MOHRE Complaint How To File Labour Complaint In UAE


MOHRE Complaint How To File Labour Complaint In UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) which was earlier called the Ministry of Labour, is responsible for overseeing the implement

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) which was earlier called the Ministry of Labour, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of labour rights and settling disputes at the workplace. Certain laws exist that safeguard the rights of employees of the UAE. This step-by-step guide will show you how to submit MOHRE complaints / Labour Complaint In UAE. MOHRE complain, as well as explaining the circumstances that could cause you to file one.

When Can an Employee Submit a Labour Complaint In UAE?

The UAE Labour Law (Federal Law No. 8 from 1980) has a variety of provisions that regulate the rights of laborers. Employees are entitled to sue their employers in the event of a violation of these rules:

  • There’s no secure and safe environment that you can work within.
  • You cannot take annual leaves, and you are not permitted to take time off on public holidays.
  • There are delays with wages or salaries.
  • Employees who are pregnant aren’t entitled to the opportunity to take maternity leave.
  • The employer holds the passport of an employee.
  • You’re expected to be on the job for more than or 9 hours in a day.
  • When you resign You are not eligible for gratuity compensation, even though you have worked for the period required by the company.
  • There is no 30 days grace period following the expiration of your contract of employment.
  • You are required to pay fees for a visa to work.

MOHRE Complaint In UAE

How Do I File a Labour Complaint In UAE With MOHRE?

It is an extremely transparent and simple procedure to file a complaint by contacting the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). After you have filed an official complaint, the department examines the issue and then talks to both parties, and settles the matter.


  • Contact the MOHRE call centre by dialling 80060.
  • The customer care rep will respond to your inquiries and will try to resolve the issue.
  • If they are not able to resolve your issues immediately Your complaint will be sent to the Department of Complaints and Advice.
  • If the department can resolve the issue The case is closed.
  • If your case isn’t handled properly If it isn’t handled properly, the person in charge will help you make an official complaint that could result in a court trial.

MOHRE Online Compliant Option

Both employers and employees are able to make a complaint through the MOHRE official site or mobile app. The procedure requires you to:

  • Check out MOHRE’s website. MOHRE Website or Download the application.
  • Click on the button to ‘Register Labour Representations’.
  • Click on ‘Start Service’ button.
  • Choose ‘Complaint Type’.
  • Enter the Applicant’s Name, Type of Work Permit, and the Unified Number.
  • Add Complaint Request Details.
  • Hot Submit.

After your application has been accepted, you will receive an email from a lawyer adviser working for the Twafouq centre after 72 hours.

TWA FOUQ Service Centers

The Twa-fouq service centres are authorized to accept any MOHRE complaints. They conduct the initial investigation, make recommendations to the ministry, and come up with a solution that is amicable to the issue. If there isn’t a solution reached by the relevant participants within 2 weeks, their complaint is referred before the judge.

Furthermore, these centres can also respond to inquiries concerning work-related issues and provide legal assistance.

Labour Complaint In UAE 2

UAE Labour Courts 

A case memo containing the main points of dispute is also sent to the courts by the Twa-fouq services centre. The memo includes the comments of the department of labour as well as evidence from both sides. The court will determine the date for the hearing within three days of getting the notice. If needed the court can request an employee from the department to appear before the court to explain the specifics of the case. Then, a decision will be issued regarding the case.

How To Check MOHRE Complaints Status Inside UAE

Here’s how to determine your MOHRE complainant status.

  • Go to the MOHRE Services section. MOHRE Services section
  • Go to the official website
  • Include your Complaint Reference Number
  • Click Submit

This will provide you with an update on your complaint. You may also lookup or take a copy of your labour contract on the internet.

FAQ’s About Labour Complaints In UAE

How much fee does the complainant have to pay?

MOHRE’s complaint services are completely absolutely free. If a business faces a lawsuit and there are fees to be paid. If the amount claimed exceeds AED 100,000, then a maximum of five percent of the amount is paid as a court cost. The maximum amount charged for court fees is AED 20,000.

What Else Should I Learn About Labour Laws in the UAE?

Residents of the UAE are able to be employed by government agencies or in the private sector. This is a summary of labour laws that apply to those working in the private sector that will help comprehend the rights of workers within the UAE. Also, you can read about the renewal of work permits for workers.

This concludes our blog on how to file a complaint with MOHRE in the UAE. Apart from the complaint department, it is also the MOHRE e-Services section is pretty useful. You can quickly verify your labour card online and find out more about the regulations and rules for being employed inside the UAE.

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