Accessibility in UAE: Wheelchair-Friendly Tourism in UAE


Accessibility in UAE: Wheelchair-Friendly Tourism in UAE

Introduction  Tourism is what flavours life as it adds joy, peace, calmness, and many more. Traveling and tourism in UAE are usually a source of ment


Tourism is what flavours life as it adds joy, peace, calmness, and many more. Traveling and tourism in UAE are usually a source of mental and physical relaxation especially for disabled persons. And to be honest that’s what we all need at some regular intervals in our life. It’s because being humans we cannot carry on with a hectic routine. We do need some rest and relaxation. For such reason, we plan to travel to places much away from our workplace. 

Usually, when planning for outings, families have prepared everything except for one thing. If they have any family member who is disabled, then it’s perplexing for them how to take care of them, when planning for tourism.

Apart from this while travelling with any handicapped person it’s difficult for navels to handle them while transferring from one place to another. Manafethme is now approaching you with solutions to your tourism issue with handicapped people in UAE.

UAE Transportation for the Disabled

For being over the top UAE is mostly known for its tourism speciality. A majority is attracted to the UAE for tourism and traveling purposes. Accessibility solutions for handicapped and disabled people are offered by Manafethme in UAE. The UAE is best known for its transportation system but for handicapped people it’s quite difficult to arrange safe and desirable transportation.

Manafethme offers a wide range of transportation options to its clients. Transportation systems available for the handicapped in disabled peoples are managed efficiently. They are designed in a way to prevent any type of mishap.

Wheelchair Friendly UAE – Manafethme

You can visit the Manafethme website and select the wheelchair that’s according to your requirements. This company provides you Electric wheelchairs for elderly people on rent, so you can go out with your disabled / elderly family member. You can find a lot many other types of wheelchairs with different features installed. For the purpose of transportation during tourism special efficient features have been installed in these wheelchairs. The wheelchairs possess characteristics that are according to the conditions demanded. Renting these chairs will allow you to continue your tour with easy accessibility and dependency.

Public Facilities

For public facilities, this company makes sure to provide something that is always reachable. Wheelchairs adapt to the environment safely and ensure the safety as well you can after the wheelchair as per your selection and can rent it. Any repair would be done by the company when the wheel chair is rented. You people will find out the motorised wheelchair or any other sort of wheelchair are fully eligible to meet the criteria of transportation for disabled people.

You can select the wheelchair with the features you want during your tourism for example whether you want a light or a heavy wheelchair. Select the one that is capable of leaving your patient well. Select the one that is easy to operate and smooth to drive. In short, it should be easy to handle. You can get what you want at a cost-effective venting price.

Manafethme Aims

Manafethme has put its effect forward to avail disability with the best. Highly designed wheelchairs allow handicapped people to enjoy and prosper the same as able human beings.

Access Through The Website

You can visit a website to get to know about accessibility in UAE. Manafethme offers a number of different deals to the client that suit their requirements and their pocket as well. 


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