UAE Family Visa Requirements & Process


UAE Family Visa Requirements & Process

It is believed that the UAE population, and especially its workforce, is made up mainly of expatriates. The most recent visa regulations streamline yo

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It is believed that the UAE population, and especially its workforce, is made up mainly of expatriates. The most recent visa regulations streamline your UAE family visa requirements & sponsorship process in the event that sponsors are within an income threshold. This helpful guide to sponsorship of family members in the UAE can assist you in understanding the regulations and procedures for getting the right to reside for dependents of yours. Let’s take an overview.

Be aware that immigration regulations within the UAE are subject to changes. We’ll update our post as soon as new laws are implemented or announcements are issued. Please note that we’ve only given an overview of the process. you should go to Amer as well as the GDRFA’s official website(s) to find specific information on the UAE sponsor visas.

You can be a sponsor for your loved family members provided that you meet the criteria to sponsor a family in Dubaior the UAE


UAE Family Visa Requirements & Process


Anyone living abroad is able to sponsor their family members as long as they possess an active residency permit in accordance with the UAE’s revised family visa regulations.


  • The minimum amount for sponsorship of your children or spouse in Dubai/UAE is AED4,000 or AED 3,000 with the cost of accommodation for men sponsoring. There are no restrictions regarding the type of job a person can pursue provided that the minimum wage benchmark is attained.
  • Women can also support their husbands in the UAE.
  • To be eligible for Abu Dhabi, the sponsor must be an engineer, teacher, or working in the medical industry and earn at least AED 10,000 to AED 8000 plus accommodation. (She must submit additional documentation in accordance with the requirements of the authority.)
  • The rules are that there are no limitations on the occupation when it comes to sponsoring families with a family in Dubai for as long as the spouse who is sponsoring is earning over AED 10,000. However, she must get permission in advance to do so from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai ( GDRFA)/Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD) [as per the official website of the UAE government on the government website. Husbands who are sponsored by wives may request work permits in Dubai/UAE.
  • The minimum wage requirement to sponsor 5 family members which includes one’s parents, or spouse’s parents, in UAE is AED 10000. If there are 6 family members in the UAE, this minimum will be AED 15,000. If sponsoring more than six people it is necessary to obtain a dispensation. In addition, the sponsor has to establish family connections at the residency centers and live in a two-bedroom home or apartment at least. The cost for that visa amounts to AED 1,750. This is in addition to an AED $5,000 refundable deposit.
  • mother may be a sponsor for her children in specific cases that have been accepted and verified through ICP. Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship and Ports Security (ICP).
  • According to the resolution that was approved in the UAE Cabinet in January 2021, foreign students studying at universities within the UAE are also able to be able to sponsor families of their own. However, those who sponsor their families living in the UAE as undergraduate students must have a suitable accommodation option.


  • The UAE government issues and renews residence permits in the UAE for people who are aged 18 and over only after passing an examination for medical fitness at a health facility that is approved by the government. The test involves a blood sample as well as an X-ray. Dependents could also be screened for other medical conditions.
  • If a person is found to be medically unfit, they won’t be granted an entry visa.
  • Patients who are diagnosed with inactive or dormant pulmonary tuberculosis will be “considered as medically competent” and are issued a one-year Health Fitness Certificate for residence’. The certificate is contingent on the treatment of the applicant and follow-up health check-ups with the Department of Preventive Medicine (or any similar government health authority).
uae family visa medical

Getting a medical check-up is an important step when applying for a family visa in the UAE


  • If you are sponsoring your spouse, children, or parents, you are granted the opportunity to apply for a 90-day period to obtain a visa for residence in the UAE upon arrival in the UAE.
  • On arrival upon arrival, they are issued an entry permit upon arrival. The person who is the sponsor has 3 weeks to convert the permissibility into a legal residency visa. Check out our blog that outlines the distinctions between permit to enter as well as residence permits to learn more.
  • In other emirates than Dubai, The entry permit is called “Tasheera”. It is available via the Internet or through the typing center.
  • You may also be able to be able to sponsor parents. Residence visas are granted to parents on a regular basis, regardless of the length of the validity of your permit.


