Emirates NBD Balance inquiry: Check Account Balance & Unblocked Debit Cards

Emirates NBD Balance Inquiry

Emirates NBD Balance Inquiry: Are you seeking the best method of checking your Emirates NBD account balance online or through your mobile phone with no hassle? We will show you the simple method to conduct an inquiry into the balance on your account at NBD bank.

Emirates NBD Balance Check

The NBD has launched IVR for its Phone Banking service which is specifically designed to identify your bank connection, verify the information on your account, and offer pertinent options in response to your banking inquiries. Here are the features and the options you have using the IVR.

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  • Check your Balance on your Account, Card, and Loan balances with ease
  • Then, you can activate your Debit/Credit card within a matter of seconds
  • Redeem and inquire about your points for the Card Reward
  • You can instantly sign up for e-Statements immediately.
  • Begin with the registration for Online/Mobile Banking or retrieve the user ID/password that you forgot to remember
  • Be sure to pay for your utilities and top up your Salik account
  • You can apply for fixed and recurring deposit accounts.
  • Access more quickly important functions by using shortcut keys

As you will see, it is very simple for you to find the balance of your account as well as other bank details through the NBD.

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emirates nbd balance inquiry
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Checking Balance on Accounts at Emirates NBD Bank

You can easily check your account balance by visiting their website here https://www.emiratesnbd.com/en/ login with your user ID and enter your debit card number to see your balance.

Another way to check your balance on your credit card you can do is to download a mobile application that is available for Android or iOS. After downloading the app you’ll need to sign in or register an account using your ID. Then, follow the instructions on the screen. Through this Mobile App, you can view your NBD Balance at any time and from anywhere.

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Emirate Mobile Banking Contact Number/Code

  • Personal banking: Call 600540000
  • Priority Banking Call 800100
  • Private Banking: Dial 800456
  • Corporate Banking (SME) Contact: 600540009.
  • The Salary Prepay Number: Dial 600540007

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How to deblock Emirates NBD Credit Card / Debit Card

As you block the debit card of the Emirate and remove it from the block as well. Blocking your card will require the mobile application. That means you must get your Emirates NBD mobile app. In case you have already downloaded the application, you can follow the directions in the following paragraphs.

  1. First Step: Register and click the settings options, then go to the security center.
  2. Second Step: There are options like ” Block/Unblock Cards
  3. Third Step: Then, click on it to select the card that you want to remove from the block. Follow the onscreen instructions. You can use this same technique to disable your credit card too.

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It is Emirates NBD is one of the top and largest banks in the UAE. The Bank was established in the year 2007 and, over the decades, it has proven to be the top source of banking services in the world.

While it’s not the newest one, it is based within its National Bank of Dubai Building located in Dubai. Emirates NBD Emirates NBD provides banking products including Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and credit card banking, and others. At present, they have control of more than $121.98 million in total assets.