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    5 Best Car Battery in UAE Review by Pitstop Arabia

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    A car battery is the lifeline of your vehicle. If the battery is charged well and in sound condition, you are good to go for long drives without worries about the extreme heat in summer or the sudden rainfall. The weather of the UAE is quite unpredictable, however, it is hot and dry most of the time. Therefore, you must invest in the type of batteries that are capable of withstanding the harsh weather conditions and giving maximum useful life.

    Car batteries are expensive so you have to briefly study the different brands and manufacturers to avoid instant replacement. If you install low-quality batteries, there is no guarantee of their useful life or replacement cover. These may stop working the midway requiring you to seek roadside assistance from mechanics. The battery repair is another hectic job to do. Seeing all such problems, PitstopArabia is reviewing some of the best car batteries available for you in the UAE so that you can buy them once and drive freely for years.

    Pitstoparabia Car Batteries

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    1. Amaron

    Amaron car battery is a global leader in providing reliable batteries for cars and small trucks. Resistant to extremely hot weather makes it one of the best alternatives for car owners of the UAE. The manufacturer has been improving the quality and safety continuously so that customers get an ultimate powering product for their valued vehicles. Amaron battery comes with an amazing warranty of 18 months. With the lowest to no maintenance, car users can let the batteries go for about 6 months without checking or charging them. No need to worry about the decline of the water level. These lead-acid batteries add life to your cars for longer than expected.

    1. Zeetex

    Do you need to buy the best battery for your sports car in the UAE? Consider Zeetex batteries for their unmatched power and longevity. The technology-equipped batteries prove to be excellent products for both commercial and private vehicles. The company has specialization in producing heat-sealed batteries that can survive the intense heat of the summer season in the UAE. For sports and high-intensity usage, you must rely on durable batteries like Zeetex. A hydrometer is mounted on each battery to help you evaluate battery health and status. Overall, you get the ultimate value for money by selecting Zeetex for your vehicle.

    1. Exide Battery

    Exide is a reliable and well-known brand when it comes to powering up your loved vehicle. Users who want to avoid battery repair or checking their car batteries once or twice a month shall consider installing Exide straight away. For sports vehicles and going for long drives in the scorching sun of the UAE, the first thing to worry about is the battery units of your car. Exide batteries are manufactured to provide high energy requirements to vehicles for better speed and performance. 3 years of replacement warranty, you can enjoy its usage for more than 5 years.

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    1. Optima Battery

    Optima is among the pioneers in manufacturing maintenance-free batteries that were suitable for commercial and military vehicles. Better performance and higher power supply are some of the traits that made the batteries a priority for battlefield vehicles. Optima has various innovative and latest technology-equipped batteries to its credit. The addition of SPIRALCELL technology also belongs to its. However, their latest achievement is the digital battery charger. The battery is a must-have for private cars, commercial vehicles, SUVs, and trucks in the UAE.

    1. ACDelco Car Batteries

    ACDelco is another brand you can buy car batteries with confidence. Powered by AGM technology, these batteries do not require water or maintenance. There is an assurance of no leaks and no spills. Safety on road must be your priority while driving in the UAE. These batteries have safety valves that put you in the safe zone while extending the battery life. To provide ultimate power per pound, each battery includes high-density plate oxide. These are ideal for the harsh and varying weather conditions of the UAE.

    Final words

    Every reliable brand of a car battery offers you a full replacement warranty of two to three years. Prefer the one who listens to your needs and offers maximum time for replacement cover so that you don’t have to allocate budgets for batteries in the coming years. The cost of replacement or repair can be unbearable if these are soon after a recent battery replacement either it is for a private car or a complete fleet of commercial vehicles.


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