Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise are the Most Favorite Tourist Activities in Dubai


Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise are the Most Favorite Tourist Activities in Dubai

Dubai wouldn't be Dubai without its nighttime desert safari. A desert safari in the evening is one of the activities that you only must do when explor

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Dubai wouldn’t be Dubai without its nighttime desert safari. A desert safari in the evening is one of the activities that you only must do when exploring Dubai. It’s among the best methods to take in the Arabian Desert’s landmarks. The tour comes with a great list of things to do, so you know the holiday will be full of new and enjoyable things to do. Take your family and friends on an enjoyable desert safari in Dubai by joining us.

If you wish to have a dream holiday in Dubai,? Our goal is to fulfil all of your dreams. I am here for your guidance. So, join us and enjoy the desert of Dubai. In this article, we discuss the experience of Desert Safari and Dinner Cruise Dubai.

Dinner on a dhow cruise and a desert safari People can enjoy both desert scenery and marine life on the same day by remaining at the Marina, which is the ideal combination.

Essential Tips for Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dubai First-Timers

  • Observe regional traditions
  • Even though the UAE is a relatively modern country, customs from the past are still celebrated. Wear modest clothing, in particular on the dhow cruise dubai.
  • Be Prepared for Some Adrenaline
  • Activities for an arid land safari consist of thigh biking, snowboarding, and dune bashing. Accept these for an exhilarating journey.
  • Sample Food from the Area
  • Most desert safaris include a traditional Bedouin-style dinner under the starry sky. Savour regional specialties like camel meat and shawarma.

 Dhow Cruise Experience in Dubai

The most punching skylines, incredible design success, and sun-kissed shores are available to mind when one thinks of Dubai. But the Dhow Cruise is an experience rich in culture, tradition, and charm that lies beyond its contemporary appeal. The Dhow Cruise, which has a rich history established in Dubai’s maritime customs, offers a captivating past voyage, an amazing heritage reflection, and a fine dining experience.

Traditional Cuisine on the Dhow Cruise Dubai

Indulging in a variety of traditional Arabic and international cuisine served onboard makes a Dhow Cruise in Dubai truly special. The meal is a culinary adventure that is every bit as fascinating and fulfilling as the travel.

Rich Buffet: 

A beautiful buffet of delicious dishes is about to entice your taste buds. Every meal, if it be an international cuisine or an authentic Arabic dish like falafel and hummus, is lovingly prepared with the freshest goods and offered with care.

Real Emirati Food: 

Savor real Emirati food to get a true taste of Dubai’s culinary heritage. Savour the tasty maqamat, creamy hares, and succulent majors, among other dishes.

International Cuisine: 

The Dhow Cruise offers a variety of options to suit a range of palates. There are many different cultures available at the buffet, along with Arabic food. There is something for every palate, whether you prefer Chinese, Indian, or Italian food.

Dubai Marina Cruise

The desert safari is the most popular desire in Dubai, with dhow travels arriving in second. The Emirati people used to move both people and goods using a customary wooden boat known as a “Dhow”. After being updated, these dhows are now a popular destination for visitors as well as locals. The dhow has an open upper deck and a fully air-conditioned lower deck.

Activities of Marina Dhow Cruise Dubai

  • Pickup and drop-off services from your Dubai hotel
  • Cruise for two hours in Dubai Marina
  • Salutations, Kahwa, and Dates
  • Water with minerals and a range of soft drinks
  • Dinner Buffet Featuring a Global Selection of Vegan and Non-Vegetarian Foods
  • Top Level with Outdoor Seating
  • With air-conditioned seating on the lower deck
  • Arabic Tanoura Dancing Show Live; Unlimited Refreshment Drinks; Arabic, Arabian, and Indian Background Music
  • Details of Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dinner In Marina Package
  • Transfer options, including pick-up and drop-off, are offered.
  • Enjoy fantastic desert activities like camel riding, sandboarding, BBQ dinners, and blasting.
  • Prepare for the Dhow Cruise Dinner in the afternoon, where the best menus will be ready for you.
  • Discover live performances, and alcohol will be served by government regulations.
  • The cruise departs at 9:00 p.m. to provide you with the best possible experience, complete with delicious food and fun.


When planning your trip to Dubai, be sure to consider the attractive packages that include Dhow Cruise and Dubai Desert Safari. Each offers a true, unique Arabian experience that expertly mixes happiness and peace.

Tourists can get an insight into Dubai’s rich cultural diversity through both the Dhow Cruise and the Desert Safari. They are the most popular tourist attractions because they are examples of how well the city can marry creativity and tradition. No visit to Dubai will be complete without engaging in these essential experiences.