Supreme Court hints at YouTube ban in Pakistan

Youtube Ban In Pakistan
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Islamabad (Gulf Inside) The Supreme Court, while hearing a case of sectarian violence, took notice of objectionable content on social media and YouTube and hinted at YouTube Ban in Pakistan.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Mushir Alam on Wednesday heard the bail plea of ​​accused Shaukat Ali in a case of sectarian violence.

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During the hearing, during the arguments by the petitioner’s lawyer, when mention was made of alleged promotion of sectarian violence on social media, Justice Qazi Amin, who was present in the bench, remarked that the court’s performance and The people have the right to speak on decisions and they can criticize these decisions while remaining within the realm of civilization. He said that judges are also paid from the taxes of the people.

He said the court had no problem with freedom of expression.

Justice Qazi Amin remarked that it is now a new tradition that not only judicial decisions are unjustifiably criticized on social media but also the families of judges are not spared on YouTube and social media.

He said that an uncle becomes an uncle on YouTube and judges are embarrassed in the guise of court decisions.

Justice Qazi Amin remarked that people are incited against the army, judiciary and government on social media.

Justice Qazi Amin remarked that the court was showing restraint but in the end it had to end.

Justice Mushir Alam, who presided over the bench, remarked whether the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) had seen what was happening on YouTube.

He asked PTA officials if any practical steps had been taken to regulate YouTube and social media.

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The PTA official told the court that his agency could identify any such material but did not have the authority to act on it.

The head of the bench remarked that in many countries YouTube is blocked and in many countries social media is regulated under local laws. He said that the content against the United States and the European Union should be posted on YouTube and then see what action is taken.

The Supreme Court has issued notices to the Foreign Ministry and the Attorney General in this regard.

#YouTubeban has been trending in Pakistan since this news came.

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