WE Convention: A Progressive Women’s Club

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WE Convention: A Progressive Women’s Club

In the modern world, there are many options for entertainment, yet there still remains a real lack of events where young businesswomen, careerists, an

In the modern world, there are many options for entertainment, yet there still remains a real lack of events where young businesswomen, careerists, and other successful women can engage with like-minded individuals and discuss trends or issues of mutual interest. Any event organized by women and for women holds tremendous value. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the WE Convention, an initiative by the Women’s Empowerment Council, has gained immense popularity in the sphere of women’s business and leadership. It embodies a club for the new generation, blending skill development, trend discussions, notable speakers, along with live communication, fashion shows, and gourmet cuisine.

The most recent WE Convention was held in November of 2023 and attracted more than 1,600 guests from 60 countries around the world, but organizers emphasize that this is only the beginning. They plan to make the next event even larger and more vibrant. So, how can you attend the event? And more importantly, why should you want to?

What Happens at WE Conventions

To sumup the WE Convention as speakers’ presentations, startup showcases, workshops, and a gala dinner does not do it credit. It’s a colossal platform where like-minded individuals converge to mix business with pleasure; business meetings and self development fused with relaxation along the shores of the mGulf, enjoying gourmet cuisine, live music, and fashion shows. This was the essence of the March 7th – 8th 2023 event and will take place again on April 20th – 21st 2024.

First, the WEC event is an opportunity to “experience luxury”. They always feature celebrities and other famous personalities as attendees – figures that many women look up to. For instance, the convention last March welcomed May Musk (Elon Musk’s mother, writer, and top model), Natalya Vodianova (an active philanthropist and supermodel), Tatyana Bakalchuk (founder of Wildberries, the largest marketplace in Russia), Saba Yussouf (creator of a biotechnology company), and several other successful women. Each one of them delivered powerful presentations on a special stage, which is accessible through the Women’s Empowerment Council’s YouTube channel.

Another distinctive aspect is the live interaction with speakers during the gala dinner, which concludes the WEC program’s second day. This refined evening, accompanied by orchestral music and eminent fashion displays (Dior showcased a vintage collection in March), provides a unique opportunity for international business networking. Numerous attendees shared how their WEC participation led to new job prospects and business opportunities.

Additionally, WE Conventions host startup presentations and practical workshops for honing diverse skills. Participants, through prior registration, showcase their innovative ideas spanning fields like medicine, FinTech, education, and art, fostering not just idea exchange but also potential business connections.

Held over two days, WE Convention rents luxurious Dubai hotels, in the center of business and innovation. For instance, in March of 2023, the Armani Hotel hosted the event, culminating in a gala dinner at the Dubai Opera.

What to Expect in April 2024 at the Next WE Convention

The program will span two days, and will be held at the Atlantis Royal hotel. Confirmed speakers include representatives from Duolingo, Google, Mastercard EEMEA, Microsoft Egypt, University of Melbourne scientists, UAE film directors, TV presenters, and senators. Some names remain undisclosed; they will be gradually revealed as the full speaker list is finalized. However, pre-registration for the event is already open on the official WEC website.

The first day’s program will feature speaker presentations, with an increased number of workshops (in response to high demand from previous participants), panel discussions, and startup showcases. The second day will traditionally conclude with the gala dinner, yet details about couture shows or other entertainment are yet to be confirmed.

More About Women’s Empowerment Council

The Women’s Empowerment Council, the sole organizer of all WE Convention events, is dedicated to empowering women worldwide through active educational initiatives. By granting approximately 2,000 members in more than 60 countries access to educational resources and platforms, like Lectera online courses, the Council aims to offer equal opportunities to professionals and improve humanity’s overall well-being.

Membership in WEC offers access to educational programs covering areas such as digital marketing, business, investing, HR, SEO, PR, branding, and more. Members gain access to research, webinars, internal conferences, and mentors – successful women across diverse industries – who frequently attend WE Convention events, effectively making it a “women’s club for professional interests.”

WE Conventions, much like WEC, emphasize equity, mentorship, finding role models, and nurturing skills and networks toward personal, career, and business aspirations. It welcomes anyone aspiring for success and financial well-being, transcending profession, gender, religion, or culture.