What Sets These 5 Eco Friendly Companies Apart? Read Now


What Sets These 5 Eco Friendly Companies Apart? Read Now

Eco Friendly Companies: Generations ago, natural resources were endless. Gas and coal oil were brimming with large potential, which seemed infinite. H

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Eco Friendly Companies: Generations ago, natural resources were endless. Gas and coal oil were brimming with large potential, which seemed infinite. However, with their constant use, these resources have started depleting.

In addition to this, the present generation has been left with the challenges to fight issues like carbon emissions and global warming. This has now driven organizations and businesses to opt for greener and sustainable development.

In this article, we will be discussing eco-friendly companies and they are different from regular companies.

Eco Friendly Companies: What Changes They Make in Organization?

The era of eco-friendly is on the rise, and it is spreading to every corner of the world. Several organizations have rapidly discovered that their target audience is not only looking for the right products and services but more.

They want to make purchases that will help them give back to society and the environment. Due to this now, companies are becoming eco-friendly and catering to a large section of the marketplace.

More than 90% of CEOs are working towards sustainability to acquire success in their businesses. AS consumer groups continuously raise their demand for eco-friendly goods, so has there been an increase in the practice of such businesses. Such firms are making changes by:

– Production of sustainable products and services

– Creating new job roles such as Chief Sustainability Officer

– Publishing of sustainability reports; maintaining transparency

What Kind of Companies are Eco Friendly?

Eco-friendly companies are such business that recognizes the threat that planet earth is facing due to pollution, gas emission, etc. They come up with innovative and creative ways to overcome these issues. They do not merely restrict their work to recycling their products. They invest in new initiatives and make changes in their operation at the fundamental level.

The major business change is directly related to the change in the preference of today’s customers. They are becoming more aware of the environment and the causes that are leading to its depletion. The Nielsen Global Sustainability report states that 66% of people are ready to pay more to consume eco-friendly products.

Similarly, studies from Harris Interactive suggest 82% of research on sustainability business when they associate with an organization. A significant shift in the buying behavior of customers combined with their eagerness to pay for eco-friendly products has reinforced the need to make a difference in their businesses.

Global Eco-Friendly Companies and their Initiatives


Eco Friendly Companies 1

The company has actively invested in sustainability by changing its entire business operations. They have set up more than 700,000 solar panels to power their stores and have signed up to become a net energy exporter. They also meet the Better Cotton standards, which mean reduced use of energy, water, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.


Eco Friendly Companies 2

In addition to making green investments, Unilever has made this initiative a part of its identity. They have adopted a Sustainable Living Plan, which targets supply chain, sourcing, and production right from the usage of water to energy for communities and suppliers.


Eco Friendly Companies 3

The company has adopted an eco-friendly and sustainability initiative for its businesses. Environmental stewardship and Social corporate responsibility have been part of the company’s mission. Their efforts include building smart construction, water resource management, green procurement, and more.


Eco Friendly Companies 4

The company has several ambitious energy goals related to renewable and efficiency, thus focusing on eco-friendly products. They have also partnered with several companies to build a sustainable smart town in Japan for sustainability.

In one of their initiatives, they moved their North American headquarters from Secaucus suburban, New Jersey, to LEED-certified buildings in Newark to reduce the carbon footprint of their employees.


Eco Friendly Companies 5

It is one of the greenest IT organizations in which they have obtained LEED certification for 70% of its workspace. They have also retrofitted several historic buildings in San Francisco. They have also aimed to achieve net-zero energy consumption.


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