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    How To Check Emirates ID Status With A Passport Number?

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    Every UAE resident must have an Emirates ID card. This ID card is issued to anyone who applies for a UAE residence visa; its duration will be the same as that of your UAE visa. When you visit UAE, you must carry this Emirates ID card to travel legally in the country everywhere.

    The ID card has a 15-digit ID which is unique to everyone. This is an important document that you must carry everywhere while in UAE. With an Emirates ID card, you can rent an apartment, register a vehicle, open a bank account, pay your bills, apply for services and government assistance, and apply for a family visa.

    It is important to know the status of your Emirates before you visit UAE and while you are in the country to always abide by the law. But how can this be done? You can check the Emirates ID status with your passport number; let’s see how.

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    Prerequisites To Check Emirates ID Status

    Before we go on with the process to check Emirates ID status, there are certain prerequisites that must be taken care of, which include the following-

    • Ensure you have a device (laptop, mobile, or tablet) with stable internet and a browser installed.
    • You will need your passport to verify your status.
    • Also, you will need an Application Number if you applied for a new card and IDN if you applied for renewal or replacement.

    Steps To Check Emirates ID Status

    You can check the status of the Emirates ID by following the steps below-

    • Head to the ID Card Status page on the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship website through this link.
    • Under the Check Application Status, enter the PRAN or the IDN and click on the Arrow to continue ahead.

    Emirates ID Application Status

    Emirates ID application will go through the following phases-

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    • Application Created– This phase marks the application creation for Emirates ID.
    • Application Sent For Printing If you see this as status, then that means the application is sent for printing.
    • Verification- Your application is in the verification phase, and once verified application will be moved to the next phase.
    • Card Printed– A card will be printed once the verification is done.
    • Card Dispatched– After the card is printed, it will be sent to your location.

    What Is The Meaning Of Emirates ID Number?

    Emirates is a 15-digit number divided into four parts, and each part has its meaning. The meaning of the parts is defined below-

    • The first part, ‘784’, represents the international code of UAE. This will be the same in all Emirates IDs.
    • The second part of the Emirates ID will be four numbers in the format ‘1111’, representing your birth year.
    • The third part has seven numbers in the format ‘1234567.’ These are random numbers that do not have any specific meaning.
    • The fourth part will be a number between 0-9. This number is a verification number used for verification.

    Once an Emirates ID is assigned to you, it will be permanently issued. The same ID number will be reissued to you if you renew the ID card when you visit UAE again.

    Useful government website links in UAE


    This is how you can check the Emirates ID status with your passport number. If you have applied for Emirates ID, then you can check the status of the Emirates ID by following the steps given in this article.


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