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    Complete list of Emirates ID Biometrics Centers In Dubai & UAE 2022

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    If you want to know about where you can find Emirates ID biometric centers in Dubai & UAE. There are a lot of Emirates ID Biomatrices centers typing centers across the UAE where you can done your biomatrices easily, Emirates ID Biometrics is compulsory for everyone individual in Dubai UAE.

    Here we are going to share with our readers a complete list of Emirates ID biometrics centers and typing centers in Dubai & UAE. To discard your ID biometrics, first of all you need to call these numbers and then you can visit them as there are some centers that do not do have biometrics facilities and some of theme have biometrics facility.

    Emirates ID Biometrics Centers and Typing Centers in Dubai & UAE

    Before you get your Emirates ID biometric / fingerprint done, you need to call the EID center’s contact number and ask them if they have Emirates ID biometric facility at there center. Because some of typing centers do not allow biometrics. But some centers have the facility of biometrics. If you wish to know that Emirates ID Fingerprinting Centers in Dubai are open 24 hours a day, below you can find a complete list of Emirates ID Biometric Centers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi , Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah & Umm Al Quwain.

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    Emirates ID Biometrics Centers in Dubai

    The Ennahda Center also provides Emirates ID renewals for both UAE residents as well as immigrants. You need to renew an expired ID within 30 days from the expiration date. You can call Al-Nahda to access this service and get a renewed ID. If the Emirates ID is lost, stolen or damaged, you can go to Ennahda to get it replaced. We have efficient staff who will review the situation and make sure you get a new Emirates identity.

    Types of Services Offred By Al Nahda Emirates Id Biomatrices Center 

    • Emirates ID Biometrics service is available.
    • Foreigners will soon be able to apply for a new Emirates ID.
    • For foreigners, the renewal of Emirates ID is now available.
    • A new Emirates ID will soon be issued to UAE nationals.
    • Get a new UAE identity for UAE citizens.
    • Newborn Baby’s Emeritus ID
    • To change the Emirates ID

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    Al Nahda Emirates ID Biomatrices Center Contact Address

    emirates id fingerprinting centers in dubai al nahda
    Emirates ID Customer Happiness Center Al Nahda Dubai

    Emirates Gulf Facilities Management Service LLC 10 Street Al Quasis 1st Dubai UAE Contact numbers 04-263-7677 and o4-263-7678 and its email address is info@alnahdacenter.com Toll Free Number 800 [GULF] 4853.

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    EIDA Centers And Typing Centers in Abu Dhabi

    EIDA Centers And Typing Centers in Dubai

    EIDA Centers And Typing Centers in Sharjah

    EIDA Centers And Typing Centers in Ajman

    EIDA Centers And Typing Centers in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)

    EIDA Centers And Typing Centers in Fujairah

    EIDA Centers And Typing Centers in Umm Al Quwain



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