Ready to Travel Again: More Countries Remove COVID Restrictions

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Ready to Travel Again: More Countries Remove COVID Restrictions

Right as summer starts, more countries decide that their past COVID restrictions previously imposed on foreign tourists are no longer required. While

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Right as summer starts, more countries decide that their past COVID restrictions previously imposed on foreign tourists are no longer required. While it may be too early to proclaim full victory over the pandemic, this is the time to use this newfound opportunity to travel abroad!

Here is the hopefully growing list of countries that one can go to without the need of undergoing a PCR test. As an experienced tourism and visa services provider, can tell you: some of the destinations you are about to see are truly unique and worth your time!


Starting on May 1, Thailand revised its current entry programs for tourists, adopting new rules that differ for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists. People who have been vaccinated need to apply for a Thai pass. For this, they need to enter a vaccination certificate and insurance data into the system. At the same time, PCR tests are not required either before or during the trip, as is any quarantine. Unvaccinated tourists also need insurance.

Those who did not take a PCR test before departure need to go through a 5-day quarantine, having booked it in advance when applying for a Thailand Pass. Alternatively, they may upload a ready-made negative result of a PCR test carried out 72 hours before departure, in which case quarantine is not required. Booking a hotel five days in advance is also not necessary then.


President of Indonesia Joko Widodo recently announced that travelers will no longer be required to provide their negative PCR tests from May 18enter the country. However, for unvaccinated tourists, the rules remain strict: it will be necessary to undergo a five-day quarantine and pass two PCR tests.


Similar rules to Vietnam took effect in Malaysia on May 1. Vaccinated tourists over 12 years of age and children under this age are exempt from all PCR tests. Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists must present a negative PCR test taken two days before boarding the flight, retake the test within 24 hours of arrival, and also undergo a mandatory five-day quarantine, though.


From May 15, Vietnam lifted previous travel requirements related to the pandemic. Those who arrive in this country will no longer be required to submit a negative PCR test upon arrival.


The Moroccan authorities have canceled the requirement for PCR tests for all travelers starting on May 17 due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation. The decision comes weeks before the launch of Operation Marhaba 2022, the government’s annual initiative to facilitate the transit of Moroccans living abroad. According to local media, it is to start in June.


This country has abolished all its entry requirements related to COVID restrictions. As of May 16, tourists are no longer required to present passports/vaccination certificates, health certificates, or PCR tests.


The Government of Kyrgyzstan has decided to cancel the mandatory requirement for a negative PCR test or passport/vaccination certificate to enter the country on all modes of transport from May 1. This applies to both citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and foreigners.


The Armenian authorities announced the lifting of sanitary requirements for those arriving in the country from May 1. Tourists are no longer required to present their passport/COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test when crossing the country’s border.

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