Mediclinic Middle East: Providing Comprehensive Maternity Care in Dubai


Mediclinic Middle East: Providing Comprehensive Maternity Care in Dubai

Mothers deserve nothing but the best when it comes to pregnancy and postnatal care. All mothers need to stay healthy to have a safe and problem-fre

Mothers deserve nothing but the best when it comes to pregnancy and postnatal care.

All mothers need to stay healthy to have a safe and problem-free pregnancy and ensure the wellness of their baby.

Postnatal care is equally vital since it supports the mother’s recovery process and helps them adapt to the challenges of motherhood, including the physical and emotional changes they will experience.

When new mums receive the best care during this phase, they can avoid complications, know when they have postpartum depression and experience a smooth transition into motherhood.

The best maternity hospital in Dubai can provide mums with high-quality pregnancy and postnatal care to ensure their maternal health as well as lay the foundation for a healthy start in life for their newborn.

As such, expecting mums need to find a good healthcare provider that can help them stay healthy at every stage of their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

A Leading Provider of Antenatal, Maternity and Postnatal Care in Dubai

Mediclinic Middle East offers a variety of prenatal, maternity and antenatal services for expecting mums looking for a healthcare provider in Dubai.

This well-known healthcare provider offers a wide range of primary, secondary and tertiary medical services across various locations in the United Arab Emirates.

The multidisciplinary clinics of Mediclinic have specialists who provide patients with primary healthcare. They refer patients who need further or specialised treatment to hospitals and offer follow-up services nearer to their homes or homecare solutions when required.

The maternity services of Mediclinic Middle East cover the following:

Antenatal Care

This service refers to the care expecting mums receive from specialists throughout their pregnancy.

An obstetrician will check the mother’s and baby’s health at regular intervals. Expecting mums have to undergo screening tests to ensure they have a safe pregnancy and delivery as well.

The obstetrician and other specialists of Mediclinic also provide these services:

  • Complimentary antenatal classes for expecting mums pre-registered at Mediclinic for labour and delivery.
  • Presentation of an educational video explaining the different pregnancy stages and expected birthing experience at Mediclinic.
  • A dedicated hotline and email for the expecting parents for maternity-related questions or concerns.
  • Access to the Mediclinic Baby website to help expectant mothers track the details of their pregnancy.
  • Maternity tours.

During these antenatal checkups, the obstetrician will also help the expectant mother improve their diet and lifestyle to have a healthy pregnancy, create a birth plan and prepare for delivery and labour. They can also share valuable information and tips for feeding and taking care of your baby post-delivery.


Mediclinic aims to help expecting mums experience a safe and stress-free delivery at their hospitals.

Their facilities, services and qualified specialists provide mums with a calm and safe environment where they can feel comfortable and safe before and as they give birth.

These facilities and services include the following:

  • Round-the-clock care from onsite qualified midwives and other healthcare professionals to ensure the patient’s safe delivery.
  • Spacious private rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi connection and entertainment facilities.
  • VIP rooms.
  • A welcome package for the mother and baby upon their arrival at the hospital.
  • Freshly cooked meals from an onsite menu and complimentary food for the expecting mum’s companion during their postnatal stay at the hospital.
  • A variety of comfortable pillows and calming scents to help mothers relax.

Postnatal Care

Mediclinic ensures both mums and babies are healthy and happy post-delivery.

Their antenatal services include the following:

  • Newborn screening, including complimentary hearing screening.
  • Breastfeeding counselling and advice.
  • Advice on kangaroo care or skin-to-skin contact to help mums and babies make the most of this childcare practice.
  • Onsite issue of birth certificate.
  • Complimentary celebratory cake and baby bag filled with newborn essentials.
  • Assistance upon departure to ensure the parents know how to strap the baby safely into their car seat.

Mediclinic also offers specialised services designed to help new mums take on more responsibilities and settle into their routine. These include:

  • Post-discharge phone calls.
  • Complimentary consultation with a dietician for a healthy postnatal diet.
  • Access to women’s health physiotherapy and post-discharge support services, including support groups and advice lines.
  • One complimentary post-discharge consultation with the Mediclinic OB/GYN if their insurance does not cover this.
  • Discounted vaccination package for the baby valid for two years after their birth.
  • Assistance for mothers who are experiencing postpartum blues or depression.
  • Vouchers for certain discounted products and services.
  • Access to baby massage services.

Expecting mums can speak with the Mediclinic team to find out if their family insurance in the UAE is accepted and the coverage they can expect.

With Mediclinic’s comprehensive maternity services, world-class facilities and fully trained healthcare team, expectant mothers can experience a worry-free, safe and healthy pregnancy and postnatal journey.

About Mediclinic Middle East

Mediclinic Middle East is part of Mediclinic International, an international private healthcare services group based in South Africa. The company has divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa and the Middle East.

Mediclinic has seven hospitals in the UAE with over 950+ inpatient beds and more than 24 state-of-the-art clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.