PUBG Ban in Pakistan Court order for immediate restoration of PUBG

Pubg Ban In Pakistan
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Islamabad (Gulf Inside) No More PUBG ban in Pakistan: The Islamabad High Court has annulled the ban on online game and ordered immediate restoration.

Justice Amir Farooq of the Islamabad High Court on Friday read out the reserved judgment against the ban on PUBG.

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The court ruled that there was no justification for banning the online game “Pub G” and that it should be reopened immediately.

It may be recalled that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) had banned ‘Pub G’

The PTA was of the view that Pub G was banned after complaints from citizens. The administration controlling the game had approached the Islamabad High Court against the PTA’s decision.

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After the game was banned in Pakistan, users of the game were outraged by the PTA’s decision.

Prior to the Islamabad High Court’s decision, the PTA had said in a tweet between Thursday and Friday night that the PUBG ban in Pakistan would remain in place.

The PTA said it had sought details of game sessions, number of users in Pakistan and controls imposed by the company from PUBG’s management, but did not receive a response from PUBG.

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