GEMS World Academy Dubai To Host Model United Nations in 2024


GEMS World Academy Dubai To Host Model United Nations in 2024

After the successes of the last Model United Nations (MUN) conference, GEMS World Academy - Dubai is set to host another in 2024. This elite event inv

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After the successes of the last Model United Nations (MUN) conference, GEMS World Academy – Dubai is set to host another in 2024. This elite event invites students from around the UAE to simulate the United Nations model and debate the most important topics of the moment.

The 2023 event saw 600 delegates take part, representing 50 schools from the region, and the attendance of Ban Ki-Moon, the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations. His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon is the ambassador of the MUN across all GEMS schools, and also attended the MUN conferences in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The 2024 MUN event looks set to match the scale and prestige of previous GWA MUNs. Participating students can look forward to discussing topics like food and farming, political regimes, war and conflict, and human rights.

Fostering youth engagement in global issues

The MUN at GEMS World Academy – Dubai this coming 2024 will be a three-day event led by students. The aim is to recreate a United Nations Conference where global issues are discussed and solutions put forward. The GWA MUN aims to foster collaboration, open dialogue, and conflict resolution in order to prepare young people to be tomorrow’s leaders.

The GWA MUN agenda is always centered around the most current political and environmental issues and students are asked to synthesise their knowledge of these and ideate new solutions.

The event helps broaden pupils’ horizons, deepen their understanding of global problems, and promote respect and tolerance. It is highly engaging, motivating and enjoyable for young people.

GAW MUN 2024 will be a highlight of the school calendar due to its strong links with the school curriculum.

The GEMS World Academy – Dubai uses the IB curriculum which is a highly-regarded program of study for university entry that is centered around critical thinking skills, good communication, reflective study and a broad understanding of the world.

Many students from GEMS World Academy – Dubai go on to study abroad with international scholarships. The GWA MUN is highly compatible with the school curriculum and ethos, and is taught by experienced, passionate teachers.

Secretary Generals of GWA MUN 2023, Arnav Kedia and Sofia Faghihy, said, ‘The core philosophy behind our MUN conference is sprouted from the understanding that the problems of today will need to be faced by the generations of tomorrow. Thus, it is our intention that youth are best prepared to tackle the challenges the future may hold.’

They added, ‘Ultimately, it is important to stress that fostering youth engagement in global issues is at the heart of our MUN program at the GEMS World Academy – Dubai MUN. We are extremely committed to encouraging all participants to partake in such events, as we believe that MUN provides students with the pivotal opportunity to become more informed global citizens.’

How the MUN program works

Each year, many Model United Nations conferences take place around the globe. Most are organised by schools like GEMS World Academy – Dubai, universities and other non-profit organisations.

These events are typically attended in person, although there are some online MUNs, too. Their formula is simple but highly engaging.

Once a school has registered its team, it receives news of the country it will represent at the conference. Students will then be organised into sub-committees within that country, such as the disarmament committee or the development committee.

Pupils are asked to prepare for the conferences by completing a position statement where they outline their knowledge of the topic and state their country’s position on it. They also prepare a short speech on the same subject before debating the topics with representatives of other nations.

Why the GWA MUN is a valuable opportunity for young people

Students attending the MUN are encouraged to research their topics extensively, looking at current events, previous international actions, their country’s policies, and possible solutions. Many hours of preparation are needed. The event itself is fast-paced and is excellent preparation for university and working life all across the globe.

Addressing 2023 delegates, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon said, ‘What we need is innovation for the social good. Young changemakers like you all around the globe are stepping up to the challenges humanity faces today. We need your passion, innovation and leadership. I ask all of you to act with passion and compassion, be innovative, creative, kind – to prevent conflict in your own families, within your circle of friends and communities and strive to find a job that gives you joy but also serves humanity – be a global citizen.’

About GEMS World Academy – Dubai

GEMS World Academy – Dubai is a highly respected IB school in Dubai with a  42,000 sq.m. campus within Al Barsha South. The school educates students from nursery right through to school leaving age and boasts an ethos based on the IB learner profile. It cites its core values as GENIUS: grounded, entrepreneurial, nurturing, innovative, unique and sophisticated. The school regularly achieves outstanding exam results, including a 100% IB pass rate, and sends its pupils to leading universities around the globe, such as Ivy League colleges in the USA, and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK.

The school is part of the GEMS Education group of schools and offers school admission in Dubai. All GEMS educational establishments are considered world-class schools, teaching a variety of curriculums from modern campuses.

GEMS Education was founded over 60 years ago by passionate teachers KS and Mariamma Varkey. The GEMS mission was and continues to be simple: It seeks to provide quality education for all students from great teachers. GEMS Education now teaches seven curricula across 16 countries and operates many KHDA Outstanding schools in Dubai.

GEMS World Academy – Dubai CEO and Principal, Dr Saima Rana, said, ‘We are an inclusive, positive, stimulating, demanding and open-minded community. We enable our students to discover genuine interests that extend beyond the classroom, and to express themselves by encouraging a broad understanding of the world, a social conscience and a considered approach to other people. We strive to ensure that GEMS World Academy – Dubai students have an understanding of their place in society, both locally and globally, and that they seek to always make a positive impact upon it.’