Overstay Fine in UAE for Tourist Visa and Residence Visa

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The United Arab Emirates welcomes tourists, businessmen, investors, job seekers and others from all over the world, as it is like a huge platform where hundreds of cultures meet! On the other hand, the state has a highly efficient system with regard to residency on state lands, in order to ensure security and safety and to ensure that everyone residing on its lands has legal documents; One aspect of this system is the imposition of a fine for expiring residency in the UAE after the expiry of any of the residency visas in the UAE without renewing them, and today we will talk in detail about those Overstay fine in UAE and the most important information related to them.

Expiry Residency Visa Overstay Fine In UAE

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The UAE government has taken many steps that contribute to facilitating government transactions, in an effort to save effort, time and money for residents and visitors! For example, but not limited to, the establishment of Dubai Amir Centers helped in providing many services related to residence, renewal, etc.; What are the fees for the fine for delaying the renewal of the residence permit that those who fail to renew the residence permit or leave after the expiry of the period specified for them may be incurred?

Overstay Fine In UAE For Holders Of Visitor or Tourist Visa

If a tourist or visitor exceeds the period of stay stipulated in the entry permit, visitor visa, or tourism, it is considered a violation and will be fined financially by the relevant authorities in the United Arab Emirates. If you are wondering how to find out the fine for delaying the renewal of residence in the UAE, it is as follows:

  • AED 200 for the first day after the expiry of the stay
  • AED 100 for each day thereafter
  • *Note: AED 100 is also added as a service fee when leaving the country

Over Stay Fine In UAE For Residency Visa Holders

As for residents in the UAE, the law gives them a grace period of up to 30 days, either to modify the situation and provide a new guarantee for them and their dependents, or to leave the country, as no fines are imposed on them during that period, except that after the end of the grace period and the resident exceeded 30 One day he will be fined. The following is the answer to a question that recurs frequently among residents, which is how much is the fine for the expiry of the residency?

  • 125 AED for the first day
  • 25 AED for each day thereafter
  • 50 AED for each exceeded day (after the six months of grace period)
  • AED 100 for each day exceeded (after one year of grace period)

Amending Visa Status To Avoid Fine

Overstay Fine In UAE 2022

The UAE gives holders of all types of visas the freedom and the ability to modify their residency status in the country and change it from an entry permit for visit or tourism to a residency visa, according to certain conditions! In addition to paying a financial fee as a departure allowance of 550 dirhams, and for more information, you can see the steps to convert a tourist visa into a residence in the UAE.

It is worth noting that the customer must take the procedures to modify the situation before the expiry of the entry permit or visa that he holds.

FAQ’s About Overstay Stay Fine In UAE

The number of residents in Dubai exceeds 3 million people out of the total population of Dubai, it is the land of opportunity, freedom and investment! However, the law there is not to be tolerated, so here is a set of the most frequently asked questions on social networking sites among residents and visitors about the residence fine:

1)Will a person who exceeds the period of stay in the Emirates be imprisoned?
Although it is considered a violation, the law only stipulates the penalty for paying the fines that we mentioned above.

2)How much is the fine for a resident who has exceeded the grace period to issue a new born visa?
The resident law gives 120 days from the date of the child’s birth to prepare the official documents for the issuance of a new-born visa in the UAE, which includes the birth certificate, passport, identity card and residence visa, and in the event of delay in this period, a fee of 100 AED for each additional day If the visa is not obtained within the specified period, in addition to the fact that the child is not allowed to leave the country.

3)When is the fine for delaying the renewal of residence in the UAE calculated?

How To Check Overstay Fine In UAE
The fine is calculated after 30 days from the expiry date of the residence visa for residents of the UAE.

4)Can I search for a job during the grace period?
Of course, the employer can also issue a residence visa if all conditions are met!

5)How much is the fine for delaying the renewal of residency for the first day?
As we mentioned earlier, the UAE government has approved a fine for expiring residency of 125 dirhams for residents and 200 dirhams for visitors and tourists for the first day!

6)What is the method of paying the fine for expiry of residence in the UAE?
The sponsor must expedite the procedures for renewing the residence visa of the sponsored in the UAE once it expires, and if you want to renew it, you can view the article on the conditions for renewing the residence visa in the UAE!

7)Who should be contacted to inquire about a visa, renew it, etc.?
If you encounter any difficulties or have any inquiries or questions about residency renewal or tourist visa transfer, etc., we advise you to contact the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship on the toll-free number, in addition to the Amer centers on the following numbers: Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship: # 600 522222