Dubai New rule for tenants Registration mandatory for cohabitants

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Dubai New rule for tenants: New requirements have been imposed regarding residence in Dubai, directing to enter details of co-occupants in owned and leased properties. According to Khaleej Times, the Dubai Land Department has directed all owners, developers, property management companies and tenants to enter the details of co-occupants in owned and leased properties, according to a circular issued by the authority.

The said registration can be done through the Dubai REST app, and should be completed immediately within a maximum of two weeks. Tenants must follow an eight-step process to complete registration, including adding personal details and an Emirates ID. will be updated automatically.

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Requirements For Dubai Tenants Registration

  • Co-occupant’s name
  • Emirates ID number
  • Passport number (in case the co-occupant does not have an Emirates ID).

How To Register On Dubai REST App?


  1. Log in to Dubai REST app by opening the app. Register if you are a new user
  2. Select your role as an individual and log in to UAE PASS for instant access
  3. Use the UAE PASS application to authenticate yourself
  4. Select the property you wish to be a tenant/owner from the dashboard
  5. To proceed, select manage co-occupants
  6. To add co-occupants to your property, select “add more”.
  7. Enter the Emirates ID number and the date of birth of your co-occupant, and click verify.
  8. All family members/flatmates who live on the property should be added. Select the delete icon to remove a cohabitant and then submit.

It is learned that Dubai Municipality has stepped up field inspections in residential areas to enforce rules related to the presence of single or multi-family dwellings, a campaign to ensure the comfort and safety of residents. Monitors violations.

This year, the municipality completed 19,837 field visits, which take place every day to take appropriate action against violators, the municipality said in a statement, adding that many residents in the emirate were not aware of the Dubai new rule for tenants and regulations. has started to be implemented, residents should follow the relevant rules in this regard and report violations on the toll-free number 800900.

Let’s say that villas and residential buildings in Dubai have a fixed limit, the maximum number of residents that can be accommodated safely, during inspections municipal inspectors check whether there is overcrowding and whether Rules being followed While sharing a rental apartment without obtaining the landlord’s approval is illegal in the UAE, tenants who sublet a rental apartment may be evicted along with the sub-tenants.

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