Commitbiz Simplifying Business Setup in GCC


Commitbiz Simplifying Business Setup in GCC

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a regional, intergovernmental, political, and economic alliance of six Middle Eastern countries. The United Arab Emi

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a regional, intergovernmental, political, and economic alliance of six Middle Eastern countries. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman are part of this council. These countries provide good scope for business setup for entrepreneurs, given a slew of government initiatives and reforms, large domestic markets, and many other factors.

Due to economic diversification, infrastructure development, and digital transformation, aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs worldwide wish to set up businesses in this region. Commitbiz LLC, a management consulting firm established in 2007, enables entrepreneurs to grow by offering them extensive and flexible services related to business setup. Their team is proficient in handling the legalities and complexities involved with business incorporation.

Commercialise Your Passion Through Business Setup

The GCC countries are well-known for their geographical location, business-friendly policies, and growing expatriate communities. They offer plenty of opportunities for business people seeking business expansion. In these countries, a boom in new company formations is seen, with an annual growth rate of 12.56%. Among these countries, the United Arab Emirates has become one of the most important business hubs and the face of development in the region. Aspiring entrepreneurs have easy access to various profitable sectors like energy, real estate, finance, tourism, and technology in the country. This benefits businesses by providing diverse opportunities for growth and innovation across multiple industries.

In the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a few Emirates offering lucrative opportunities and a business-friendly environment. These factors increase entrepreneurial activities and inbound investment within the Emirates. Business individuals worldwide consider a business setup in Dubai for numerous reasons, like favourable tax policies, logistical support, and political stability. Business consultants of Commitbiz LLC can help streamline the business voyage by taking care of the legalities involved in company formation in Dubai and ensuring long-term success. The team of business experts provide end-to-end business solutions, providing the road map to set and achieve business goals and objectives. With a deep understanding of the UAE’s legal regulations and business environment, they have obtained the experience to overcome any business-related challenges. They make sure to provide high-quality services, seamless incorporation, compliance, and personalised solutions. Commitbiz LLC stands out from the competition due to its determination and visionary strategies to ease the burdens of business individuals worldwide. As an entrepreneur, you can avail the business services to transform your dreams into reality at affordable packages.

Commitbiz’s Comprehensive Business Setup Solutions

Commitbiz LLC is a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate their businesses easily with thorough planning and research. Whether it is setting up a startup or an enterprise across any sector, the business professionals of Commitbiz are committed to providing world-class management advisory services. Their unique suite of services regarding company formation, navigating legalities, documentation, and accounting, among others, help businesses make a hassle-free entrance into the Middle Eastern market. They follow a client-centric approach and go beyond traditional consulting norms by guiding you through the entire business setup journey.

The management consultancy firm comprises team members from different nations, which helps in providing a multicultural perspective and an international approach to business solutions. Be it offering PRO services or with strategic planning, taxation, licensing, visa processing, banking, immigration process or intellectual property registration, the team supports business owners at every level of their entrepreneurial journey.

Commitbiz – Your Path to Business Success

Established by professionals, Commitbiz LLC has expanded to various jurisdictions around the Middle East and GCC in a bid to provide world-class management advisory services. The management consultancy firm prioritises diversity which is highlighted by the fact that the team is comprised of 175+ business professionals from different countries. Commitbiz LLC has achieved various milestones over the years, such as opening its first international branch in 2014, recognised with multiple awards for offering excellent service and serving 10,000+ happy clients across the GCC region.


Under the leadership of General Manager Manu Thomas V, the professionals of Commitbiz LLC are committed to making business simple and accessible to entrepreneurs from all around the world. They ensure that client satisfaction is their top priority. The management consultancy firm works closely with government authorities to offer the best business setup services to entrepreneurs looking to establish their business in the GCC region.

Their contribution to charity, collaboration with industry leaders, and accountability towards corporate social responsibility makes them special in the market. Their reach to serving 150+ nationalities highlights its global appeal and extensive network in facilitating business setups.

Commitbiz LLC ensures that it sticks to its mission, which is to deliver unparalleled expertise and steadfast support to empower clients in achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential. It ensures Commitbiz LLC remains the preferred choice for entrepreneurs, looking to establish their presence in the GCC region.