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    Emapta: Your Trusted Outsourcing and Offshoring Service Provider

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    Outsourcing and offshoring have become the go-to solutions for businesses that want to focus on their core offerings, be efficient and stay competitive without incurring a lot of expenses.

    Through outsourcing and offshoring, you and your team can focus on your core roles and activities, thereby improving productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

    You can also have a diverse team and achieve a competitive advantage at a low cost.

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    If you haven’t discovered the advantages of outsourcing in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and other countries, you can partner with Emapta to experience these benefits today.

    About Emapta

    Emapta was officially established in 2010 by Tim Vorbach, an Australian entrepreneur.

    The name Emapta comes from the initials of Tim’s family: Elizabeth, Mark, Amanda, Paul, Tim and Adrian, since he is big on family values.

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    Back then, the company’s primary base of operations was the Philippines. It has now expanded to other countries, including Colombia and Sri Lanka.

    Since their establishment, they have assisted hundreds of small, medium and large businesses from around the world become more efficient and profitable. They have helped companies save time, money and resources by delivering high-quality outsourcing services that enable them to focus on their processes and offerings.

    They have also created thousands of jobs for highly talented and skilled professionals.

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    Additionally, Emapta has cemented a strong reputation for providing exceptional outsourcing, staffing, and consulting services tailored to each client’s specific needs.

    What Sets Emapta Apart

    Emapta stands out from other BPO companies due to the following features:

    1.     Expertise

    Emapta has a team of highly skilled and experienced recruitment experts who specialize in various fields. By working with these specialists, you can be sure you will work with professionals who meet your job requirements and fit into your company culture.

    2.     Flexibility

    The company understands that every business is unique and has different outsourcing requirements. As such, they offer flexible solutions that meet your needs regardless of the size and type of your company and the roles you have to fill.

    3.     Scalability

    The company’s staffing solutions are scalable, which means you can adjust your outsourcing requirements as your needs change. Whether you have seasonal demands or plan to grow and expand your business, Emapta can provide you with the temporary or permanent staff you need.

    4.     Security

    Emapta takes data security and confidentiality seriously. Whether your offshore team works remotely or in one of their offices, they will use the latest, most recommended technologies and best practices to protect sensitive information. 

    Areas of Specialization

    Whether you need only one or two personnel or an entire team, Emapta can help you fill in various roles across different levels in the following fields:

    • Accounting and finance
    • Education
    • Engineering and construction
    • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
    • Hospitality and tourism
    • Information technology
    • Insurance
    • Legal process outsourcing
    • Logistics and transportation
    • Mortgage processing
    • Professional services
    • Real estate
    • Recruitment and human resources
    • Retail and e-commerce
    • Sales and marketing
    • Wholesale trade

    The company has experience building teams in the following areas:

    • Administrative support
    • Architecture and design
    • Bookkeeping
    • Business development
    • Creative services and copywriting
    • Customer support
    • Database administration
    • Data entry and transcription
    • Digital marketing
    • Network operations center
    • Paraplanning
    • Payroll support
    • Technical support or help desk
    • Web development

    Work With Top Talent

    With Emapta, you have the opportunity to work with top talent from other countries since they have:

    • Sourcing and staffing services built for targeted and large volume hiring, from entry to executive positions.
    • A strong digital presence and a large following on social media and other platforms that allow them to reach the best talent from across the globe.
    • Strong ties with universities and recruitment networks, allowing them to connect to the brightest fresh graduates from different fields.
    • Regular open-house recruitment events.
    • Employees who promote the company’s career opportunities.

    An Overview of Emapta’s Recruitment Process

    Emapta follows a five-step recruitment process. Below is an overview:

    1.     In-depth meeting.

    Once you reach out to Emapta, they will schedule a meeting where they will get to know your business, company culture and the roles you’re looking for.

    You can have an in-depth discussion with them regarding the qualifications, skills and background you require in the role you need to fill.

    Their team will present a sourcing strategy and recruitment process that meets your requirements. They can modify and customize it as needed to ensure it works for you.

    2.     Talent sourcing.

    Once everything is ironed out, the company will assign an industry-focused expert to search for the top talent that meets your job description. 

    They will carefully assess each candidate’s background, skills and experience before sending you a shortlist of profiles and resumes you can review.

    3.     Interview and job offer presentation.

    Once you have shortlisted your top candidates, your recruitment specialist will start scheduling interviews.

    Your recruitment partner will help you create an attractive job offer and present this to your selected candidates.

    4.     Background check and setup.

    Once your chosen candidate accepts the job offer, Emapta’s team will conduct a thorough background check on the applicant, including work references, police checks and medical exams.

    They will then get your new team member set up in their system. Their IT staff will ensure they have the right tools configured around your specific requirements.

    5.     Onboarding.

    Your dedicated customer experience manager will guide you and your new team member through the onboarding process.

    You can then onboard and train your new employee so that they can be formally part of your team.

    Emapta offers a 24-month recruitment guarantee, ensuring they source and place the right talent the first time.

    Retaining Top Talent

    Emapta takes pride in treating its staff like family. As a result, you can have a long, productive and mutually rewarding working relationship with your offshore team member.

    The company offers competitive salary and benefits packages, inclusive policies and flexible work hours to attract and retain talent. They also provide individual coaching, mentoring and other training programs to upskill all employees, help them stay competitive and achieve career advancement.

    Additionally, Emapta team members working at one of their offices can access onsite healthcare providers for emergencies or any health issues.

    Employees also have access to gyms with personal trainers, lounges, cafes, game areas and international travel programs. They can also participate in outings and community-building events to enhance their personal and working relationships.

    Emapta’s offices can be found in key cities and strategic locations, enabling their staff to go easily to and from their homes. Because of this, they can reduce their travel time and enjoy a better work-life balance.

    When you’re considering outsourcing accounting to the Philippines and other processes to other countries, you can work with top talent and experience all the benefits a staffing solution provides when you partner with Emapta.


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