  • The validity of the visa can be between two and three years However, the exact length depends on how the work and the contract of employment they sign.
  • When the sponsorship visa is valid for three years, then the family members who are sponsored will probably get the same amount of time. This is not the case for the parents as well as adult children who are granted a residence visa to the UAE for a year. In the same way, if the visa of the sponsor is canceled and the dependent visas are not renewed, their visas will be canceled too.
  • If a dependent’s residency visa expires or is cancelled the dependents have 30 days to get an extension of their visa. If the sponsor is unable to renew the visas for his family members, they will be considered “illegal citizens”. They could also be required to pay an overstay penalty.



  • The person who is sponsoring the resident must prove evidence of the relationship with the wedding certificate (in Arabic) and meet the criteria for eligibility mentioned above to sponsor their wife.
  • Male sponsors are permitted for two spouses to be sponsored in the event that they are in compliance with the guidelines and rules established by GDRFA.


If you are looking to obtain a UAE residency visa for a child the requirements vary for daughters, sons, and step-children.

  • Residents are only allowed to sponsor daughters if they’re not married.
  • The age maximum for sponsorship is 18 years old. for boys.
  • If, following the age of 18 of age, a son is enrolled in a university within the UAE or elsewhere the age limit is extended until 21 years old provided that the parent sponsoring him or her is able to provide proof of the student’s education (attested documents from schools and universities).
  • This is because the residence visa for the son lasts for a year and is renewed until he has completed his studies.
  • The son has to go to UAE (if the student is enrolled elsewhere) at minimum once every six months in order for his visa to stay valid.
  • If your baby was or was born within the UAE A residence visa is required to be obtained within 120 days of the date of birth. In the event of a delay, it could result in penalties.
  • According to the latest guidelines, students who graduate from secondary school or university, or are up to the age of 18 will be granted an entry visa for one year, that can be renewed for a second year following graduation or upon reaching the age limit.
  • In order to obtain this kind of Visa, parents have to be able to prove their graduation from universities or schools (in the nation or out of it).
  • The cost for obtaining renewal of this Visa begins at AED 100.
  • Expats are also able to be able to sponsor children of step-parents, provided they make a payment for each child, along with a non-objection certification from the parent who is biological. The government will grant the step-children a residence visa for one year, however, it is able to be renewed each year.
  • Women who are married or single are also able to be able to sponsor children when they comply with the guidelines set in the GDRFA for mothers who are sponsoring children from the UAE.

The government has streamlined the process of applying for visa sponsorship in Dubai


If you sponsor a spouse or child in Dubai or any other emirates of the world, you must provide the following documents along with the application.

  • Salary slips or certificates from the employer
  • A registered tenancy contract
  • The most recent utility bill
  • Legalised marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates that are authenticated for children
  • Passport copies for spouses and children (passports must be valid for a minimum of six months)
  • Photos of children and spouses (passport size on white background)
  • Medical clearance certificates of spouses and children
  • Copy of employment contract or company agreement


  • The sponsor is required to obtain an insurance policy that covers medical expenses for parents. The policy must be renewed annually.
  • If you wish to be able to support your parents’ full-year’s stay, you’ll need to make a deposit to each of your parents.
  • In accordance with the GDRFA the GDRFA, you have to be able to sponsor both parents at the same time and provide proof that you are the sole person who supports them and that they do not have anyone else to take care of them at home.
  • If one parent has passed away or has divorced, you need to show the official documents to prove or justification for sponsoring only one parent.


Issue or renew residence visas for parentsAED 359.9
Visa for residence to the newborn babyAED 459.8
Issue a residence permit for an adult son (older than 18)AED 359.9
Issue a residence permit for a son over 21 years oldAED 359.9
Issue or renew residence visa for wife and children (1 year)AED 359.9
Renew or issue residence visa for spouse and children (2 years)AED 439.9
Renew or issue residence visa for children and spouses (3 years)AED 559.9

uae family visa cost


  • The amount mentioned above is to sponsor your loved ones with the status of the ” resident sponsor” employed either in the public sector or in the free zone. This is the fee for issuance as well as other fees that may be charged.
  • The price is subject to changes.
  • To find out the price for a particular service go to Amer’s official website.

