Use these 5 Instagram techniques for promotions ahead of your Black Friday sale


Use these 5 Instagram techniques for promotions ahead of your Black Friday sale

Introduction Social media marketing is now used by almost every business and marketer, and the reason for that is its huge reach and cost-effectivene

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Social media marketing is now used by almost every business and marketer, and the reason for that is its huge reach and cost-effectiveness. You can create a large social media following to convert into new customers.

Amongst social media platforms, Instagram is the 4th largest in terms of users but is a favorite amongst marketers. It has users from a wide age range and many features that you can use to create different content.

Global sale days like black Friday tend to be preceded by numerous ads from almost every business. Since so many ads are being shown to users, they easily miss many of them. You need to be creative with your Instagram marketing strategy to be visible. Here are five ways to increase follower engagement and Instagram visibility ahead of your black Friday sale.

How can you use Instagram?

1.      Keep things interesting

With so many features offered, it would be a shame if your content had no variety. Having diverse content keeps your followers interested and engaged. Your posts should be regular and not repetitive. All your content should be vibrant and eye-catching.

Your campaign can be initiated by posting teasers like stories about a big announcement. It will pique people’s interest. You can do this a month or a month ahead of the sale. After that, you can post a Black Friday poster announcing the details of the big sale. Then pin this poster on your timeline so new visitors instantly see it.

You can create reels featuring your products or your staff. Also, use Instagram reels to announce your sale. Just use an Instagram reel video template to create various Back Friday sales announcements you post weekly as a reminder. Try to post every day in the week of the sale.

2.      Interact with the customers

The best way to engage followers is by posting interactive content. You can do it in various ways, such as posting stories with polls asking people which products they like better. Such content allows you to gauge what people want to see more of.

You can post stories featuring customer reviews or pictures of customers using your products. You can also post Q&As on your stories and have people ask about your brand, products, or your area of expertise.

Another good idea is having a giveaway ahead of the sale. It will get people to interact more. Please clarify the rules and the prize at the start. You can give the winners further discounts or some free products on Black Friday.

3.      Get your staff involved

Your staff will be the backbone of your preparations, and you should appreciate them showing their hard work on your account. Simply post Instagram reels featuring some fun behind-the-scenes clips.

You can also get your staff to participate in trending challenges and post the results on your page. Various members can be responsible for creating content and responding to the messages you receive. IT will add more personality to your content and keep you regular too.

4.      Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are an excellent means to stay visible and compile all your posts under one heading. Create a short, straightforward hashtag for the upcoming sale and place it underneath all your posts. You should also add other relevant and trending hashtags in your post to maximize the chances of your posts being recommended to others.

You can add up to 30 hashtags in each post. If you don’t want to add it in the caption, you can simply add these hashtags as a comment.

5.      Collaboration is always a good idea

Collaborations are beneficial regardless of how big or small an influencer is. It allows your content to be visible to its audience and increases the chances of your following growing. You can send the influencers some of your products to test out or invite them to your store. They can then post their honest reviews on their account. You can even feature them on your Black Friday poster and ask them to repost it.


Your social media presence is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Hence, you need to focus on it and put in time and effort to show the best image of your business. Before visiting a business’s social media account, customers often visit it, so any upcoming sales and promotions must be instantly visible.

Instagram has many content-creating features, and you can utilize them all, from photographs to reels to stories for promotional purposes. You can even pay for Instagram ads and create an ad campaign. These five tricks are a great place to start on Instagram, and you can expand your strategies once you have mastered these.


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