First Pakistani Lady Nazia Sadiq won Careem’s Captain of the Month award

Nazia Sadiq Wins Careem Captain
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A famous sentence “There is no such thing as work.” was recently proved once again by Nazia Sadiq a powerful woman who is also a hard working Careem Taxi Captain.
Nazia Sadiq has been a part of Careem for the last three years.

She belongs from Islamabad’s ‘Go Category’. It has also completed more than 4,000 rides and is rated 5 stars.

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On the auspicious occasion of ‘Women’s History Month’, Karim acknowledged and celebrated all her wonderful and hardworking female captains who played a key role in breaking stereotypes and regaining public space.

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However, the lady Nazia Sadiq won Careem’s Taxi Captain of the Month award. This award is a small sign of appreciation not only for the cream but also for their outstanding and outstanding service to the society.

Every day, Kareem sees her captains moving up and down, and is a source of inspiration to those around her. Not only are they acting as role models but they are also removing the stigma attached to women’s mobility and break the bias.

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