GEMS Metropole’s Infant School: Preparing Tomorrow’s Eager, High-Achieving Learners


GEMS Metropole’s Infant School: Preparing Tomorrow’s Eager, High-Achieving Learners

Enrolling young children in an infant school offers several benefits crucial to their development. First, it establishes a solid educational founda

Enrolling young children in an infant school offers several benefits crucial to their development.

First, it establishes a solid educational foundation for your young learner. Early exposure to structured learning helps children grasp fundamental concepts and ignites their curiosity.

Also, the best infant schools in Motor City, Dubai promote socialisation, fostering valuable interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. They have a supportive environment for children that allows them to explore their talents and interests, helping build their confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally, the structured routine aids in time management and discipline, skills that prove invaluable as they progress through their academic journey.

Overall, infant schools provide the nurturing environment and educational structure young learners need for a successful future.

GEMS Metropole School Motor City

GEMS Metropole School is a British school located in Motor City, Dubai.

The school accepts three-year-old children on the Foundation Stage (FS) up to learners aged 17 in Year 13. The school ensures all children receive a high-quality education in a happy, nurturing and supportive environment at every stage.

The school follows the National Curriculum for England (NCfE), ensuring students receive engaging, challenging, well-organised and interesting lessons. Learners are also given regular opportunities to explore the real world, problem-solving, leadership and decision-making to ensure they experience well-rounded growth and development.

GEMS Metropole School offers four stages: Infant, Junior, Prep and Senior Schools.

GEMS Metropole’s Infant School

Children aged three to seven years are immersed in the British curriculum when they are enrolled in the GEMS Metropole’s Infant School.

The curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) for teaching and development, a programme that helps prepare young children for school and future academic and personal success.

The programme helps young learners acquire new knowledge and skills and demonstrate their expertise in the following key areas of learning:

1.     Communication and Language

In FS1, lessons are focused on helping children with their speaking and listening skills. Educators also teach students to be more attentive and understanding, how to express themselves and make friends.

During FS2, teachers encourage young learners to broaden their language abilities and speak in full sentences in the classroom daily, helping them widen and refine their communication skills.

2.     Physical Development

Students in FS1 learn to develop and strengthen their movements, understand their bodies and refine their gross and fine motor skills through various age-appropriate, fun activities inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers continue to provide FS2 students opportunities to develop physically both inside and outside the classroom. Additionally, they start educating children about overall wellness by encouraging them to bring healthy lunches and snacks and giving them a sociable space to enjoy these with their classmates and friends.

3.     Personal, Social and Emotional Development

During FS1, the teachers and staff work together to make sure all students feel happy and safe in school. They will help them learn to manage their emotions, develop their confidence, promote a positive sense of self and social skills and set simple goals.

The teachers serve as role models and provide activities that allow the students to interact and work with their peers to achieve these goals.

Teachers provide more opportunities for students to experience personal, social and emotional growth when they progress to FS2.

4.     Literacy

The Infant School aims to help young learners develop an innate passion for reading and writing, which they focus on during FS1. At this stage, teachers use rich quality text and Talk 4 Writing to ensure they broaden their vocabulary and build their storytelling skills.

In FS2, teachers help students build on the skills they learned in FS1. They continue to use resources to help them hone their literacy, oracy and creativity. Learners also follow a bespoke synthetic phonics programme with specific UAE links that are relevant and familiar to young children.

5.     Mathematics

In FS1, children develop and enhance their skills in counting, understanding numbers one to five, and awareness of shapes and patterns and other mathematical concepts. Teachers provide students with hands-on activities inside and outside the classroom to hone their competency in this area.

Students in FS2 develop their understanding of numbers one to 10. They will focus on a new number each week and use it as a basis for developing problem-solving and reasoning skills.

6.     Understanding of the World

In FS1 and FS2, students have various opportunities to observe objects and explore their environment.

They develop predicting, observing, testing and recording skills to help them make sense of the world around them.

The school has designated investigation areas and other resources to empower children to figure things out for themselves.

7.     Expressive Arts and Design

Students in FS1 are encouraged to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through art, music, movement, dance, role-play, design and technology.

In FS2, teachers continue providing these opportunities to help children express their individuality and creativity through art. They also modify the classroom to encourage the students to explore and take on different roles.

The GEMS Metropole Infant School teachers incorporate these learning areas in their lessons and activities and ensure they suit each student’s individual needs.

Students on FS1 and 2 learn mostly through play since teachers follow a play-based philosophy. This continues into Years 1 and 2 but with added structure and more opportunities for children to build their independence and resilience.

The Forest School

The GEMS Metropole school fees for young learners include access to the Forest School, a special place where students can satisfy their curiosity, test boundaries and explore the great outdoors.

The activities at the Forest School help children develop their communication, language, gross and fine motor skills.

Students have one focused session every week and access to different outdoor areas every day. These sessions teach them how to use the available natural resources to build dens for small animals and create artwork.Learners can play games with their friends whenever they are at the Forest School as well.

The curriculum and facilities of GEMS Metropole Motor City make it one of the top schools for infants.

About GEMS Metropole

GEMS Metropole School was established in 2014. It is located in Motor City, Dubai.