Carriyo Shifts to a Freemium Business Model and Is Now Free at Low Shipping Volumes


Carriyo Shifts to a Freemium Business Model and Is Now Free at Low Shipping Volumes

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Carriyo, an e-commerce shipping software that provides e-commerce companies with intelligent shipping automation and las

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Carriyo, an e-commerce shipping software that provides e-commerce companies with intelligent shipping automation and last-mile delivery management capabilities, announces its switch to a freemium business model.

Carriyo is now free to those merchants who are just starting out. Joao Vieira, chief revenue officer at Carriyo, says the company decided to offer a free subscription tier to give back to the community for its success and the support it has received from customers.

The free plan will let you try Carriyo’s intelligent features like automatic shipment assignment or booking, automatic shipment tracking, carrier label printing, and branded label creation. It comes with a customer-facing branded track and trace page, branded notification emails, and shipment history, shipment aging, shipment errors, and transit times reporting capabilities.

The free tier account is for stores with up to 50 shipments per month. You can connect it to one e-commerce store and two carriers.

For advanced features, more options and a greater shipment capacity, choose the starter plan, which is reasonably priced at only $19 per month.

The Carriyo Delivery Management Software

The Carriyo software offers shipping automation, carrier management, customer engagement, last-mile intelligence, and data integration platforms.

1.     Shipping Automation

The Carriyo shipping automation system minimizes human input and intervention throughout the shipment process. It has the following features:

Automatic Shipment Assignment

– Assign shipments effortlessly based on address, weight, value, carrier capacity, and other factors.

– Utilize smart assignment rules to automatically select the most cost-effective carrier.

– Minimize manual intervention at various shipment stages.

Label Printing

– Fetch shipping labels directly from carriers.

– Print labels from the dashboard.

– Generate custom labels and shipping documents as needed.

Real-Time Automated Shipment Tracking

– Monitor all shipments in real-time with clear status updates.

– Use webhooks to synchronize all systems for real-time status alerts across all platforms.

Automatic Returns Management

– Empower customers with a seamless return request process.

– Standardize return review and collection procedures.

– Automate the return booking process with preferred logistics providers, ensuring a consistent vetting method for all returns.

2.     Carrier Management

The carrier management system enables e-commerce stores to do the following:

Carrier Options

Choose from a pool of more than 60 carriers.

Carrier Integration

Use connectors to integrate Carriyo with carriers and ensure real-time bookings, schedules and updates.

Carrier Rules

Avoid overbookings and carrier mismatches by defining carrier capacities, operation schedules and coverage.

Shipment Labels

Store carrier labels in the system or create branded custom labels.

3.     Customer Engagement

The customer engagement platform provides the following features:

Automated Status Alerts

Provide customers with regular updates on orders and return statuses via SMS, email and WhatsApp.

Branded Tracking Pages

Create branded tracking pages on your website that get automatically updated with parcel statuses. Enhance the customer experience, improve site stickiness and reduce reliance on delivery partners’ inconsistent order-tracking processes.

Customer Feedback Loop

Gather valuable feedback post-purchase that can help you address issues.

Branded Returns Experience

Streamline the returns process with a branded portal that makes booking returns convenient for customers.

4.     Last Mile Intelligence

Carriyo offers complete visibility on aggregated and individual last-mile parcel statuses.

Service Level Management

Set and monitor internal service level targets and get alerts for any breaches that can mean delays and issues.

Control Tower

Get a comprehensive last-mile view of multi-channel, multi-country operations, perfect for enterprises. Spotlight issues to enable proactive last-mile management.

Carrier Performance

Assess delivery partner performances and switch to new carriers as needed.

Individual Shipment History

Enables customer service teams to answer customer calls on parcel shipment progress.

5.     Data Integration

Integrate Carriyo easily with other platforms and achieve 100% automation.

Store Connectors

Use e-commerce connectors to link your store (e.g., WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify) to your Carriyo account for seamless shipment data capture.

Carrier Connectors

Use carrier connectors to link your Carriyo account for carrier integration for automated label printing and pickup booking.

Headless API

Use the Carriyo API to build custom integrations and connect your shipping system to other systems (e.g., order management and customer service).


Use webhooks to create an event-driven architecture based on your existing tech stack.

Why Use Carriyo?

The Carriyo delivery management software is effortless to use, easy to procure and provides the following benefits.

1.     Affordable and Scalable

The Carriyo e-commerce shipping software is a web-based, cloud-hosted software service you pay to use according to monthly shipping volumes. This means no heavy, front-loaded costs. Your delivery management costs evolve with shipping volume requirements, growing only as your business expands.

2.     Easy to Use

The Carriyo software is accessible online and has a user-friendly interface with an intuitively laid-out dashboard. You don’t need advanced onsite hardware in your stores or warehouses, and you or your staff should find it a breeze to use.

3.     Efficient

Carriyo’s shipping automation can reduce your manual shipping operations by up to 90% and lead to higher service levels. You can fulfill orders in as short as three hours.

4.     Lower Operational Overhead

The Carriyo delivery management platform can reduce your business operational overheads by up to 80%. The reduced manual shipping operations mean you can increase your delivery management capacity without hiring more people.

5.     Fewer Customer Complaints

Shipping automation reduces human input and minimizes human error. It also speeds up parcel pickup, shortens delivery timeframes, boosts service delivery levels, and provides real-time customer alerts. These translate to fewer customer complaints.

The Carriyo e-commerce delivery management software can lead to 30% fewer customer service calls.

6.     More Repeat Customers

Happier customers mean more repeat customers and, thus, a higher repeat purchase rate. With Carriyo, you can increase your retention rate by more than 20%.

7.     Lower IT Integration Costs

The ready-to-use webhooks and connectors ensure quick and easy out-of-the-box integrations, eliminating the need for a web developer. Building custom integrations is easy with the API, reducing integration costs by up to 90%.

Take Charge of the Last Mile

Carriyo gives e-commerce stores granular control over their last-mile logistics. The shipment automation, carrier management, customer engagement, last mile intelligence, and data integration enable you to increase service delivery levels, improve customer experience and protect your brand image until customers receive your products