Check Exit/Re-Entry Visa Validity on Muqeem 2022

Muqeem Visa Validity Check
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How To Check The Visa Validity Through Muqeem

Exit/Re-Entry Visa is a type of visa that allows expat residers in Saudi Arabia to leave and re-up the area. Through absher gate or the Muqeem KSA (https// website by following simple steps you can check the validity of your exit-entry visa. In this composition we will explains that how you can check the validity of your exit / re-entry visa through the Muqeem website.

Visa validity checks through the Muqeem gate bear no login. The steps are simple you need to enter the number of saudi Iqama, your date of birth, and passport number for checking your KSA visa validity. Following are the way.

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Steps To Check Visa Validity In Visa Validity Check Online, Muqeem KSA, visa validity service خدمة مقيم

  • Now select “ English” from the top of the runner.
  • Select “ Iqama Number” there are two options below.
  • Enter your Saudi Iqama Number in the column below.
  • Also choose one of the below options in the drop-down list and enter its value to the last column.
  • Visa Number
  • Passport Number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Iqama Expiry Date
  • Visa Expiry Date
  • Click on the “ CHECK” button.

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Now you can view your visa information on the coming next page, including visa number, visa type, visa duration, inside or outside information, and visa issue date.

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