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    YouTube Hacks: 10 Tricks And Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

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    The right YouTube hacks can be the difference between spending hours or 10 minutes to complete a task. In this article, we’ll be discussing these hacks. But, before starting with the tricks and features, here’s a subscriber-boosting YouTube hacks for you. Purchase YouTube subscribers to achieve success on YouTube in no time.

    Now, let’s start with 10 Tricks And Features You Probably Didn’t Know About:

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    There must be times when you don’t feel like using the mouse while watching YouTube videos. Well, what if we say there’s a way to enjoy watching YouTube videos without using your mouse. Most people don’t know but you can maneuver YouTube with ease using your keyboard shortcuts. While there are many such shortcut keys, below are some of the most useful or frequently used ones:

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    • Use ‘Spacebar’ key to play or pause a video
    • To increase or decrease volume use ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ arrow keys respectively.
    • To jump 5 secs backward or forward use ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ arrow keys respectively.
    • Use ‘/’ key to go to the search box.
    • To jump 10 secs backward or forward use ‘J’ or ‘I’ keys respectively.
    • To activate the full-screen use ‘F’ key.

    Start YouTube Videos At A Certain Time

    There are times when we want to show a YouTube video to others especially, a certain part of the video. Well, YouTube has a feature with which you can do so. You can share a link to a video starting at a specific time.

    To do the above, first, open a YouTube video of your choice and click ‘Share’. Now, you’ll have to click the ‘Start at’ box and adjust the time from where you would like the video to start. Voila! You just now have to copy the link and share it with others.

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    Save Thumbnail Of Videos

    As a brand or content creator, you might sometimes need the thumbnail of a YouTube video for a newsletter or post. Well, screen capture is not something that we would recommend. It’s because of the low resolution.

    You can directly save the thumbnail in high-res. Start by copying the Video ID. Then just paste it here –  img.youtube.com/vi/[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg. Finally, enter the full link into your browser and you’ll get the thumbnail.

    Translate Video Titles And Descriptions

    Videos uploaded on YouTube are not limited to any particular region, country, or user. Rather, once it’s on the platform, the whole world can see it. The best hack to boost the engagement and performance of your videos is to translate them. We would suggest you translate the titles and descriptions of your videos. It’ll make them more discoverable in your translated languages. 

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    Boost SEO Through Transcripts

    YouTube and its parent company Google, both rank content on their platforms on the basis of SEO. Transcripts are one of the factors among hashtags, captions, mentions, etc. that affects the SEO of a video on YouTube. Most people ignore or don’t know that uploading a transcript of your video can boost its SEO. So, next time, remember to upload videos with proper transcripts.

    Download Free Music And Sound Effects 

    We’re sure that to date, you must not have discovered YouTube’s Audio Library yet. In this library, you’ll be able to find songs of just about every genre and mood. To start with, you’ll need to sign in to YouTube Studio. Secondly, you’ll need to select the Audio library from the left menu. Now, you can just go for all free music or sound effects and download a track of your choice.

    Share An Auto-Subscribe Link

    You can create links that open with an automatic subscribe and other call-to-action prompts. To start with, you’ll need to find and copy your channel ID or Custom URL from your channel page. Then, you’ll have to paste the copied ID or URL here – www.youtube.com/user/[ChannelID]?sub_confirmation=1. 

    Pin Comments

    As a YouTube channel owner, there are times when you might want to pin a comment to the top. It may be to boost ask a question, pin certain responses, or call-to-actions. To pin, all you’ll have to do is go to the ‘Community’ tab, select the comment of your choice, click ‘Mose’, and select ‘Pin’.

    Create A List Of Blocked Words 

    Not all comments on your YouTube videos are good or useful. If you want to avoid comments that are spam or inappropriate language on your videos, this is the hack you need. You can create a blocked words list to have only high-quality comments on your videos. You can create this list from the left menu in YouTube Studio. You just have to select community and go to the Blocked Words field. 

    Schedule YouTube Videos

    Using this YouTube hacks, you can actually schedule your videos to get them published later. There may be times when you have a busy content calendar. At that time, scheduling your posts in advance can be a savior. Make sure you schedule your videos to be consistent and never miss a deadline.


    So, these were our YouTube hacks you can use to wow your viewers, save time, and save efforts. Don’t forget the best hack, which is taking the assistance of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers. We’re sure that these hacks will help you get the most out of the platform. 


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