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    Netflix Reduces Subscription Fees For Pakistani Users

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    (Technology) Online streaming platform Netflix has reduced subscription fees for Pakistani users by up to Rs.400, which will apply from next month’s billing.
    The reduction in subscription fees was reported by Netflix to Pakistani users by one mail on October 14.

    According to information provided by Netflix, the prices of standard and premium packages have been reduced by Rs.400.

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    Earlier, the premium package was available in 1500 while standard 1200, which has been reduced to Rs.1100 and Rs.800 respectively.

    Netflix provides four types of payment plans, Basic & Mobile plans which are available to customers for Rs.450 and Rs.250 respectively. Also provide standard & premium plans as well.

    When asked about this, Representative Mark Randall said that the company could not yet say whether the shortfall was permanent or for a certain time, although it did mean that prices had been reduced specifically for Pakistani consumers so that they could benefit the most from better service.

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