Budget-Friendly Hotels in Sharjah: Guide with Tips and Picks

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Budget-Friendly Hotels in Sharjah: Guide with Tips and Picks

A Guide to Best hotels in Sharjah for budget travelers: Tips and Tricks Traveling to Sharjah on a budget? You're in luck! Sharjah offers a variety of

A Guide to Best hotels in Sharjah for budget travelers: Tips and Tricks

Traveling to Sharjah on a budget? You’re in luck! Sharjah offers a variety of
accommodation options for budget travelers. Moreover, without compromising on
comfort and quality. Sunk deep in its beauty and explore the Sharjah city by rent a car Sharjah. Here’s a guide to help you find the best budget-friendly hotels in Sharjah hotels, along with some tips and tricks to make the most of your budget-friendly stay.

Sahara Beach Resort

Sahara Beach Resort Sharjah

Renovated to perfection, Sahara Beach Resort, located in Al Khan, Sharjah, shines as
one of the finest lodging options in the area. Revered for its exceptional hospitality. The
resort emanates a laid-back ambiance complemented by a warm and welcoming staff.
A notable feature is its spa center. It’s specialized in an array of massages and body
treatments. Some of them are Thai, Swedish, Chinese, and Moroccan techniques.
Within the premises, the Al Dana Restaurant stands out, serving best breakfast, lunch,
and dinner. Thus, adding a delectable dimension to the stay.

  • Pricing: For one person, AED 300 per night
  • Location: Al Meena Street, Al Layyeh Suburb, Al Khan, Sharjah
  • Contact: +971-65-36-5550

Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah

It offers a captivating landscape view. The Radisson Blu Hotel in Sharjah is an
architectural marvel perched along the sandy shoreline. Nestled right on Sharjah beach.
This establishment guarantees a remarkable stay combining world-class services with
stunning vistas. Renowned as one of the premier beachfront accommodations, it stands
as a pinnacle choice. It has multiple dining venues, including a pool and fitness center.
Moreover, it has the added convenience of complimentary Wi-Fi. They try to cater to
every facet of a traveler’s needs.

  • Pricing: For one person, AED 320- AED 350 per night
  • Location: Corniche Road Sharjah
  • Contact: +971-65-65-7777

Ramada Sharjah

Ramada Hotel Sharjah

Step into the opulent ambiance of Ramada Sharjah. This award-winning deluxe
establishment features sumptuous suites and rooms. Thus, catering to both leisure and
business travelers. Boasting 343 modern-equipped rooms, it stands out as one of
Sharjah’s prime locations. It is surrounded by an array of conveniences including
restaurants and recreation centers. Notably, Ramada Hotels and Suites Sharjah offers
family-friendly amenities. Including a dedicated kids’ swimming pool. It has a range of
international cuisines, lobby café, and a host of traveler-centric facilities. This hotel is a
versatile choice suitable for occasions from birthday parties to business conferences.

  • Price: For one person, AED 250 per night
  • Location: Al Nahda Street 15, opposite Sahara Centre, Sharjah
  • Contact: +971-65-30-0003

72 Hotel Sharjah budget-friendly hotels in Sharjah

Nestled along the Sharjah Corniche, the distinctive 72 Hotel stands as a top-tier choice
among Sharjah’s hotels. They offer exceptional amenities and round-the-clock service.
It creates a comfortable haven that feels like a second home. The hotel’s eye-catching
exterior is matched by its constant front desk support and available room service. A
diverse array of cuisines and a well-stocked mini-bar further enhance the stay. It’s
popular not only among expatriates but also business travelers. the hotel provides
well-equipped conference rooms alongside recreational offering. Some of them are a
fitness center, spa, sauna, and an indoor swimming pool.

  • Pricing: For one person, AED 350- AED 400 per night
  • Location: Corniche Road Sharjah
  • Contact: +971-65-07-9797

Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton budget-friendly hotels in Sharjah

Presenting another 5-star gem, the Four Points by Sheraton features 225 modern,
spacious, and inviting guest rooms. This hotel caters perfectly to families with its range
of interconnected rooms, providing ample space for all. Its strategic location adjacent to
malls and dining areas enhances the overall experience. For business travelers, the
hotel offers a variety of in-house facilities and cafes. Key amenities are airport shuttle, a
swimming pool, a fitness center, and fully-equipped meeting rooms. All such ensures a
well-rounded experience.

  • Pricing: Starts from AED 300 for 2 guests per night
  • Location: King Faisal St. Al Qasimia, Sharjah
  • Contact: +971-65-13-1000

Occidental Sharjah Grand

Occidental Sharjah Grand

Revel in the opulent amenities of the east at Occidental Sharjah Grand. It is a
distinguished 4-star hotel offering an array of luxurious facilities. It has 217
well-appointed rooms. this establishment boasts an extensive list of amenities. Including
a massage parlour, kids club, gymnasium, wellness areas, and a souvenir shop.
Positioned in the vibrant community of Al Khan. This hotel is a haven for those seeking
an immersive nightlife experience. Its prime seafront location, complete with swimming
pools and complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity. All such adds to its appeal. Thus, creating
an inviting ambiance for guests to unwind and indulge.

  • Pricing: Starting from AED 300- AED 350 for two guests per night
  • Location: Al Meena Street, Al Khan Beach, the beach Suburb, Al Khaledia Suburb,
  • Contact: +971-65-93-7979

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Hotel

Research and Booking

When planning your stay, begin by conducting thorough online research for hotels.
Utilize platforms such as Booking.com, Agoda, and TripAdvisor, which provide an extensive array of choices alongside user reviews and ratings. Don’t forget to scout for
special deals, discounts, and packages that align with your budgetary constraints.

Consider Location

When selecting budget-friendly hotels in Sharjah, prioritize hotels situated close to public transportation options. Moreover, near the attractions on your itinerary. It’s best to book cheap car rental for the trip. This strategic choice can not only cut down on commuting expenses but also save you valuable time during your exploration of Sharjah.

Midweek Stays

Opting for midweek stays, typically spanning from Sunday to Thursday, can prove
advantageous for budget travelers. Hotel rates are often lower during these days due to
reduced demand, allowing you to enjoy comfortable lodgings while economizing your

Off-Peak Seasons

Sharjah experiences its peak tourist seasons during the cooler months, spanning from
October to April. For budget-conscious travelers, considering a trip during the shoulder
seasons, which encompass spring and fall, can yield better rates and more affordable


If you’re making a direct booking with a hotel, don’t hesitate to engage in negotiation.
Inquire about potential discounts or the possibility of room upgrades, as many
establishments are open to accommodating requests that could lead to a more
budget-friendly hotels in Sharjah experience.

Loyalty Programs

Make the most of loyalty programs offered by hotel chains. Even budget-friendly hotels in Sharjah chains provide rewards and discounts for returning guests. Enrolling in these programs can lead to cost savings and added perks during your stay.


Sharjah offers a treasure trove of accommodation options that cater to budget travelers.
While maintaining comfort and quality. With a slew of tips and tricks at your disposal,
your budget-friendly stay in Sharjah is possible. You don’t have to compromise on
quality. Additionally, considering loyalty programs and negotiation can lead to further
cost savings. So, dive deep into Sharjah’s beauty and explore the city while maintaining
your budget. Perhaps even by renting a car for the ultimate convenience.


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