • Answer: Riyadh Postal Code and Riyadh Zip Code is 11564. When someone asks for the Saudi Postal Code, you can use that code.

Q) What is the Saudi Postal Code?

  • Answer: The zip or postal code for KSA is 11564.

Q) Does Saudi Arabia use Postal Code?

Answer: Yes, Saudi Arabia is a large country with a large population, and therefore a zip or postal code is required to manage the mailing system. Also, we use here P.O. Box system.

Q) What is Postal Code in Batha Riyadh?

  • Answer: Postal Code of Batha Riyadh is 682507

History Of ZIP Code Or Postal Codes

As the business grew around the world, mailing increased, and as a result, tracking mail became a difficult task. So there was a demand for a better system to deal with this situation.

On July 1, 1963, USPS developed a solution and introduced the zip or postal code system. Today, it must be used in all countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia.

We use a five digit code here, such as the postal code Riyadh 11564. The 5-digit extended zip code is separated by a hyphen and four additional digits for the location of the more accurate Saudi national address. For example, the postal code for tariff is 75311-8538.

Saudi Arabia Postal Code, Postal Regions

Saudi Post divides the country into eight regions based on administrative units. These postal regions are as follows.

Saudi Arabia Postal Code
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Jizan is the last postal region of Ariad Region, Makkah Region, Eastern Province Region, Madina and Tabuk Region, Qasim and Hail Region, Asir, Najran and Baha Region, Northern Borders and Jawf Region and KSA.

Final Words

In fact, when I arrived at Tarif and it was difficult for me to find my postal code. So you are reading it, and I hope it will help you someday if not today.

Also, keep in mind that there may be more than a postal / zip code in a city. It depends on how big the city is and how many post office branches there are for convenience.


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