Family residence visa UAE cost is the same for every emirate


Who can sponsor a family in the UAE?

Individuals who have met the minimum wage requirements and possess a valid UAE residence visa are able to be able to sponsor families.

How to sponsor your spouse or children in the uae?

To sponsor your family member in the UAE You must possess these.

  • A valid residence visa
  • Meet the minimum wage required for a family to be sponsored in Dubai/UAE (AED 4,00 or AED 3,00 plus accommodation)
  • Complete the fitness test in an approved health centre by the government.
  • Submit essential documents
  • Pay the visa fee

Can a dubai freelancer join a family in uae?

Yes, it is true that a freelance visa to Dubai permits the holders to sponsor their families.

What’s the process date for participation in affairs with family members in the uae?

The typical processing time can take between two and three weeks. However, this can differ depending on the particular situation.

What is the UAE family visa cost in dubai? does it differ from the UAE family visa price?

The cost of a family visa in Dubai is exactly the same as for other countries. Check out the table above for information on how much a family visa costs in Dubai.

Is UAE family visa price same for all emirates?

Yes, as we’ve mentioned earlier family visa UAE cost isn’t affected regardless of the emirate that you are applying for. Therefore it is you can be sure that the Dubai family visa cost does not differ from the Abu Dhabi family visa cost in 2023.

Can I pay family visa fees in DUBAI online?

When you apply for a visa, you have the option of paying with your credit or debit card. Once you’ve completed your application, the cost of your family visa in Dubai can be paid via the Internet.

What does the different visa come in Dubai?

Dependent visa costs for a dependent visa in Dubai and family Visa costs depend on the validity of your visa. Refer to the above table to get additional information.

Can Indians apply for UAE family visa to sponsor family in UAE?

Absolutely, Indians may apply for sponsorship of family members to the UAE. All nationalities are eligible for the family visas.

Can men who are sponsored by their wives, children, or mothers be employed in the UAE?

Yes, they are eligible. Here’s a guide that outlines the details regarding the working rights of men sponsored by wives. work rights men have who are sponsored by their wives or any other members of the household.

Can I apply for a UAE green visa?

Visit our blog on UAE Green Visa to to discover if you’re qualified to apply for it. Another option for this Green Visa in case you do not qualify is the UAE’s Golden Visa.

Which long-term UAE visas can i consider?

It is UAE’s long-term Golden Visa is a popular choice. It provides stability and allows you to plan with no concerns about your position within the country.

Based on your age and your current age, dependent on your age, a retirement visa for the UAE could be a good alternative.

Where can I get a lot of questions regarding the family residence visa UAE cost answered?

If you have any questions regarding your family’s residence card UAE cost or other inquiries, go to the Amer centers located in Dubai or contact +971-4-230-0500. Be sure to keep the Emirates Identification card handy, as they could be used need to know the details prior to answering your questions.


This concludes our article on sponsoring family members within the UAE. You should now be able to comprehend the basics of the procedure for family visas within the UAE. If you’re wondering whether you should sponsor your wife to Dubai or your kids it is quite simple.

If you’re planning to visit the UAE in the near future, you’ll need to be aware of the latest information on residency and tourist visas in Dubai. UAE. Take a look at our FAQs for the process of moving into Dubai to aid you in planning. In addition, we have a guide to the process of moving into Dubai after relocating from Britain.

The government is able to update the laws regarding visas regularly. It is therefore recommended to be informed of the latest UAE visa regulations to ensure clarity.

If you’re planning a trip out of the country, this is how to get rid of UAE Residence visa cancelation. It’s a simple process and requires no assistance in completing it. To verify your visa status, you have an option for you to verify the status of your UAE immigration status via the web.