How To Check Etisalat Number & Owner Information?


If you are looking for How To Check Etisalat Number? In this post we’ll explain how you can verify your personal Etisalat sim number, as well as the name of your registered owner.

Utilizing the methods below to determine whether you’re Etisalat numbers are registered. in case you’ve lost the Etisalat number, or want to verify the identity of your sim card and then check the balance on your account even if there’s no balance on your account.

Dial *101#

Find the Etisalat SIM number by using the use of an Etisalat numbers checker code can be the easiest and most simple method to find your SIM number.

  • Call this number *101# using your dial pad, entering the code and pressing the button to call.
  • On the screen you’ll be able to view “USSD code is running”.
  • After that, you’ll get an option pop-up, with a range of choices.
  • Enter the number “1” in the box and select ” Account Management”
  • Then enter the number “3” in the box and select “Account Data”
  • The next page will appear, and you can select “Know my Number” on your mobile next screen. “Know your #” the option from the menu that appears on the mobile screen.
  • Input “3” and click Send.
  • When you’ve completed it, you’ll be greeted with the message: “Your mobile number is 971XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”.

How To Check Etisalat Sim Number Step 1,2,3

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how to check etisalat number owner information

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Dial *101*1*3*3

You can test this code right away to have your mobile number visible on your screen without having to follow the steps as described in the earlier steps.

  • Dial *101*1*3*3
  • Click on SEND
  • The pop-up message will be displayed with your mobile number that you have registered.

Call a missed number ( With balance)

If there is a balance on your account, contact your nearest acquaintance or coworker to get your account number.

Call a missed number ( No balance)

If you don’t have enough money on your credit card that can be used to make an unanswered call, you can make use of Etisalat Collect Call. Etisalat Collection Call service.

With Collect Call, you can make calls for anyone Etisalat mobile number. The recipient number will be paid on behalf of you.

By using this service, other people may call you at no cost even in the event that they don’t have credit to make a call.

All Etisalat customers with prepaid and postpaid accounts are eligible to use this service.

  • Every customer is able to create their own blacklist and whitelist by dialing *132# .
  • Blacklist numbers will be automatically disqualified without bothering the person who is calling.
  • The charges as well as the details on collect-calls on the bill of the recipient’s (payer’s) bill.
  • This service is not available when you are roaming outside of the UAE
  • Only Etisalat customers are eligible to make use of this service.

Using Etisalat App

If you have an Etisalat application installed, you may have forgot your account number. Log in to it to verify the number you registered.

Etisalat Sim Owner Number Check

The lets you trace the owner of the mobile phone or operator within the United Arab Emirates.

how to check etisalat number owner

This will show the owner’s name and number on that registered Etisalat sim.

There are many methods we’ve tried however, it’s not 100% work. But, give it a shot and you may be lucky.