Case Study on Bitcoin Virtual Currency Upsides and Downsides 


Case Study on Bitcoin Virtual Currency Upsides and Downsides 

Bitcoin was invented in 2009, introducing the world to a new concept of virtual currency. Since then, the market has emerged a lot . There are many vi

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Bitcoin was invented in 2009, introducing the world to a new concept of virtual currency. Since then, the market has emerged a lot . There are many virtual currencies available to choose from, which keep on adding daily, so this market has become a topic of debate among investors. Many eminent personalities have recognized this market as a revolution in the world economy though many have questioned its existence. Register here on bitcoin up. to discuss in detail both upsides and downsides of this market.


Decentralization: The virtual currency works on the decentralization technology and does not involve any middlemen in the transactions, which doesn’t allow any outside institution to influence its prices. The whole system is free from any bank, authority or government involvement, meaning that bitcoins cannot be created, distributed or destroyed by any bank or government.

Hassle-Free Transactions: Making a payment to another country can be time-consuming and expensive, buying bitcoins helps reduce that gap. Sending payments through bitcoins requires only a few minutes. Moreover, users can send the amount to any part of the world without restrictions. It played one of the most vital roles in making this currency a beneficial tool among investors.

Deflationary Currency: Inflation is one of the reasons why many currencies lost their value, but unlike fiat money, virtual currencies launch with a fixed value and a specific number of coins like there will be 21 million bitcoins in total. So, there will always be a demand because of its limited number, which will keep the market up and prevent Inflation in the long run.

Investment opportunity: The virtual currency has been a hot topic among investors for the past few years. It is because of the possible high returns it can generate. Bitcoin, launched at $0 back in 2008, stands near 30000$ today. This market attracts many buyers because of its low capital requirement and accessible transaction facilities. Users can buy virtual currencies like other commodities in exchange for their local money.

Security: The cybersecurity of any web activity is among the most pressing considerations. Cryptocurrencies are way more secure than any other online mode because of their blockchain technology. Each new transaction is stored in the blockchain ledgers, which can only be decoded by solving complex mathematical puzzles. So, it makes it a secure system for doing transactions.


Illegal Transactions: The privacy and safety of bitcoin transactions do not allow the government or any other institution to track the deal. It also led to using bitcoins in illegal deals like drug deals or weapons sales. Many such transactions through the dark web have been reported. It has been a critical issue for the governments, often leading to questions about the virtual currency’s validity.

Requires high energy: The digital currencies are not created; they are mined using very high-tech computers, which require a lot of energy. As a result, carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere, harming the ecosystem. Countries like China which uses coal for electricity generation, have even banned bitcoin mining because of its high carbon footprint.

Highly Volatile Nature: Bitcoins are not controlled or backed by financial institutions. Though this has its benefits, this also exposes investors to huge losses. The value of the virtual currency is purely based on demand and supply, which can lead to huge jumps and dips in the market. In addition, the rates can vary daily to every minute, making it a risky investment for the investors.

No guaranteed value: The virtual currencies do not hold official or minimal values like fiat currencies. As long as its users believe it has value, it can lose its value overnight if people believe so. Therefore, it becomes a risky asset as it is subjected to human behavior.


The use of this currency, especially in business transactions, is still very new. People must be aware of this currency’s risks and opportunities. The volatile nature and the government’s behavior should be considered. Before starting in this market, proper market research and study of market behavior are necessary. To invest responsibly in this marketplace, one must first grasp the risks associated.


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