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    How to Apply UAE Job Seeker Visa Full Process

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    How To Apply UAE Job Seeker Visa? The UAE has launched a new job seeker visa, effective October 3. This option was added to their Advanced Visa System to allow people to apply for tourist visas to work in the UAE. This visa gives young talent the opportunity to pursue a career in the country and explore all of its job opportunities. It doesn’t require a sponsor and skilled professionals can apply. While most tourists travel to UAE to visit the country for a tourist visa, their primary goal is to get a job, it’s not hard to see how this can be denied. We will discuss the details of the new visa, including the validity options, eligibility criteria and cost as well as the application process.

    UAE Job Seeker Visa Eligibility Prerequisites:

    The UAE government had previously announced three levels of skill to be granted visas. The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation oversees the balance of job seeker visas. Many professions are open to fresh graduates from all over the globe. You must have to provide at least a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent.

    • Skill Level 1. includes engineers, managers, safety officers and public relations officers. Doctors, quantity surveyors and reservation officers are all included.
    • Skill Level 2, includes technical and mechanical jobs.
    • Skill Level 3. includes site supervisors, sales representatives, ticketing clerks, cashiers, receptionists, cash desk clerks, sales supervisors, storekeepers, tourist guides, and many others.

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    UAE Job Seeker Visa Validity Options

    A single-entry UAE job seeker visa will be issued with three validity options. These are 60, 90, or 120 days. According to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, and Port Security (ICP) information, these are the only options at the moment. The maximum time allowed to search for a job on the market is four months.

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    UAE Job Seeker Visa Fees:

    Here is a breakdown of the costs for each period of validity:

    60-day UAE job seeker visa:

    • Request fees – Dirham 100
    • Visa Issue fees – Dirham 200
    • Dirham 1,025 – Security Deposits
    • E-services fees – Dirham 28
    • ICP fees – Dirhams 22
    • ADNIC Insurance Fee – Dirham 60
    • Dhafra Insurance Fee – Dirham 60
    • Total: Dirhams 1,495

    90-day job seeker visa:

    • Request fees – Dirham 100
    • Visa Issue fees – Dirham 300
    • Dirham 1,025 – Security Deposits
    • E-services fees – Dirham 28
    • ICP fees – Dirhams 22
    • ADNIC Insurance Fee – Dirham90
    • Dhafra Insurance Fee – Dirham90
    • Total: Dirhams1,655

    120-day UAE job seeker visa:

    • Request fees – Dirham 100
    • Visa Issue fees – Dirham 400
    • Dirham 1,025 – Security Deposits
    • E-services fees – Dirham 28
    • ICP fees – Dirham 22
    • ADNIC Insurance Fee – Dirham 120
    • Dhafra Insurance Fee – Dirham 120
    • Total: Dirham 1,815

    How to Apply for UAE Job Seeker Visa Through ICP UAE:

    How to Apply UAE Job Seeker Visa 1
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    To begin, please visit the ICP official website. The link is provided below:


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    Click on ‘channels Residency & Citizenship’ under the Services tab.

    There are three options available for the job seeker visa.

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    1. Visa – Single Entry – Search for a job 60 days – Issue new visa
    2. Visa – Single Entry – Search for a job 90 days – Issue new visa
    3. “Visa – single entry – Search job 120 days – Issue new visa”

    Click on Start the Service to choose the length of the visa you want.

    The form will be redirected to you with the information below.

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    Application Information: In this step, you will need to fill in mandatory information such as your name, mobile number and email address. You can simply enter your details in English, such as your name, to translate any Arabic sections you see.

    Identification information This step contains the optional UID number as well as the department from where you wish to issue the visa. You can choose the Emirate where you wish to apply for the visa. This includes Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Sharjah Ajman Ras Al Khaimah Fujairah and Umm al Quwain.

    Personal Information: You will need to enter your passport details, educational qualifications, and details about your family.

    Address: Enter your address within and outside of the UAE.

    Click Next: Download the required documents:

    • Copy of passport
    • Photograph with colour
    • Qualification certificate (attested)

    The applicant has to provide the following documents.

    • Place of residence in UAE (rental contract or hotel reservation).
    • The duration of your stay is covered by health insurance
    • The original return ticket copied
    • Statement from a bank-certified account
    • National ID card

    Visa Payment

    After you have filled out all information, ICP will process your application. Email confirmation of your approval and status will be sent to you.

    These details are published by the UAE government about UAE job seekers visa.


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