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    How to present an experience gift

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    An impression as a gift is a great idea that will allow you to give a person a lot of pleasant emotions, unforgettable impressions, new experiences and knowledge, a chance to change the situation and even get out of your comfort zone. How to find and what to choose, we will tell further about experience gift.

    What is an experience gift?

    Experience gift – always unexpected and original. The essence of such gifts is that they allow you to experience unusual emotions: from the first experience of skydiving to scuba diving. But you need to choose and give them care.

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    The ideal option is to have a good idea of ​​​​the lifestyle and sphere of interests of the person to whom the gift is intended. And to find something that fits into the circle of his hobbies or, on the contrary, will allow you to recharge with adrenaline and completely new sensations.

    Today, many training studios, beauty salons, photographers, sports centers, etc. offer ready-made certificates for one or two classes and various services. It is enough to choose the desired option, pay, and give a beautifully designed gift impression.

    You can also use another option – a card from a studio that organizes such events: funds are deposited into the account, and the recipient of the gift can choose one or more experiences for the amount (parachute jump, massage, dance training, culinary master class, etc). This is the simplest gift option, which will be an ideal choice for New Year and Christmas, birthdays, March 8, and February 14 to friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.

    How to buy an experience gift?

    If you don’t feel like spending money on dubious gifts, like new accessories or gadgets, you might as well test surprises. It’s easy because gift certificates are sold as complete services. What do we have to do?

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    • Decide on a choice – you can choose any category of gifts, for example, invite the recipient to attend a creative workshop, arrange a date, or plan some kind of extreme adventure. On the company’s website, you can always find detailed descriptions of services and even test drives filmed on video.
    • Checkout – the procedure takes up to 5 minutes if you are familiar with online shopping. Or you can turn to the traditional method and buy gifts at offline retail outlets.
    • Wait for delivery – gifts are delivered in a designer box. You can pick up a present yourself at the central office.

    For the recipient, the scheme looks even simpler. He needs to activate the certificate within six months and set a time to receive the service. This is how, with just one phone call, you can get new impressions: create an author’s product at a pottery master class, ride a horse or participate in some kind of team quest. You can do all this in our online store xpresent.ae. Experience a gift in Dubai that will surprise your loved ones and leave a lot of positive impressions. We have a wide range of selection for every taste and budget.

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    What better to choose?

    Choosing the right & authentic gifts is a very difficult process.. If you digress from the sphere of objectivity and switch your attention to something more interesting and unique, then you can expand your “gift” horizons. For someone who has everything (or someone who doesn’t want it all), an experience gift is something that won’t clutter the house anymore. If your loved one has always talked about visiting the States, driving a classic car, or hiring an interior designer to decorate their living room, you can. make their dream come true. It’s time to give impressions. Giving the intangible is unique because it is a new memory, a gift that can change a person’s character, and influence him and his life through adventure, exploration, and learning something new.

    • Skydiving without actually jumping out of the plane. Skydiving can be scary, so gifting a skydiving session can be very risky for you and the recipient. But you can give an indoor skydiving experience that mimics skydiving without a lot of the risks involved.
    • A private gastronomic tour of your favourite city. Food tours are really a great way to get to know about a city. Guides take travellers to lesser-known places where they can taste a variety of local dishes and drinks. A person will spend a couple of hours exploring a new or familiar city uniquely.
    • You can also buy tickets for a concert or performance – the easiest option that will delight anyone.
    • Hot air ballooning is banal, but no less cool gift idea. But it will not be easy to find a place to fly, and you need to agree in advance by looking at the weather forecast.
    • A certificate for one/multiple sessions at the hippodrome is also a great option for a gift experience, but only on the condition that the recipient does not have a fear of horses. Equestrian sport is not only an opportunity to improve physical fitness and enjoy communicating with amazingly intelligent animals but also an effective form of therapy.
    • Scuba diving is an incredible idea that is worth considering if it is possible to implement it (there should be a body of water and a company organizing such activities nearby).
    • A date on the roof is a great idea for couples in love on February 14 or some date (year of relationship, wedding anniversary) living in big cities. If there are restaurants on the roof in the city, it is easy to implement the idea, if not, you will have to find a roof, bring furniture, order food, and think through all the little things. But it’s worth it!
    • Off-road jeep driving is an easier safari option that will provide a good adrenaline rush. Jeep tours through swamps, slopes, sands, and fords (the terrain determines a lot here) are organized by many companies, and the car can be provided with or without an instructor. Men are the most enthusiastic about the idea.

    Choosing a gift is always interesting and exciting, especially when it comes to pleasant impressions, new experiences, vivid sensations, and incredible adventures! It is enough to spend a little time and effort to find among the mass of options one that will please and delight the person to whom the present is intended.

    Get inspired and give the best to those you love with us.

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