ICA Approval | Update Covid-19 Vaccination on Al Hosn App Taken Outside UAE 2021


ICA Approval | Update Covid-19 Vaccination on Al Hosn App Taken Outside UAE 2021

From 15th August 2021 UAE residents can register their Covid-19 vaccine which has been taken out of UAE in the Al Hosn app after getting ICA approval

From 15th August 2021 UAE residents can register their Covid-19 vaccine which has been taken out of UAE in the Al Hosn app after getting ICA approval announced by UAE authorities. Let’s begin a step-by-step process so as to receive ICA Entry Permit.

How to Update Vaccination Details:

If you want to update the vaccine data at al Hosn app which you took outside UAE you need to provide the below information.

  • Personal information of an applicant as per Unified ID.
  • Passport Information
  • Vaccine information
  • Attachment of Covid-19 certificate

Which Vaccines Are Approved in UAE For ICA Approval?

  1. Sinopharm
  2. Pfizer-BioNTech
  3. Sputnik (Jamaleya)
  4. Oxford AstraZeneca
  5. Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)
  6. Moderna
  7. Gamaleya (Sputnik V)
  8. Sinovac (CoronaVac)

Vaccination Certificate Requirements:

  • Personal data should be shown within the certificate.
  • The certificate must have clearly contained the vaccine name and also the date of taking both doses.
  • QR-CODE on the vaccination certificate must be valid not expired.
  • The certificate must be in PDF format.
  • If your vaccination certificate does not contain a QR-CODE you need to attest your certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in accordance with the attestation procedures of official papers and certificates applicable.

How to Update Vaccination Data On UAE AL HOSN App?

To Update the vaccine data that you were taken in your country on AL Hosn, you need to upload and submit the certificate of your vaccination to ICA UAE smart services via the below-mentioned link. after clicking, follow the below steps.


1: Applicant Personal Info:

  • Write your Unified Number
  • Full name in English and Arabic
  • Choose Nationality from the drop-down menu
  • Write the date of birth
  • Choose Gender
  • Write a mobile and active email for QR Code
    Update Vaccine data on Al Hosn

COVID-19 Vaccine update on ica uae for al hosn

2: Passport Details:

  • Choose passport type (ordinary)
  • Write Passport No
  • Passport issue and expiry date

covid-19 vaccine update

3: Vaccine Information:

  • Select Vaccine type
  • Write both vaccination dates
  • Attach Vaccine Card or Certificate
  • Check details and click send


Once sent, now you need to login to the AL HOSN app with the Unified Number and you need to wait for the status change.

Covid-19 Vaccination Card Update for Dubai:

If you’re holding a Dubai Residence visa and have taken vaccines outside UAE, you would like to upload your covid-19 vaccination certificate on the DHA website through the below link.


How To Get ICA Approval?

ICA Approval is mandatory if you want to enter to UAE, the required documents are a Valid Passport copy, Passport size photograph, and Vaccination certificate. You can access the ICA entry permit service through the below link.

Step 1: Applicant Information:

  • Write down your full name in both English and Arabic
  • Select your gender,
  • Provide your place of birth
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Valid Email address where you will receive QR code.


Step 2: Passport Information:

  • Choose passport type (Normal).
  • Write Passport number
  • Choose Nationality
  • Provide the date of issue and expiry of your Passport.


Step 3: Arrival Information:

  • Expected arrival date (within 90 days).
  • Arrival airport.
  • Departure country (your home country).

ICA UAE Arrival Information

Step 3: UAE Address:

  • Emirates you’re residing in (Dubai, Sharjah, etc)
  • Residential address (building name, street name)
  • Active UAE mobile number


Step 4: Vaccine Information:

  • Select the vaccine type from the drop-down vaccine list.
  • Write vaccination dates (only 2 enough)
  • PCR test and result date

register covid19 vaccine certificate on al hosn

Step 5: Attachments:

  • Upload a copy of your Passport.
  • Upload your personal passport size photo.
  • Upload PCR test and Vaccination Card.

Check your details again, if ok, accept the declaration and click on the send button. You will get email confirmation asap. This is how stranded residents can register arrivals and obtain ICA approval within few minutes.


Website: https://ica.gov.ae/en/
ICA Approval Link: ICA Approval
GDRFA Approval Link: Dubai Approval

Once you got your QR code of ICA approval, as shown above, check your status through https://uaeentry.ica.gov.ae, if green, the resident can travel to UAE. If red, please wait until it turns green, Regarding the vaccine update on the Al Hosn app, it’ll take a while to reflect the new data, keep checking Al Hosn for vaccine information.


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