Types of basic formal clothes for men and ways to coordinate it

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Types of basic formal clothes for men and ways to coordinate it

If you work in a formal environment, you will need to dress appropriately every day, but formal outfits and accessories can be expensive, so we have c

If you work in a formal environment, you will need to dress appropriately every day, but formal outfits and accessories can be expensive, so we have chosen Trendyol store as an ideal choice to get a full range of formal outfits on a reasonable budget, just click on trendyol discount code and Enjoy special offers. How can you coordinate the best formal outfits? This is what we will talk about in this topic.

Learn about formal clothing styles

Each person maintains his own taste in wearing formal clothes, and some may want to constantly change and wear different outfits. You may find in Farfetch store a collection of modern formal outfits that make the shopping task much easier, use farfetch coupon code to purchase them at discounted prices, below are the most important basic styles of formal clothing:

1. Full official suit

The full suit is considered the most popular choice in formal styles for men. It consists of a jacket and trousers in basic colors such as black, navy blue, beige, light and dark gray or checkered suits. It is coordinated with a shirt and tie. The Outnet store provides a distinctive collection of the latest formal suit trends, click on the outnet discount code to learn about the offers available by this store, formal suits can be worn on various occasions such as parties, conferences, and weddings.

2. Two-piece suit

The two-piece suit is considered a modern update to the full suit. It consists of a jacket and pants that are coordinated with a shirt, where the jacket is a different color from the pants. It can be worn for a more luxurious and elegant look.

3. Semi-formal clothing

Some work environments require semi-formal clothing, which consists of canvas or linen trousers in basic colors such as black, navy, beige, and gray with a dress shirt in white, light blue, black, navy, or gray, coordinated with a sweater in basic colors in the winter.

How to choose the right formal shirts

The right shirt contributes to making your look very distinctive, as there are several factors that must be taken into consideration to choose the right shirt:

  1. Shirt size and measurements: You must take your measurements accurately, so that you can choose the right shirt for your size, and make sure that the shirt fits your height and body shape appropriately.
  2. Choosing the right colors: Always choose neutral colors such as white, light blue, dark blue, and grey, because these colors are versatile and suit various looks. They also suit different skin tones. If you want to appear with a distinctive and different look, you can choose attractive colors such as black, brown, or navy blue. .
  3. Choosing the right fabric: Choose the right shirt fabric for formal clothes, such as shirts made of cotton and silk, as these fabrics are of the best types, because they provide comfort and an elegant appearance at the same time.
  4. Pay attention to the fine details of shirts: When choosing shirts, it is preferable to choose shirts with hidden buttons or those that are the same color, and the sleeves must be elegant and narrow, and the shirt collar must be the appropriate size and shape for a blazer, as you can choose between a straight collar or a turtleneck. Small.

Choose formal shoes and accessories

The look may be ordinary and simple, but when you add appropriate formal accessories and wear appropriate shoes, the look will be completely transformed. What are the small details that can be added to your look?

1. Coordinating formal shoes

Loafer shoes are usually more suitable for various formal clothes, but there are new and elegant models that can be worn with formal clothes, such as leather and suede shoes, which come in various designs such as easy-to-wear shoes, lace-up shoes, shoes with wide or regular heels, and they can also be plain. Or decorated with the brand’s logos, choose these shoes in basic colors such as black, brown, beige and navy blue, which can be easily coordinated with clothes.

2. Small formal bags

Formal bags may add more elegance to your look. These bags come in different sizes, either large or small. You can choose them in black and brown colors to match your clothes.

3. Belts

It is preferable to choose belts in black and brown only, as these colors can be coordinated with many colors and looks in an easy and elegant way at the same time, so choose high-quality belts, because they last a long time and remain in good condition for as long as possible.

4. wristwatch

There are many different wristwatches, but when wearing formal fashion, it is preferable to choose an elegant silver watch, as it completes your look and gives it more luxury.

In conclusion, choosing expensive clothes is not as important as making the right choice of formal clothes, by paying attention to small details such as designs, colors, and accessories, as these things contribute to giving your look a lot of sophistication and luxury.